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How To Send GIF Emails in Marketing Campaigns

GIF for Email

Marketers are using GIF emails a lot. GIFs have come across as a great way for marketers to tell their story in a more visually engaging way. Remember that GIF for Father’s Day where the dad saves the child from falling? A lot of brands had used this GIF for their Fathers’ day email template. Imagine if this whole thing was written in plain texts, it would’ve taken away the charm of this email. The GIF expressed the story, and all the marketer had to do was include a few lines of texts to complete this email. A perfect stroke.

source: GIF-finder

Another catch point is personalization. You immediately connect with the content, the email is properly personalized with your name, and is totally related to the event and your previous purchase patterns. If these were not in place, probably only a GIF could not trigger so much engagement.

The need for personalizing marketing efforts and putting across marketing messages in an instant has made way for GIFs. If you were in awe of email marketing automation features like automated email workflow, drip campaigns, and autoresponders, then GIF emails have taken email marketing automation to the next level. GIF emails have opened a new road for email marketers to establish a relationship via storytelling in a short, crisp and visually enriched way. After all, marketing is now customer-centric and emails acre behavior-based. To keep them engaged and glued to your brand, what better way than leveraging the most liked mode of communication (i.e. emails) visually?!

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Marketers Glossary: Email Marketing Terms Every One Should Know

email marketing terms

You must know when and where to use various common email marketing terms, and also be familiar with their connotations to analyze your email campaigns better. Email marketing forms the core of your marketing automation strategy. Whether it is designing a landing page or launching a drip campaign, all of it is somehow directly or indirectly related to email marketing.

Email Marketing Terms & Their Meanings

While it is crucial for marketers to understand if they are scaring away their users, it is also a much-needed fact that marketers must be well-versed with the email marketing terms and their meanings.

Disclaimer: This list also includes various terms and terminologies that are used in marketing as a whole.

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Best Practices

MasterGuide to Optimise Your Email Marketing Frequency


Email marketers struggle to identify the exact number of emails that will give them the maximum ROI, i.e. the exact email marketing frequency. There isn’t any magic number that can help marketers to strike a balance between sending innumerable emails and sending very few emails. If you are sending heaps of emails, chances are high that your subscribers will get annoyed. Going forward, your subscribers’ list will just get smaller. If you hardly send emails, your subscribers might find an alternative to your products or services. They might forget your brand. So how do you identify the correct email marketing frequency practices?

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11 Important Email Marketing Metrics You Should Know


Did you automate few of your campaigns? Are you trying to understand your email marketing metrics? Are those numbers confusing you? Don’t know which email marketing metrics are most important?

Okay. Stop.

We’ll start from scratch then.

Email marketing automation has a lot to contribute to your business. While email marketing alone will not drive your business very far, clubbing your email marketing efforts with automation features can help.

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B2B Email Marketing - Best Practices - Mailbox Setup

Did You Know? Your Email Subscribers have 8 Types of Mailboxes

email open rate

The knowledge of the various types of mailboxes used can help in organizing a successful email marketing program. In 2016, on an average, each email subscriber has 1.7 email accounts per user, and by 2019 it will increase to 1.9 email accounts per user. This data shows that an average email user maintains more that one mailbox to receive emails as per their different priorities. Based on this data, we tried to segment all mailbox of the subscribers into eight different types.

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Land Emails into Inbox – 14 Tips To Achieve High Email Delivery

high email delivery

You have a good influx of organic traffic. With dynamic contact list segmentation, you now have properly segmented lists. Now tell me, are they actively engaging or just sitting idle? If you haven’t automated your email campaign, probably they are sitting idle. Did you know high email delivery has a lot to do with how engaged your leads are? Yes. You read it right. To achieve high email delivery, you will first need to automate your email workflow. 

You can relax because Aritic PinPoint already comes with automated email workflows. With an automated workflow, you don’t miss out on nurturing your leads. When your leads engage with your emails, it improves your email sender reputation. Thus, you have fewer chances of being marked as spam and more chances of reaching your recipients’ inboxes.

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48 Reasons Why Your Emails Have Low Email Open Rate

email open

You have a good inflow of visitors. You are collecting lead information via landing pages, social media survey and contests, and gated content. Your leads are properly segmented based on their website and app behavior. You know our dynamic contact list segmentation always ensures that your leads are bucketed based on demographics like age, location, etc., website behavior and engagement, buyer’s stage and events. This means you can seamlessly send targeted and personalized emails. You schedule an automated drip campaign series based on your lead’s interest. Still, your email open rate was low. WHY?

Now you are confused because you don’t know what went wrong. Maybe we can again begin from the start. Let’s get our concepts cleared first.

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11 Easy Ways to Identify Phishing Emails – Marketers Edition


Despite the advantages of adopting marketing automation, the risk of phishing emails doesn’t lessen. In fact, according to Infosecurity Magazine:

Automation resulted in a 30% increase in success rate of cybercriminals

The blame comes on machine learning programs that process data faster and create targeted email campaigns. Cybercriminals are adopting machine learning just as fast as businesses are turning to analytics and machine learning platforms. The more personalized marketing campaigns are getting, so are the phishing emails. It’s a strange but quite threatening reality we are living in right now!It is no secret that brands want to launch automation campaigns that are targeted and personalized. With marketing automation features that include automated drip campaigns that are behaviour-based, intuitive landing pages, social media presence, dynamic contact list segmentation, etc. brands are now focussing on establishing a brand-customer relationship. And to do this, email automation aids the most.

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Marketer’s MasterGuide for Maintaining Email Reputation

email reputation

Maintaining your company’s and brand’s email reputation is important to spread your message. Marketers all over the world spend a significant amount of their time in designing and drafting email copies, crafting smart marketing strategies, developing handcrafted email templates and strategically clever subject lines. The aim of marketers is to get you open their emails and observe their marketing campaigns. But email marketing is not such a holy grail as thought because your emails are useless unless it reaches the recipient’s inbox.

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Effective Email Subject Lines – Marketers MasterGuide


When I get an email, the first thing I see is the email subject line and the sender’s name. If the subject line reads boring or irrelevant, I instantly send it to trash. And all of these takes me few seconds to decide. I am sure you can relate to this as well. Hasn’t this happened to all of us so many times when we saw badly written email subject lines and ditched that email right there?

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