Contact Segmentation

Dynamic and deep segmentation for personalized marketing communications

Deep and dynamic segmentation

Segment your anonymous visitors and contacts dynamically with minimal human intervention. Automatically segment your contacts based on their behvaior, leads scores, campaign engagements, lead source, lifecycle stage, sales conversation, and more. As and when your contacts moves ahead in the funnel, it is automatically updated within your segments. Create deep segments based on minute activity updates of each individual contact for relevant and personalized marketing and relationship building.

Automated lead routing system

Automatically distribute your incoming leads in your sales team for appropriate follow-ups. Evenly distribute leads from your CRM based on geographical features of the leads, activities, and lead acqusition channel. Lead routing in Aritic PinPoint lets you evenly disctibute leads in your sales team so that each member has equal number of leads to follow-up. Also, route your leads based on the expertise of your sales team members.

Contacts Segments Effectively

Build new segments easily with 100 segment conditions options - No IT help needed!

Dynamic and automated segment updates for all your contacts. You can manually change the list for any contact, move a contact, or make updates in the contact profile to segment it properly.

  • Create new contact segments quickly with the easy drag and drop editor.
  • Choose filters and get access to around 100 segment condition options to create a segment based on your leads profile and business needs.
  • Create multiple segments based on various behavioral actions and triggers, as well as lead source and conversation histories. You can add conditions in your automation campaigns to create new segments or change segments of your contacts based on their engagement. For instance, you can add directives while building an email campaign to automatically segment users who do not open your emails.
New Segment

Segment Contacts based on Location

Automatically segment contacts based on their geographical location by tracking their IP address, which is auto-updated when your contacts move to a new location.

Segment Contacts based on Behaviour

Automatically update segments based on the behavior of each contact while browsing through your website or mobile app. Track their engagement with your automation campaigns to create more relevant segment conditions.

Segment Contacts based on Event Triggers

Create various event triggers like the first date of subscription, first purchase, reminders, the last conversation, birthday, anniversary, webinar signups, webinar attendees, downloading marketing assets, and more to trigger event-based segmentation.

Segment Contacts based on Activity

Automatically segment your contacts based on their activity on your website and related pages or in-app, landing pages, social media channels, forms, emails, and push campaigns.

Segment Contacts based on Device Activity

Automatically segment your contacts based on the type of device each contact uses to engage with your campaigns, website or app, and other marketing assets. Track whether they are browsing more from a smartphone or a laptop or tablet/iPad.

Segment Contacts based on Email Activity

Segment your contacts based on various email activities like email opens, click-throughs, no response, unsubscribed, and in-mail form submissions. Your contacts can also change their choice of segment to decide what kind of emails they want to receive.

Segment Contacts based on Department/ Designation

Segment your contacts based on the job information acquired through forms, downloading marketing assets, blog subscription or trial subscriptions. Based on their department and/or designation, create exclusive segments for relevant marketing messages. This type of segmentation helps in doing Account-based Marketing effectively.

Contact segment based on Company and Account size

Segment your corporate contacts based on their company and the amount these contacts can spend. This helps in identifying the contacts that will spend the most, and accordingly building tailored deals. This kind of segmentation is helpful in doing account-based marketing effectively.

Segment Contacts based on Previous Purchase

Monitor the purchase history of each contact and automatically segment your contacts based on their last purchase. This lets you send relevant offers, discounts, and promo codes to trigger another purchase, or schedule reminders for the next billing cycle, and more.

Effective Segments

Move your contacts within the list

Move your contacts within your existing list by making edits in the contact profile, like adding a detail or deleting some profile properties.

Export any segment easily in seconds

Quickly export any segment from your segment lists to retrieve data, validate and clean your segments, and improve your marketing campaigns.

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