Marketing Analytics

Dig in deep into your campaign performances and strategize your investments for higher ROI

Monitor progress with marketing analytics reports

Create visually enriched reports including parameters that matter to you most. Identify the loopholes in your campaigns and keep a track of all your resources.

  • Personalised reports
  • Reports in forms of bars and pie-charts
  • Location-based reports
  • Behaviour-based reports
Marketing Automation Suite

One dashboard for everything

Get insights on all your marketing efforts, see how your campaigns have fared, know what appealed your customers and how they engaged with your brand- all on one dashboard.

Export reports in multiple formats

Get your marketing analytics reports in various formats for deeper analysis- bar chart, pie charts, graphical representation, or any other way that helps you make a deeper analysis.

Track the past for future plan-of-action

Use descriptive analysis to predict the future conversions. Analyse your past campaigns, pull out the reports and build a better marketing strategy.

Measure your performance on-the-go

Keep a tab of your campaigns anywhere and anytime. Know from marketing analytics what drove your customers to the finishing line and what caused a lag in your campaign performance.

Start measuring your campaigns
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