Aritic Sales CRM for Efficient Records and Contact Management

Explore the advanced functionalities of Aritic Sales CRM to experience a seamless contact and record management process. Collaborate with your team to take your business to the next level. No technical know-hows required to start with Aritic Sales CRM

Aritic Sales CRM Workflow

With little technical know-hows, get going with the Aritic CRM Workflow to manage your records and contacts, handling your campaigns and location tracking. A fast, simple and intuitive Workflow feature includes few easy steps to start. All you need to do is drag an ‘action’ to the respective ‘trigger’, fill out the various fields as required, and you are done. Automate any and every task that your organization needs with the Aritic CRM Workflow.

Aritic Sales CRM Marketing

Often companies complain about how expensive and complicated marketing gets when they integrate separate marketing tool to their CRMs. Aritic CRM is different. It understands the need of a robust marketing application along with CRM; and it has got that included too.

Aritic Sales CRM Sales

The core of Aritic CRM lies in its sale application- A robust and efficient application to help businesses in connecting, interacting, managing and selling to their customers smoothly. A full-fledged functional Customer Relationship Management database gives you the power to double up your conversions while tracking and monitoring each sales activity. From prospects to customers and beyond that- see everything on one dashboard. Customize your CRM according to your industry vertical and sales funnel.

Aritic Sales CRM Mobile

On-the-go is the need of the hour. Explore full version of Aritic CRM on your mobile to stay connected with your contacts and user lists seamlessly. With a fully responsive interface, Aritic CRM on mobiles is all about never breaking the flow even when you need to leave your desk.

Aritic Sales CRM Platform

Let the admin maintain organizational standards and best practices to boost the users’ productivity manifold times. The administration panel in Aritic CRM offers all the flexibility you will need to customize and extend it with various development tools. Get the managerial and supervisory powers in your hands for a more detailed knowledge of the application and also your business.

Aritic Sales CRM Collaboration

Ease communication with the socially adept intranet capabilities of Aritic CRM. We are living in a time where information is in gallons and there are so many sources for information consumption like smartphones, mobile apps, and social media platforms. It is essential to be quick and know everything that your team and contacts are doing, about your deals, and every other information vital for your business. Aritic CRM Collaboration tools will put you in touch with all the happenings without much effort from your end.

Happy Customers Around The Globe

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