Multi-channel Marketing Workbook

The buzz around multichannel marketing has already caught your attention. Implementing a multichannel marketing approach is becoming a norm to engage potential leads and customers exactly where they are. Your customers are using multiple channels like emails, SMS, social media platforms, or mobiles to search and engage. Hence, having a touchpoint across all these channels is essential to nurture them with relevant information and resources irrespective of which channel they are in.

Multichannel marketing is the next step to providing a consistent customer experience across all channels and device types and enriching each buyers’ experience to activate them to the next buying stage.

Download this handy workbook to get everything you need to know from building a multichannel marketing strategy to implementing it to measuring all your efforts. Use this worksheet to start planning your marketing activities across all channels, like:

Digital channels (website, emails, and mobile)
Social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
Traditional channels (events, prints, etc)

Download your Multi-channel Marketing Workbook