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We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions for Aritic PinPoint.

Aritic PinPoint is a cloud-based full-stack marketing automation platform for small and medium business or digital marketing teams. It has landing page builder, lead scoring, lead tracking, lead nurturing, email marketing, email marketing automation, a/b testing features with the mobile optimized interface. Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM and Social integrations like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are also included.
You can start using Aritic PinPoint free Plan for life time, no credit card required, until you have total contacts below 500.
Aritic PinPoint Plans include Lite, Starter, Professional and Enterprise. Which starts at $190, $250, $390 and $3690 per year respectively.
No. Aritic PinPoint suite is hosted on fast cloud servers, you just need to sign-up for an account at Aritic and get started.
Within Aritic PinPoint, contacts added can be calculated based on the total number of unique Push subscribers, Email subscribers, Contact Phone Numbers.
Yes! It is quite easy. We walk you through every step of the process and on average, PinPoint users start capturing their first lead contact information in under 60 minutes from their website.
No, you do not need any separate domain to host Aritic suite. Your account will be allocated at the subdomain, which you can configure to be used under your own business domain name, later.
Yes, you can configure your own domain name with Aritic PinPoint suite and make it your own solution for your business too.
Email deliveries from Aritic PinPoint is quite reliable. If you send text only relationship based emails to your prospects, then, there are fair changes that the email will make into Gmail Primary inbox too. Aritic PinPoint suite uses email delivery services from high end transactional IPs from Aritc Mail.
Neither we nor any ESPs like bulk or promotional emails.
Aritic PinPoint focuses only on sending engagement based personalized emails. For such high-volume bulk mailing requirement, our most customers prefer to use EasySendy Pro, which supports multiple SMTP relays on a single platform.
Aritic PinPoint is a marketing automation suite, with which you would not be able to send email and communication messages over purchased email database or list. Aritic PinPoint works only on permission based email contacts and opt-in email lists.
Yes, you can easily import your leads into Aritic PinPoint contact management module. First, you need to export the lead list from existing application and then, you can import them into Aritic PinPoint.
No, you need not to re-verify the emails. You can directly import the emails into Aritic PinPoint contact management module and start building automation marketing campaigns.
Once you place an order with Aritic PinPoint, you will get access to Marketing Automation tool instantly. After that, you can update your Name, Address, timezone, configure email sending details, push notification services, integrate website, connect social media profiles, import existing contacts and start building automation campaigns.
Yes, you can do this from Aritic Platform Billing and Subscription page.
Yes, you can do this from Aritic Platform Billing and Subscription Module anytime.
Yes, you will have to make a request to the Aritic Support team, and, you would be able to take out your data easily.
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