What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is also known as Sales readiness. It is a process that enables your sales rep to speak the right thing to the right person at the right time. In short, personalized sales communications. Modern marketing requires the sales team to come into the picture a lot later. This means, your potential buyer has already been nurtured with relevant content and has been activated from one stage to another using various forms of content. Last stage is where the sales team takes the front sit because now your lead has become your potential buyer. Your buyers are educated through a long journey, and while this happens, your sales rep needs to be adept and aware of the entire flow to say the right words and close the deal.

Why your business needs to implement sales enablement?

In today’s time, people have become smart enough not to be fooled by a salesperson. Even if you take people around you as an example, there are tiny percentages that answer the anonymous calls on their cell phones. The advanced technologies make it easy for people to directly block these numbers and never hear from them again. The buyers educate themselves through a variety of websites on the internet rather than going to a salesperson. They try to avoid them until the last minute of the buying. The buyers find it useful to contact the reliable sources and narrow down their options before catching up with the salespeople. The buyer has full control of the sales cycle.

This is the reason why your organization should spend time in enabling the sales and organizing them with the buyers. To be a winning sales representative, you do not have to hunt down the leads and make them buy your product. Instead, you need to be the one who can discuss with the prospective customer and try to answer all their queries. This makes their decision-making process much more straightforward.

You can achieve this if you have a keen interest in the understanding the buyer’s behavior. All you need to do is wait for the buyer to reach out to you, and when they do, just make sure your sales representative has all the information about the needs of the buyer. This is where you need sales enablement.

Developing a great relationship with the customer is the prime motive of any business or organization. This is the principle of any business and needs some thorough research and understanding. Sales enablement is one such topic that requires a practical approach by the company for every customer.

Getting started with Sales Enablement

The primary purpose of sales enablement is to equip your sales reps with all the information and resources they will need to engage and convert potential buyers. It can include everything – from best sales practices to customer-facing content or tools needed to improve productivity. Regardless of what information your sales team is using, it must be easy to consume (by your buyers) and can be reused by your sales rep.

This automatically increases sales and facilitates the buying process. If you are the team head, you need to make your sales team ready by giving them access to the following things so that they can use it while interacting with the customer.

A list of priority leads, and those whom the sales team need to contact based on purchase intent and lead quality.

The behavioral data of potential customer that has the entire summary of the intent and the prospect interest.

A database of all the content aligned in each stage of the buying process that helped in building a rapport with the potential buyer.

Advanced marketing automation tool to prospect potential buyers with information across all the buying stages, from start to end.

Keep your sales rep updated on lead behavior

Use proven, tried and tested sales techniques

Keep testing sales enablement tools regularly

Engage with your potential buyers

Arm your sales team with all the things they need to engage with the potential buyers. The first thing to do is draft an email. This should have all the information about the company (PS: This information will be used continuously in all the emails). You must include important facts about the company and attach the link to the ‘about us’ page, address the pain points of your potential buyer, and a link to the online demo in your email template (if you have one).

Use tried and tested Sales Techniques

Make sure you incorporate some of the proven sales techniques. Talk to your top sales representatives and ask them about the techniques and methods they use. Share these techniques with the other sales representatives of the company to get the best results. Use tools that are easy to understand and manage the sales team. Before rolling out any tool or techniques, test it out on a small group of representatives. Make sure to correct all the flaws and then share it with the entire team.

What is the future of Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a relatively new concept, but it is pretty useful in increasing the sales of your company.  When your organization practices sales enablement, you are likely to see an increased sales. However, the success of your company depends on the fundamental understanding of your buyer’s interaction with your campaigns, content and the website.

Generating high-quality leads is just the first step in the cycle. However, the most significant step is to provide the sales team with all the vital information that they need to seal the deal. This means that the sales reps should identify the intent and interest of the prospects depending on the activities they perform on your website.

Every company should acknowledge that it is important to understand the prospect and customer behavior more than just the demographics. Sales enablement is not a concept that will die soon. It is a practice that will only get better with time. So, it is always good to think ahead of time and comprehend what sales enablement holds for us. Here’s a look at the future of sales enablement.

Marketing Automation Live Preview

CRM Integration with Social Media

Social media is growing every day. Hence the integration of the CRM with social networks does not sound impossible. Many prospects use social networks to make their buying decisions. Thus, in future, the combination of the CRM with the social media will be a huge element in the picture.

Using Mobile Technology

Responding to the prospect as quickly as possible is the best way to boost sales. Hence providing faster responses will be the next step in the sales enablement. The sales team will have to be equipped with sufficient information about the lead to know their online behavior and give them a reply instantly.

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