What is Aritic?

Aritic platform is a full-stack automation platform. It includes marketing automation, communication automation, CRM application, service desk application and business automation stack designed for B2B companies.

At present there are more than 1800+ business globally, using DataAegis Software Pvt. Ltd. products; which is the parent company of Aritic.

Your consumers are taking control over how and when they want a sales representative to get in touch. Irrelevant and forced marketing has no place in the current B2B scenario. Interruptive marketing and sales practices are steadily discarded by modern consumers.

Adopt modern marketing methodologies and grow your brand with the host of opportunities that Aritic has got to offer for your brand. Aritic has five major products under its wings- Aritic PinPoint, Aritic Sales CRM, Aritic Mail, Aritic Desk and Aritic Swarm. Each tool has a unique set of features to offer.

All these tools together make up a comprehensive automation solution that includes marketing automation campaigns, brand image building, social branding, team collaboration, transactional emails, mobile marketing, modern sales practices and customer service tactics. Aritic also welcomes other B2B companies to become its sales partner and improve their sales methodologies strategically.

Team Aritic is comprised of some of the brightest and creative heads, working round the clock to make Aritic an unparalleled experience for every single customer and client. We welcome feedback from our clients and customers and take them very seriously to improve your experience with Aritic. Explore the automation world of Aritic and unlock the potential of your business with our five by-products.

Aritic PinPoint

A marketing automation tool designed for B2B companies across multiple industries. Aritic PinPoint helps businesses attract right visitors, nurture them and convert into potential leads. With effective automation campaigns and omnichannel marketing, Aritic PinPoint helps B2B businesses convert their leads into customers, and thereafter retain them.

Aritic Sales CRM

Aritic Sales CRM puts together the best of customer interactions and follow-ups for sales teams. The bidirectional integration with Aritic PinPoint enables businesses to align sales and marketing activities for exponential business growth. It offers a complete overview of customer interaction, purchase history, and engagement records from the beginning of time.

Aritic Mail

Aritic Mail is a transactional email platform that ensures immediate email delivery for transactional notifications. While every other email can wait, it is important to send transactional emails with zero delays. Aritic Mail ensures on-time delivery of emails in a highly secure way. It offers API integration, email delivery insights, and inbound email processing for businesses.

Aritic Swarm

Aritic Swarm takes team collaboration to the next level with an encrypted secured messaging option. The rich UI along with group messaging features among others, make Aritic Swarm a go-to-platform for teams that rely on ‘work together’ motto. It has everything a team may require,s starting with audio-video conferencing, multiple devices sync, screen sharing and secured file sharing.

Aritic Desk

Aritic Desk is designed for effective customer service, where customers can raise tickets regarding their issues which customer service teams will resolve. It comes with real-time chat support and social integrations. Aritic Desk makes customer servicing easier with multiple business hours feature, phone integration, and multi-lingual support. It is advanced and secured, and obviously makes customer-issue resolving faster. No more missing out on customer complains.

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