Buyers' Persona Workbook for B2B Marketers

The ad-world is overwhelming and is overflowing with information. How do you get your potential buyers to listen to your brand? There’s only one way – tell exactly what they want to hear. And how will you do it? By creating a buyer’s persona for each potential buyer that will include its demographics, browsing patterns, professional and social details, personal details, financial updates, and all other information that you can acquire. To cut through the noise, it is important you spend time in analysing your buyers’ profiles and create a proper buyer persona.

A buyer persona is more of a fictitious representation of your ideal customer. Trying together all the information of a lead, you can monitor your buyer’s buying intent and accordingly showcase relevant contents.

The sole purpose of a marketer is to activate their leads from one stage to another, and finally convert. In the B2B world, the lifecycle of each buyer is elongated as it goes through several stages such as awareness, consideration, decision, and then comes purchase. Each stage requires a different kind of content and different automation campaigns. Make sure your product aligns with your sales message to acquire the right kind of buyers in your sales funnel so that you create the right replica of your customer.

Download this workbook to get started with your buyer’s persona. Improve your overall sales ROI by nurturing and converting only sales qualified leads.

Download your Buyers’ Persona Workbook