Aritic Swarm compiles everything in one place

Direct messaging + Group Chat || Audio and video conferencing || In-built collaboration tools

A result-driven messaging solution for your team

Turn discussions into real actions. Push your team a step ahead towards smart collaboration by creating and assigning tasks within Aritic Swarm rooms.

Like marking important messages in your inbox? But why wait for an email. Mark and save your valuable discussions to tag later and keep pick up from where you left; or just use it as a reference.

Customer Relationship

Quick shift to video chat

Tired of typing long messages but have to get a message out? Instantly turn a chat into video or audio call.

More discussions = more engagement

Do more than just having heated discussions about your next move. Turn your talks into intuitive presentations by capturing any screen while on a video meeting.

Winning feature: Aritic Swarm Meetings are compatible on mobiles and desktops alike.


Multi channel Communication

Let your work do the talking

Why waste your time on endless talks. Shift to ‘focus’ mode by shutting off all notifications in a click.

Update your status messages for your team mates to see. Let them know when you are available for a chat.

Take control of your notifications. Decide when you want to get alerted in Aritic Swarm. Customise your notifications by rooms and/or by device. Your choice.

Advanced Segmentation

Happy Customers Around The Globe

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