Email Campaign Management

Effective email campaigning that drives result

Create and launch email campaigns that give results with powerful email automation tools. Don’t just send out an email. Know your audience, segment and target them, nurture and convince them through your email campaigns. Connect, communicate and create a one-to-one bond with your customers through effective email campaigns. In turn, grow your email list and boost your ROI.

Send transactional and newsletter email campaigns

Stay in touch with your customers, keep them updated with requisite transactional emails and frequent newsletters. Send customized emails to various segments, decide on a fixed schedule, and engage customers more.

email marketing templates

Build actionable workflows and get outstanding results

Don’t let your emails get lost in the inboxes. Build actionable email marketing workflow based on your customer behaviours and get outstanding results from every campaigns.

email workflows

Automate all your emails campaigns with intelligent autoresponder

Send automated reply to your emails based on behaviourial triggers that are pre-defined. Use the intelligent autoresponder of Aritic PinPoint to keep the conversation going without sounding off-track in your responses.

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Segment your subscribers based on different demographics

Segment your leads based on different demographics to conduct more personalized email campaigns. Send out relevant and contextual emails, and encourage brand loyalty.

email marketing segmentation

Device responsive personalized templates

Send out emails that are device responsive, high personalised and relevant. Experience a 100% inbox delivery and high email quality, irrespective of devices.

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Real-time tracking and analytic reports

Track and analyze lead behaviors, campaign performances, and every other activity. Get comprehensive and visually enriched reports. Monitor your campaigns and identify the loopholes, if any.

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