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How to use Webinars to attract Qualified Leads

Marketing professionals know that buyers do not make their decision to purchase a product or service immediately. Hence they are trying to make their presence on all the platforms and attract qualified leads for their business.

Mike Agron, co-founder of WebAttract says

About 77% of B2B buyers would research about a company before they speak to you. In B2B, people are on a journey towards being educated. The best way to teach your qualified leads is by using webinars. Webinars offer significant amounts of value to the target audience and positions you as the authority.

The downside to this is that marketers create webinars that have little or no value to the audience. It is sad to note that their webinars can be so terrible that they do not turn qualified leads to opportunities that are ready-to-buy.

The goal here is to know the details of the qualified leads so that you can start your nurturing process in the near future. In this article, we will have a look at a formula that successful brands use to convert qualified leads to sales.

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Customer Marketing

How to Evaluate and Benchmark Buyer Journey Velocity

Marketers need to keep up with some things every day. Like monitoring specific campaigns, emails that people open, the call-to-action, the forms that people fill, the events attended, and so much more. In the midst of this, there are numerous measurements that we often tend to forget. But we have the primary marketing metrics that are highly effective. It will measure your result across the strategy. Buyer Journey Velocity is one such metrics.

In this blog, I will discuss more on the buyer journey conversions. It involves the purpose, application, technology, and benchmark.

Before we go further, consider the fact that linear buyer journey hardly ever takes place. Also, there are different paths that each contact goes through before they decide to purchase your product. For instance, a lead may read your blog’s content, subscribe to your newsletter, respond to your email nurturing campaigns and evaluate your products and services. Or a lead may attend a webinar, fill out the form, read a follow-up email, browse your website, and get a call from your sales team. From there, they convert to an opportunity.

I have mentioned two examples where both the leads are heading towards the same direction. However, they use different routes to get there.

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B2B Marketing - Content Marketing

B2B Blogging Rules for Content Marketing Success

Disclaimer: A hardcore WordPress user writes this B2B blogging rules compilation. If you are using WordPress CMS, you’ll relate everything. If not, there may be statements that you will find foreign. However, B2B blogging rules are universal and are noted down here for everyone, irrespective of what CMS you are using. So let’s get started now.

Since inception, WordPress has become a powerful platform for blogging on the earth. It is not complicated when it comes to updating the blog. It is highly flexible enough to accommodate a lot of things.

Even so, all this does not matter if your website is not up to par. This guide is to help newbies learn more about building an excellent blog. This is the kind of blog that attracts readers and retains them, one that creates a reliable and robust community. A splendid content calls for unique blog posts. It also requires the blog owner to join a conversation with professionalism. You need to be catchy and enjoyable. Some B2B blogging rules go unsaid.

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Content Marketing

25+ Facts about Modern B2B Content Marketing

It is remarkable how B2B content marketing has transitioned from a shiny new object to a position where it has become a gold standard. After all, it started off as a new trend, and many people doubted if it will sustain its charm or it will quickly die out. Seth Godin says

It is the only marketing left for the reason that it is a marketing strategy that is perfect for the internet generation we have. This generation turns all their attention to the internet when they need information about any product or service.

Many B2B marketers are making substantial investments in this strategy. But they still ask about the best way forward as well as the crucial information they need concerning content marketing. Below are 27 facts that are interesting and worth your consideration about B2B content marketing strategies. 

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Best Practices

Optimize your Lead Source with these 5 Best Practices

A lead source is basically the source via which your prospects have found your product or services. This information is crucial for lead management and also aids in measuring the buyer’s journey. By doing so, you will identify what works for your marketing strategy and what is not.

Sometimes, starting with lead optimization,  may work for you when you implement your marketing automation platform.  Even so, you can always try something different. Identify the channels that drive a lot of leads. It will help you lead positioning, categorize, simplify, and identify insight into what you want to do with lead effects.

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Customer Marketing

6 Steps to Double your Customer Activation Rate

SaaS companies focus a lot on attracting customers either by providing free trial sign-ups or with content marketing. It will indeed bring a large inflow of leads but have you thought anything about how to ensure that every interaction with the lead has a positive impact on him and moves him to the next stage? It is time you think about the overlooked subject- customer activation!

Without activation, all the above becomes nothing because activation is an unignorable metric.

Customer activation rate is a crucial metric for all SaaS companies. This metric measures the number of users that take a particular action to get value out of the company’s product. If you consider Twitter, the action may involve sending two or more tweets or following six other accounts.

According to a case study, an academic medical center wanted to increase customer activation to effectively engage more patients in their healthcare portal. LionShare designed an automated marketing campaign based on the weekly data feed of recent patient visits. They printed and mailed a direct mail piece with variable printing that included personalized instructions for signing up, including each patient’s access code and their medical record number so they could easily activate their account. They mailed Consecutive communications to those who did not activate their portal after a 90-days.

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Marketing & Sales Alignment

7 Steps to Writing CFO Friendly Marketing Budget

According to Gartner’s report on marketing budget 2017-2018, CMOs have allocated 9.2% of marketing budget to marketing analytics. While the overall marketing budget has slipped to 11.3% in 2017 (up from 12.1% in 2016), marketing analytics will apparently have the largest spend in the coming days. This is a pointer that heavy marketing budget in previous years has come to put heavy expectations as well, few of which are still pending; as pointed out by Ewan McIntyre, research director, Gartner for Marketers.

The same Gartner report has also revealed that this slip in marketing budget is a result of marketers over-investing in areas that fail to give measurable results. The only solution is to understand the need of the hour.

If you are planning to design to a marketing budget that your CFO will approve instantly, you will need to sketch out a budget that revolves around your customer.

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Customer Marketing

Customer Activation Strategy: MasterGuide + Evaluation Worksheet

Marketers have their eyes set on designing the perfect customer activation strategy for those existing customers who trigger repeated sales.

Why? It all goes back to an old adage:

20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your sales. Click To Tweet

Following this statement, you might feel like you are ignoring something- because YOU ARE. You are focusing on that 20% set majorly. For this 20%, your customer activation strategy must be prim and proper. The remaining 80% will continue to dwindle between “I need the pro version of this product” and “I can still do with the free version”.

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Content Marketing - SEO

Engineer your B2B Content Marketing for Bots and Artificial Intelligence

We are surrounded by bots. Whether it is Apple’s Siri or Google’s Voice Search, or even Amazon’s Alexa Echo – we have already forayed into the time when virtual assistants are becoming our regular companions. These bots are getting intelligent day by day, so much that it is posing a different threat to content marketers now.

Content marketing has always been dynamic in its approach. Starting with using various ways of writing a content to automatically customizing the content based on user behaviour (using dynamic content), content marketers have come quite far. While content marketers are leveraging the potentials of a marketing automation tool to automate, update, and build customer relationships, automation content bots are playing their best cards to take the limelight.

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B2B Marketing - Best Practices

5 Hot B2B Marketing Automation Trends in 2019

Marketing automation industry is predicted to touch USD $7.62 billion by 2025. This is not surprising looking at the new marketing automation trends seeping in every day. Marketers are informed about their ideal consumers, and consumers are more informed about what they want. Marketing automation trends have helped marketers to strike the perfect balance between knowing their consumers’ behavioral patterns and giving them what they want in form of digital resources and multichannel engagements.

It takes a lot of effort to stay in sync with the ever-evolving trends. However, looking at the past year and also going by the predictions made for the near future, here are top 5 B2B marketing automation trends that will not fade away anytime soon.

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