Customer Base Marketing Solutions

It will cost you 10X more to attract, nurture and convert a lead into a customer, than selling to an existing one. This Customer Base Marketing Solution is designed to help you keep your loyal customers happy, and deepen your customer relationships over time. Make your existing customers happy and make them grow their revenue with you. Expand the horizon of your customer relationships with our Customer Base Marketing Solutions to identify the exact kind of complementary products or services to market to your existing customers to keep them hooked to your brand.

Delight and engage your existing customers with the right content

Identify your most active customers

Show targeted and relevant content

Identify potential marketing channels

Identify your most staying customers

Know which customers are genuinely interested in your product or services. Identify the most potential leads with lead scoring feature and nurture them with other such advanced lead nurturing features in Aritic PinPoint. No more wasting time on leads that will give no ROI.

customer base marketing

Understand the type of customers with buyer personas

Predict the needs of your customers based on their personas and conversations. Conduct more personalized conversations based on their interests and behavior. Get to know who they are and what they are looking for.

Consumer marketing

Analyse the trends and sell according to Demand

Monitor lead behavior minutely. Engage in more personalized conversation and gather information on what they are looking to buy. Understand the need of the hour and sell accordingly. No more beating around the bush. You sell exactly what your customers will buy.

Customer base marketing

Improve segmentation with customer lifetime value

Engage with customers based on their segmentation. Help them maximize their ROI with personalized messages, conversations, and tips. Assist consumers at every stage of the entire consumer lifecycle.

customer base marketing

Find the best performing channels and improve your growth opportunities

Analyze which platform gives you better leads and allows your customers to engage the most. Drive your focus to the best performing channels that has the potential to catalyze your growth opportunities.

customer base marketing

Build customer centric marketing strategies and grow your revenue

Segment customers, analyze reports on customer behavior, predict customer needs, engage and converse on a personal level. Build a marketing automation strategy that has its core in your customers only. Push your boundaries to engage customers more and also boost your revenue growth.

Customer base marketing

Research, Analyse trends and target your customers

Analyze the current trends rather than believing everything you hear and see. Interact with your customers real-time and merge it with your research reports. Create a strategy that benefits both- you and your customers.

market research

Build personal relations with active conversations

Only a healthy one-on-one conversation makes way for a personal relation. Give your customers the opportunity to trust you as a brand. Reach out to them through various channels, and connect with them on a personal level.

consumer marketing

Measure the performance of your marketing efforts

Real-time reports and analytics to help you measure your campaign performances and overall marketing automation efforts.

consumer marketing
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