Landing page Optimization checklist

Landing page optimization is not about creating a multitude of landing pages and hoping that one among them must be performing the best. It is about creating multiple landing pages with differing web page elements, exposing them to a large number of users and using statistical tools to measure which one of them is performing the best, i.e., which landing page combination can get the most conversions. It is a continuous process of testing your landing pages and refining them as per their analytics results.

A landing page is campaign specific and drives your visitors to complete a single marketing goal. As on a home page, there are multiple chances of getting distracted by different calls to action hence they may navigate through the site to the specific product or service they are looking for.

Research proves that businesses with more than 40 landing pages can generate 12 times more leads than those which are having one to five landing pages.

Landing Page Optimization is the method of improving the features of online landing pages to increase conversion rates. It is a subset of Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO and uses scientific techniques such as A/B testing to enhance conversions from a given landing page. A marketer needs to continuously change the page layout, content, images and other elements of the landing page and check which version is most optimal at conversions.

Download this checklist to start optimizing your landing pages and improving your overall ROI.

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