Automate your hospitality marketing with Aritic PnPoint marketing automation solution

Unify all lead generation and nurturing channels for your hotels and resorts across multiple locations. Capture hotel and resort bookings across multiple marketing channels, nurture them with regular updates about your properties and benefits of the locations and delight them with specially designed perks after they have stayed at your properties. Use customized templates for targeted marketing campaigns, analyze your campaigns, and drive more ROI for your marketing efforts with Aritic PinPoint marketing automation solution.

Lead generation, personalized campaigns, and customer retention practices for hospitality marketing

Reduce the overall response time for your customers as your leads get dynamically segmented based on lead source, date, events, activities, and communication channel. Design automated email workflows, SMS campaigns, push campaigns and landing pages to generate, nurture, and delight throughout the lifecycle of your customers. Track your customers and automate instant updates based on their activities across all channels. Unify all lead information and marketing campaigns to offer a consistent customer experience irrespective of device and channel.

  • Progressive lead profiling
  • Smart forms for lead capturing
  • Intuitive landing pages and pop-ups for opt-ins (and easy opt-out options)
  • Smooth transactions and after-purchase automated alerts
  • Booking confirmations, cancel confirmation, and other such instant updates
  • Reminders for upcoming bookings and stays
  • Offers for new properties at relevant locations

Listen and engage your guests across all channels

Centralize and manage actionable customer data

Build a rich brand image for higher customer loyalty

Automate email workflows to educate your guests

Use customized or readily available email templates to cater to your buyer’s needs. Create automated email series for post-transaction communications, regular newsletters, travel destination features, and property details. Create responsive emails so that there is no break in communication and user experience as your customers switch from one screen to another.

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing

Use social ads, email campaigns, landing pages, SMS campaigns, push notification campaigns and mobile campaigns to engage your guests. Create time delay campaigns for your guests to check-in later or check-out later than the scheduled time. Tie together all guest details in a singular profile for an omnichannel marketing approach. Measure and maintain unified user experience while implementing a multichannel marketing approach.

Make data-driven marketing decisions

Track and monitor your customers’ activities across all channels. Engage anonymous visitors and convert them into potential leads. Customize and personalize marketing materials to align with guest interests, previous tours and bookings, family structure, and other such details. Assign lead scores to each guest activity and spot the most potential leads for higher engagement campaigns.

Analyze and optimize your marketing efforts

Detailed analytics report to learn about the total number of times a customer enquires, engages, purchases or cancels a booking. Understand why they are canceling and design retargeted campaigns with more relevant and niche offers. Create relevant campaigns like delay in check-in or check-out time campaigns, welcome offers, early bird discount offers, and guest parenting campaigns.

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