• Build Awareness and Drive Traffic

    With Social Media Marketing, SEO, SERP Rank Tracking and more

  • Capture, Route and Segment More Leads

    With Anonymous Lead Engagement, Lead Forms, On-site Widgets and more

  • Engage with Leads and Build Brand

    With Automation Campaign, Multi-channel Campaigns, Contact Profiling and more

  • Close More Deals and Grow Revenue

    With Lead Scoring, Predictive Leads, Sales Point Trigger and more

  • Automate and Improve Productivity

    With Native CRM, CMS, Mailbox, Webinar and Social Media Integration and more

Full Stack Marketing Automation for Growing Businesses

Leverage your marketing-sales alignment with Aritic PinPoint, a powerful marketing automation tool for growing businesses ideally. Increase your sales revenue with automated workflows, lead nurturing practices, multi-channel marketing, push notifications, and highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Create Landing Pages & Capture Leads with Forms

Collect leads and contacts through responsive landing pages and embedded forms. Use simple drag and drop editor to design your landing page, form, or choose a ready-to-use template from template library.

Nurture Leads through Multi-channel Campaigns

Connect with your leads and contacts across multiple channels like email, SMS, push notifications, web notification, on-site widget and social media. Effectively nurture them, with effective content and lead journey.

Use Lead Scoring for More Conversions

Assign scores to your leads based on their website interaction, engagement, marketing messages and every other action that they perform. Identify the warmest leads based on the highest score and pass them to the sales team immediately.

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Build Powerful And Meaningful Relationships

Build personalized relationships with your leads and customers. Interact and engage them to create a brand value and instill brand loyalty with Aritic PinPoint.

Application User Profile

Advanced Segmentation For Better Relationship Building

Segment your contacts based on their website behavior, demographics like age, location, gender, etc., and stage.
Create dynamic segments based on captured lead behavior, trigger, event, date, time and different state of contacts.


Email, SMS, Push Notification, Social Media and On-Page

Connect and communicate with your leads through preferred channels. Create and send drip email campaigns, targeted drip SMS campaigns, personalized drip push notifications, on-page widgets, social media posts.
Design and organize all kind of multi channel, omni channel or cross channel communication campaigns.

Personalised Communication

360 Degree Overview of Customer Lifecycle

Get detailed insight into each customer’s lifecycle- from the moment a lead is captured to getting converted into a customer, becoming a paid user, and then promoter. Know what happened when for each of your leads and customers/clients.

360 overview

Advance Marketing Automation Campaign Builder

Automate your entire marketing automation workflow with the advanced campaign builder. Automate all the repetitive tasks while you focus on other important areas.


Drip Marketing Campaigns

Create automated drip campaigns to nurture your leads better. Specify lead actions, behaviours or time span to launch a drip campaign. Use A/B testing method to know which campaign will give maximum results.

Dynamic Content

Automate the change in your call-outs, messages, or other website areas based on your prospect fields with Dynamic Content

A/B Testing

Run multiple A/B tests on your landing pages, content, email campaigns, and other areas of marketing to ensure maximum result.
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Progressive Profiling

Lower the friction in conversions with iterative forms designed with questions based on information you already know about the prospect.
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Aritic PinPoint is Powerful Yet Simple

Integrate Aritic PinPoint with all your existing services and tools to reach leads effectively

Integrate with Website & Mobile

Expand your marketing horizon with easy integration with your website, CMS & mobile apps

Social media Integration

Leverage the power of social media with seamless integration to capture leads & engage through social media posting

Native CRM Integration

Integrate your choice of CRM for better lead management through native bi-directional add-on

aritic add-ons-social-crm-integrations

150+ available app Integrations with Aritic PinPoint

onesignal integration hubspot integration Gmail Integration outlook integration i Contact integration Clearbit integration Citrix webinar Citrix Training Full contact integration Citrix meeting integration Twilio integration zapier-integration

What customers say about Aritic?

Stories from existing customers of Aritic platform

"NicheMktg was ready to switch from a leading marketing automation software to a new platform. We selected Aritic PinPoint after an extensive research. We've been using this platform for ten months now, and the collaboration of the customer success team has been key to the successful migration. The pros? Interface is clean and fast."
Testimonials dafne
Dafne Orbach President at Niche Global Mktg
"I have been working with Aritic and using their marketing automation product Aritic Pinpoint for the last seven months. I found the application platform quite elegant, efficient for marketing operations and their customer support team is on-time responsive. Highly recommended!"
Testimonials Indranil
Indranil Ganguly Operations Supervisor at MyTasker

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Aritic PinPoint is a full stack marketing automation software for small and medium enterprise. It integrates with your website, CMS, CRM, social media profiles, and mobile app.

With an email service provider, you can only send bulk email, track email opens and unsubscribe rate. But Aritic PinPoint comes with various automated marketing tools that will not just enhance your email marketing campaigns but also help you to establish a one-on-one relationship with your potential leads.

With this marketing automation platform for small businesses, you can collect lead information, nurture more leads with automated drip marketing campaigns, and speed up the conversion process. Aritic PinPoint helps in identifying the warmest leads with features like lead scoring, lead behaviour tracking, email engagement reports, and more. This helps in building a strong customer-brand relationship, and increase the overall ROI for your brand. Add to this, the detailed analytics reports aid in building a strong marketing strategy that will work.

Position your brand with Aritic PinPoint’s marketing automation suite. Build intuitive and responsive landing pages, engaging email campaigns, analyze your campaigns with detailed reports, and collaborate with your sales team for an enhanced lead conversion cycle. Scale up with Aritic PinPoint and stay ahead of the curve, always.

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