Streamline your sales process

Boost your sales process by streamlining your entire sales funnel within Aritic CRM. Know which prospect has the highest conversion value. Manage your contacts based on their sales stage, behavior, and buying intent. Distribute and divide tasks automatically and monitor the entire process until a deal is won or lost.

Convert leads into "deals"

Evaluate the estimated value of your sales leads or leads that have reached the SQL stage within Aritic Sales CRM. Convert these leads into “deals” or “opportunities” and redefine them with new values.

Define and build your sales pipeline

Move your “deals” into your customized sales pipeline. Streamline all your ‘deals’ based on Deal value, size, source ( like inbound, outbound, direct sales, events), product, location, or closure.

Route your deals and track all activities

Once you define your sales pipeline, automatically route your deals to each sales rep in your team. Track and monitor each lead within your pipeline, and plan your strategies.

Schedule appointments for prospective leads

Automatically get appointments scheduled within the system once your sales lead is ready for it. Based on lead behavior and interaction, know when your lead is ready for a direct conversation.

Efficient and Smooth Task Management

Create, save, and manage all your sales files in one place. Never lose your important data related to deals, appointments, and conversations with your leads. Put all your lead files, workflows, plans and strategies, to-do lists, and other aspects that you and your team need regularly on cloud for easy and on-time access. View all the sales events on your sales calendar that are stored automatically for reference. Simultaneously, view all your pending tasks against each deal right within your pipeline.

Aritic Sales CRM for B2b

Analyze and automate your sales workflow

Ready-to-use workflows

Get access to several ready-to-use automation workflows to build your ideal automation flow. Track and monitor your sales leads, and accordingly, pick the ideal workflow that suits your need.

Sales integration and plugins

Leverage the benefits of having native integration (and all technical issues sorted by default) with Gmail and Outlook Email for all your sales conversations and automation campaigns.

Single dashboard for all activities

One dashboard for everything – know where your deals are, how they are progressing, who is handling what, and how your entire sales pipeline looks – all at one glance.

Ready-to-use sales templates

Save time by picking ready-to-use templates for sales automation campaigns across all device types. All templates within Aritic Sales CRM are mobile responsive and has low loading time.

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