All-in-one Marketing Automation for Growing Business

Automate the Email, SMS, Push Notification, Social Media communication with prospects and nurture them to make sales

Create Landing Pages & Capture Leads with Forms

Create landing pages on fly and attract prospects, collect information through Aritic PinPoint forms, add prospects to marketing campaign flow.

Automate Multi-channel Marketing Campaigns

Design the funnel for lead nurture process and automate communication with Multi-channel marketing campaigns for leads.

Score Lead on Your Scale & Increase Conversion

Score leads based on their interaction with your website, marketing messages, actions and convert them to paying customers automatically.


Build Powerful And Meaningful Relationships

Build meaningful relationships with your leads. No faking, no pretensions. Aritic PinPoint gives you multiple avenues to get in touch with your target audience or clients real-time, interact with them, engage them and create a brand value for yourself. Forget to chase your customers; PinPoint is all about lead capturing, nurturing and converting those who are interested in what you have got to offer.

Customer Relationship

Email, SMS, Push Notification, Social Media and Call

You can engage and interact with your leads on multiple levels. Be it through social media platforms or SMS, Push Notification or emails only, PinPoint gives various options to stay connected with your audience. After all, the more you communicate, the better you will know your audience.

Multi channel Communication

Advanced Segmentation For Better Relationship Building

Aritic PinPoint marketing automation tool lets you segment your lists based on lead behavior and analytics. For instance, those who visited your landing page are put into one bucket, those who just opened your email, push notification into another. Based on this segmentation, you nurture your leads and build a healthy relationship. Customer loyalty and trust happens with time, and PinPoint gives you all the avenues for that.

Advanced Segmentation

360 Degree Overview of Customer Lifecycle

We understand the different stages of the customer lifecycle. Starting with capturing a lead to nurturing it, and finally conversion to a paid customer: A customer lifecycle is a long process and needs a lot of monitoring. Ofcourse, the customer life cycle does not end at conversion. Aritic automation suite lets you monitor the activities after conversion as well. Get an overview of each customer from the start to end; all at one place at a glance.

Customer Lifecycle

Advance Marketing Campaign Builder

Create workflows with Aritic campaign builder to automate all your tasks that are repetitive in the entire marketing practices.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

Create Drip Marketing campaigns along time and lead actions along SMS, Email, Puch Notification and Social Media.

Dynamic Content

Get the personalized touch in your marketing messages and forms with dynamic content.

A/B Testing

Run multiple A/B tests on your existing contacts to understand their behavior for pinpoint targeting.

Progressive Profiling

Break your forms in multiple segments. Your customers can resume filling in information anytime where they left.

Aritic PinPoint is Powerful Yet Simple

Integrate Aritic PinPoint with all you existing services and tools to reach leads effectively

Integrate with Website & Mobile

Aritic PinPoint is mobile compatible, you can easily track your lead activity on your website, across devices.

Social media Integration

Easily Integrate your Marketing Campaigns with Social Media, with social integrations, collect lead from various communities.

CRM Integration

Easily Integrate Aritic PinPoint with CRM of your choice and transfer the the lead to CRM when they have become your customer.

aritic add-ons-social-crm-integrations

Available Integrations with Aritic PinPoint

onesignal integration hubspot integration Gmail Integration outlook integration i Contact integration Clearbit integration Citrix webinar Citrix Training Full contact integration Citrix meeting integration Constant contact integration Twilio integration

Happy Customers Around The Globe

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