Social Media Content Calendar

Social media is important. There is no arguing in that. While social media is an independent marketing activity, it requires other marketing activities to show results. When you merge your social media platforms with your marketing automation strategy, you start driving better and higher organic traffic. This social media calendar is designed to help you leverage your social media accounts. The templates are ready-to-use and are designed to help you schedule your social posts at one go.
However, the most optimum way to do social media scheduling (and more) is to simply get started with our in-built social media tool that comes along with Aritic PinPoint membership. You can schedule, monitor, automate social activities, and also target automation campaigns by capturing lead information through social conversations.
You can infact upload your CSV file containing the social media updates directly inside Aritic PinPoint and get them scheduled automatically.
However, if you are more comfortable doing it on spreadsheets or Excel, we have it sorted for you. Simply download our social media template and start planning out your social media updates in a click.

Download your Social Media Content Calendar Template