Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing and Push Notifications

Keep your customers engaged anytime and anywhere with targeted mobile marketing and relevant push notifications. Create engaging push drip campaigns based on customer behaviour on mobile devices.

Seamless customer experience across all devices

Engage your customers with targeted marketing messages. Provide a seamless customer experience even when they are browsing from their mobiles.

  • Integrate mobile apps
  • Create responsive templates
  • Schedule mobile-specific drip campaigns
  • Trigger more engagement and higher ROI

Be found in mobile searches

Align your mobile marketing strategy in a way to be found in mobile searches as well. Target your mobile users with relevant content and optimize your efforts.

Send personalized messages

Send personalized push notifications and in-app messages to create maximum impact on your customers. Trigger these messages based on your customer behaviour, demographics and firmographics.

Monitor and track mobile activities

Monitor your mobile marketing campaigns, track in-app behaviour of your customers, and deliver relevant push notifications only.

Deliver real-time messages

Track your customer location and deliver location-based relevant messages. Improve your mobile marketing with context-based marketing messages.

Target mobile users today
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