What is an EDM Marketing?

EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. While the outcome may be same, EDM and email campaigns are two different things. An email marketing campaign is based on emails sent-out, email list building, and sending communication messages directly. EDM, on the other hand, is lengthy and involves communications beyond emails. It includes multiple forms of communication to reinforce branding and customer loyalty.

Electronic Direct Mail vs. Email Campaigns

Like mentioned above, EDM marketing campaign is different than direct electronic email or email campaigns as we call them. While both are implemented to boost brand loyalty and customer engagement, the modes are different.

Email campaigns, in general, is a broad term and encompasses all kinds of email communications covering all the stages of marketing and sales. EDM falls under Email Campaigns but is distinct in its purpose.

edm marketing Aritic PinPointEDM is Electronic Direct Mail, which means you send this type of emails to exactly those leads who are already in your email lists and are the target buyers. It is”directly” targeted to engage and convert. Such emails are mostly promotional emails or emails with a special offer. The purpose is to entice the customers and convince them into buying a new product or upgrading to a new pricing option or even reactivating their dormant accounts. Hence, it is mandatory that these emails come with effective Call to action buttons within the emails.

Key Elements of an EDM Campaign

Direct email campaigns are hyper-targeted campaigns and are sent to specific groups only. It is part of the lead nurturing process and mostly involves email contents that can trigger immediate activity. There are a few key elements that all EDM campaigns include (or, MUST include).
Key Elements of an EDM Aritic

Proper Segmentation

Since your EDM campaign is designed for a specific target group, your segmentation has to be in place. Without proper segmentation, it is difficult to carry out an EDM campaign. Use dynamic segmentation to automatically segment your leads and customers based on several factors relevant to your business, like demographics, email behavior, website behavior, social behavior, events, and/or firmographics.

360-degree lead profiling

Lead profiling is the starting step of any campaign you’d want to do. Using 360-degree lead profiling feature, it is easy to identify quality leads that will eventually convert into loyal customers. Also, lead profiling helps in segmenting your leads correctly and designing relevant offers to activate them from one marketing stage to another.

Enticing Offers to Convert

The purpose of EDM campaigns is to trigger immediate engagement. Since these emails are targeted, the email contents should be drafted carefully. These are promotional emails with special offers or coupons. Hence, they should align with the exact marketing stage of the lead/customer, recent behavior, and other details that are relevant to the offer.

Correct and relevant call-to-action buttons

Your EDM’s are incomplete without the CTA button. You may include a great offer in your email but if there is no CTA button, then the campaign will fail to show any results. To make your campaign work, include a relevant CTA button, designed with brand-relevant colour and text that triggers action.

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How EDM Marketing Campaigns can be merged with Social Media Campaigns?

Electronic Direct Mail Campaigns are not just about emails. It goes beyond emails and includes other marketing channels like social media platforms. 

Multi-channel targeted marketing shows better results than plain email campaigns. For a brand that is trying to trigger conversions, EDM campaigns can be very beneficial.

edm and social media

Almost all brands are on social media platforms and are looking to engage their target users directly over social updates. When a brand creates a social campaign that talks about an upcoming offer, it automatically garners likes and comments from their social user base. On Aritic PinPoint, you can track and monitor the social activities and accordingly create a new segment. Infact, the segment is automatically created within Aritic PinPoint as it integrates with all major social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Hence, when you run an offer-based social campaign and your social users start activities on it, your segment is automatically created.

Once your segment is created, you can trigger an EDM campaign to this segment in particular. This practice gives higher results because you are sending emails to those users who have already shown interest in your offer. The chances of conversion increases.

EDM Automation: A Practical Blueprint

When you combine direct email with an advanced marketing automation tool like Aritic PinPoint, you can automate your direct email campaigns.

You already know what direct email campaigns do. EDM automation campaigns are designed within a marketing automation tool to drive higher conversions. The reason why a marketing automation tool can boost your direct email campaigns is –

A marketing automation tool does proper lead profiling, has direct integration with CRM and CMS (and other apps and tools), helps with detailed analytics, and comes with drag-and-drop template builders.

In Aritic PinPoint, you can integrate your social pages to launch social campaigns, and simultaneously you can create automated drip flows on other marketing channels like push, SMS, and web. The automated drip campaigns across multiple channels help in creating a more relevant user segment for your direct email campaign. Not just that, post the first direct email, you can track the engagement metrics and follow-up with auto-resends to those who did not open your emails. Those who did are automatically segmented into a new segment, thanks to our dynamic segmentation feature. Everything within Aritic PinPoint is automated and designed to make things simpler for you.

How will Aritic PinPoint boost your direct mail campaign?

Edm automation AriticBelow are a few ways in which Aritic PinPoint can boost your EDM marketing campaigns.

Note: Aritic PinPoint is a full-stack marketing automation suite that is highly advanced. It has features like anonymous lead nurturing and ad retargeting, kiosk mode lead nurturing, advanced lead management features, multi-channel drip automation campaigns, competitor analysis, advanced email campaigns, landing pages and forms, video marketing, and social media campaigns. It has a robust integration list that includes various CRMs, CMS, mobile apps, websites, and tools.

360-degree lead profiling

Aritic PinPoint offers detailed lead profiling. Features like progressive lead profiling help in capturing leads based on their interests and intents. Also, social sign-ups options on Aritic PinPoint forms add to the social profiling of leads. The advanced lead profiling features combine online and offline data as well as any redundant data of that lead and ties them all together.

Dynamic segmentation

Automated segmentation of leads helps in building better categories for a direct email campaign. Leads are segmented based on their website or in-app behavior, events, demographics, firmographics, lead source details, and other details. This ensures that your segments are always updated real-time.

Multi-channel EDM marketing campaigns

Aritic PinPoint offers multi-channel automated drip campaigns so that you can nurture your leads or customers on all the channels and identify the leads that are most potential to get enticed by your offer. Also, multi-channel marketing campaigns help in capturing leads from the relevant channels and keep nurturing them.

Predictive lead scoring features

Lead scoring plays an important role in a direct email campaign. Aritic PinPoint has implicit and explicit lead scoring features that help in identifying the potential leads who are going to engage in an upcoming offer. AI-driven lead scoring models of Aritic PinPoint include both positive and negative lead scores to make a proper prediction.

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