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Aritic Mail is transactional email delivery API provider for software applications & Enterprise, which deliver emails on time to the public & business mailbox of the recipients. It monitors email sending reputation of the organization through real-time domain & IP monitoring. Using API you can start sending transactional email notification within minutes. Robust cloud API can process inbound emails, track open & clicks, handle bounce effectively.




Unlimited Usage Validity High Speed Inbox Delivery Full REST/API and SMTP access Onboarding Support Access To Developer Resource Portal RAW Log Access For Developers In-built DNS Utils For SPF, DKIM, MX & Return Path Access To Delivery Expert Team Multiple Webhooks SPAM Protection Sender Header Override Inbuilt Supression List Advance Bounce Management Dynamic Routes To HTTP/ SMTP & Other End Point Inbound Processing Multiple Credentials Developement Mode Access Transactional Template Feature Realtime Reporting Customize Data Retention Opt For Dedicated Ips

High Volume

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10000+ transactional emails volume Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated IP Pools Customer Security Compliance Fullfilment Cluster Systems Peer to Peer Connectivity/ Network Restriction High Bandwidth Upto 1GBPS Custom Developement
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