Video Marketing

Improve SEO, capture leads, and boost conversion rates with engaging videos

Add videos to your marketing campaigns for higher engagement

Add video content in your landing pages, emails, website, mobile-targeted campaigns, and social media campaigns to capture user attention, increase engagement, and increase conversion rates.

Connect your target users emotionally with engaging videos

Videos can trigger various emotions, making way for connecting with your target audience on an emotional level. Create engaging and relevant videos that tells a story and establish a brand image that aids customer loyalty and advocacy.

video marketing

A complete marketing suite for enriched video marketing

Engage your leads and customers with video marketing content that is relevant, contextual and intuitive. Tell your story in lesser time and in a more impactful way. Connect with your customers on an emotional level, create a brand image, trigger more visual engagement, and see your conversions going high.

  • Get dedicated storage space for your video marketing resources
  • Create and launch video marketing across multiple marketing channels
  • Generate leads, retain and engage them, and drive conversions
Video Marketing

Capture lead information with gated video

Insert quick form to capture lead information faster with a gated video. Trigger interest in your video content and collect lead information for further marketing.

Generate leads with video marketing

Embed your video within your email, landing pages, or SMS marketing campaign. Generate more leads through multiple marketing channels.

Track performance across multiple channels

Know which channel has delivered maximum video engagement with customized reports. Engage leads and customers with a story that is relatable and genuine.

Powerful integrations for engaging video marketing

Choose from a wide range of integrations to create an engaging video for your customers. Leverage the power of Aritic PinPoint’s integration list.

Build an engaging video marketing strategy
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