Aritic PinPoint Features

All Marketing communication automation features you need for your business.

Marketing AUtomation Features

Email Marketing Workflow

Send the perfect email series to your customers based on their real-time behaviour. Automate your entire email workflow based on how your users are engaging on your website or app.

Custom Landing Pages

Customize your landing page elements to suit your business needs. Add CTAs, embed forms, create a squeeze page or exit intent page or a simple pop-up.

Custom Forms

Collect relevant information from your leads with custom forms. Design your forms with questions that matter for your business and also align them with the lead information you already have.

Lead Behaviour Tracking

Embed Aritic tracking pixel on website and landing pages, track lead behaviour on your website or app, and plan custom marketing campaign accordingly. Nurture more leads and convert them with real-time information.

Drag & Drop Editor

Customize your landing page or email template with the Drag and Drop editor. You can use our default builder or use to design your campaign.

Mailbox Monitoring with Gmail Extension

Aritic PinPoint utilizes a unique type of monitoring for your mailbox with Gmail extension. It automatically detects your email opens and emails sent, and gives a detailed report about the health of your mailbox.

Segmentation based on demographics

Segment your leads by their geographic location, city, city radius, place, age, and other such demographics.

Build segments based on lead attributes, date, time, tags, behavior, activity and interaction with digital marketing assets.

Trigger events at different stages and segment your leads based on the lead engagement in each of these events.

Analyze your Lead Behaviour

Segmentation based on last activity

Whether your leads subscribed for newsletter or got stuck while browsing your website- Segment leads based on their latest activities and engagement.

Segmentation at different markreting stages

Segment your leads based on their current buyer’s stage (Awareness, Consideration, Decision, or Purchase) and nurture them with information that they require to proceed further.

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Design marketing automation workflow with campaign builder

Marketing campaign workflow design is the core of online marketing and lead nurturing. Use in-built Aritic PinPoint campaign builder for multi-channel marketing practices and to communicate with leads according to their online behaviour.

Create automated email workflows or drip push notification workflows in minutes. Input and set your own triggers based on predictive lead behaviour.



Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Design a sequence of emails with all the required information for your leads. Make them understand your business offerings easily with Drip Email Marketing Automation.

Automate Lead Management

Define lead lists, and according to marketing requirements automatically upgrade and downgrade leads based on lead behaviour inside the subscription lead list.

Advanced Marketing Technology

At Aritic, we understand the value of your marketing efforts.
How you are managing the workload to identify the prospects as leads. To overcome these obstacles Pinpoint comes with

Fingerprint tracking

Aritic PinPoint tracks browser fingerprint information to collect data from a remote computing device and store the information for prospect identification and analysis.

Dynamic Content

Iterate your marketing content used in call-outs, landing pages, or other areas of your website automatically based on lead scores, behaviour, location, and other custom fields.

Progressive Profiling

Design your forms with questions based on the information that you already have about each lead. Save time by asking them questions that are relevant and aligned with their interests.

Gated videos

Gated video requires your leads to give in some information at a certain point in order to continue watching the video. Collect relevant lead information quickly through a gated video.

Google Analytics Pixel Events

Integrate Google Analytics within your automation drip campaign and with page visit decision and add action, send tracking event.

Facebook Pixel Events

Upon new campaign action, send tracking event on page visit decisions for remarketing in Facebook Ads.

Automatically track and know more about your lead

Embed Aritic Tracking Pixel on website, blog and landing pages to track the flow of your leads. Using this data flow, create a personalized marketing campaign, and reach out to your leads with more details.

Show the lead, that you care about them

Aritic PinPoint has plugins available for CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Typo3, and Concrete5. You can also put PHP tracking code in your web pages and start tracking your visitors.

The tracking pixel starts pouring data into Aritic PinPoint tool right from the first visit of your target lead to your webpage.

Create trigger and action for Lead

Based on lead actions like asset downloads, web page/landing page visits, or email opens, create separate email or social triggers. Improve connectivity with leads in real-time.

Score lead according to their Actions

Create a scoring system for your leads and increase or decrease points based on Lead actions. Convert leads easily when they are hot (has the maximum lead score) or nurture them when they are cold.

Leverage The Power of Marketing With Different Channels

Know what your customers need, and deliver exactly same messages to them. Understand their needs and reach out to them instantly with various marketing messages.

Web Push Notifications and SMS Campaigns

Expand customer retention to multi-fold with Push notifications. Send highly relevant and fully customized campaigns to your mobile as well as web users. Some of them are:

  • IOS Notification
  • Android notifications
  • Chrome Notifications

Like the push notification, SMS are also likely to get opened within 3-5 mins. This gives you great opportunity to send reminders, offers, and promotional content.

Marketing AUtomation Features-2


Create targeted email content, regular email marketing workflow, and deliver the same to your inbound leads seamlessly one on one.

Social Media

Stay connected with your lead with Aritic PinPoint social media monitoring. Track mentions and hashtags on different social media platforms. Automatically communicate with leads through Twitter drip campaigns.

On-site Widgets

Engage with your visitors on website through on-site widgets including top bar, pop-up box and email subscriber box.

Mobile Notifications

Send mobile push notifications through drip campaigns on iOs and Android mobile devices.

Omni-channel Marketing Messages

Unify all of your marketing messages from different channels at one place and automatically deliver the same message through preferred channels of the lead.

Facebook Messenger for better Lead Engagement

Engage your leads one on one through Facebook Messenger messages. Keep them posted with latest updates via drip campaigns.

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