Marketing Communication Automation

Marketing communication is evolving every day. Devise a communication strategy that will accelerate your business growth, aid you in building a brand image, and consistently delight your customers to make them your brand advocates.

Acquire, nurture, engage, convert, delight. Repeat.

Did you know a marketing automation software can improve your lead quality, speed up your conversions and simultaneously bring your marketing-sales team together? Aritic PinPoint does all of this and more. Acquire new leads, capture lead information smartly, nurture them, and create conversions. Enhance your automation campaigns with Aritic PinPoint to bring in the right customers, build real-time personalized relationships, converting the hottest leads, and measuring your performance all along. A marketing automation software that fits your budget, you ask? We have it sorted for you.

Advanced lead tracking and lead management

Acquire and monitor leads with relevant content marketing, lead management practices, automated campaigns and detailed insights into campaign analytics. Nurture your anonymous leads with retargeting campaigns and activity monitoring. Use bidirectional CRM integration to make lead management easy, up-to-date, and also align your sales and marketing team.

  • Browser fingerprint tracking
  • Unified lead profiling
  • 360-degree lead overview
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Ad orchestration
  • Advanced integrations
Marketing Automation Suite

Landing Pages

Create interactive landing pages and attract your potential leads. Include smart forms, videos, and GIFs to engage more with your leads real-time. Build your landing pages seamlessly with the WYSIWYG builder.

Lead Management

Make yourself visible in your buyer’s path and make them aware of your presence. Attract the top-of-the-funnel traffic with targeted campaigns, and capture lead information with smart forms.

Smart forms and gated video

Use easy to embed forms in your landing pages, emails, social campaigns, or in any marketing campaign. Use gated video content to capture leads faster with more accuracy in details.

Analytics and reporting

Analyze, measure, implement, see results. Dig in deep into all your campaigns across multiple channels to know what and how you can achieve better results.

Your ticket to personalised B2B relations

Create marketing automation campaigns for your ideal prospects, nurture them across multiple channels and devices, and push them down the marketing-sales funnel for better conversions. Manage your lead effectively to identify the potential leads, improve marketing-sales alignment, and boost your overall ROI with Aritic PinPoint marketing automation tool. Integrate with a wide range of CRM, CMS, websites and mobile apps, and social media platforms for better engagement, brand awareness, brand positioning, and higher ROI with the ideal marketing automation software.

Personalize B2B Relations

Omnichannel marketing automation campaigns

Tie together all lead details, online or offline, to create a unified lead profile. Create omnichannel marketing campaigns to offer relevant and consistent user experience across all marketing channels and all kinds of screen-sizes at any given time. Build unhindered customer engagement programs to recreate your brand image.

  • Device compatible campaigns
  • Consistent user experience
  • Relevant marketing messages
  • Advanced lead nurturing campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns via emails, push notifications, mobile, web, social media, and SMS campaigns
Contacts tracking in automation

Email marketing campaigns

Create automated email workflows, schedule drip email series based on behavioral triggers, set autoresponders, and measure email campaigns beyond clicks and opens.

Mobile marketing automation

Deliver relevant engagement content and engage your mobile users with cross-channel marketing experiences from a single unified platform.

Omnichannel marketing

Create unified lead profile for each customer to offer relevant and consistent user experience across all channels and devices.

Multi-channel marketing

Acquire and engage the right customers across multiple channels like SMS, push notifications, emails, landing pages, social media, and mobile

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