Editorial Calendar Templates

The biggest hurdle is not always writing when you want to build a company blog. Infact, writing comes almost at the end of the list. Other factors that aid in writing a blog are more difficult to handle, like brainstorming topics, aligning the topics to the right marketing stage, identifying keywords, or optimizing the posts. However, each of these factors are essential for your blog to perform like you expect it to.

This is where our Free Editorial Calendar Template comes in handy. In this template, we have a simple Google Sheet where we have laid down the most important headings required to build an Editorial Calendar. You can replicate this on Microsoft Excel as well. We prefer Google Sheets to keep things in sync with our entire team. You can always access the updated sheet with all the recent changes from anywhere.

To help you get started almost immediately, we have added instructions of using the template, and also have added a few examples to show you how you can build your calendar.
You are free to customize it as per your requirements or simply start using this one.

Download our free editorial calendar template to build a smoother content plan leaving more time for quality analysis and promotions.

Download your Editorial Calendar Templates