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Aritic Sales CRM is advanced and designed to help you manage your records and contacts efficiently

Aritic Sales CRM Workflow

Aritic Sales CRM Workflow Automation

Reduce the manual interference and scale up your marketing efforts with Aritic CRM Workflow Automation. Forget the need for more hands and intensive training sessions as Aritic CRM Workflow Automation offers an intuitive designer and engine to leverage all your data. Make the most of this data to build sophisticated workflows automatically including various conditions or triggers. The drop down menu and drag and drop editor makes it seamless to schedule various ‘triggers’ and conditions as per your requirements

Record Management

Ditch manual involvement in creating records in Aritic Sales CRM. Whether you want to edit or delete or create a new record based on a pre-defined trigger- Aritic Sales CRM has it all sorted for you. For instance, when a record (subscriber) opts out of your campaign, that record needs to be deleted. Or, when a campaign email is opened by a new record, the same needs to be updated. Involving your team to do this manually will take time, energy, and kill creativity. So, Aritic Sales CRM does all of these on receiving the specific triggers like email opened or record unsubscribed. With immense variety in the kind of triggers, Aritic Sales CRM is adept in handling it all

Powerful Workflow Creation

Use three powerful tools- Split, Wait, and Conditional to create a power-packed workflow. Customise your workflow and make it adept to carry out complicated tasks. Create asynchronous contacts to do more like edits, testing, and modifications. If you want to space out your actions, the wait condition lets you do so. With the conditional action, you can split your workflow into two but only one will function based on the pre-defined criteria

Location Finder

Google API integration lets you know if any of your contacts are within your vicinity and is up for a meeting. Also, you can track the location of your contacts only for analytics purposes. Get notifications or alerts when a contact is nearby via activity feed, SMS messages or by emails. It depends on what services you have

Aritic CRM Sales

Unlock Potential Deals

Track potential deal opportunities in a customised interface that includes detailed information about the deal; like sales process stage, quoted price, probability of closing the deal, associated contact, and so on. Get an overview of the entire interaction history with these leads and also with the related leads. Assign tags to the records for better segmentation and filtering. Engage in multiple deals with a single contact or account for recurring business

Instant Notifications

Aritic CRM lets you stay updated with anything and everything that happens within your database. Get instant notifications of anything that needs your attention. You can set alerts for certain actions so that you never miss out on anything important. The VoIP telephone integration lets you see the contact’s page for a phone number for incoming call is available in your record database

Relationship Management

Not all contacts are same. We understand how some contacts can create a rather complex relationships. Aritic CRM provides a flexible and adept means to establish relationship with contacts of any type with anything else within the CRM itself. For instance, you can link a contact with another unrelated company because that company might help in speeding up the buying decision

Invoicing and Quoting

Any authorized individual can create and send a highly professional sales quote and invoices to prospects and customers. You can select from existing templates to ensure a consistency in corporate branding. Other members in your organization can view these quotes and invoices, enabling a unified view of the customer’s information. You can instantly add line items from your products and make adjustments in a snap

Workflow and Sales Funnel

Aritic CRM provides a simple interface to create your unique sales workflow. We understand each organisation has different stages in their sales funnel. Create your work pipeline in various dynamic ways. Set up custom process in few minutes and implement it against any sales strategy designed for any business vertical. Integrate your pipeline with the Aritic Flow for a more personalised and automated contact interaction experience

Contact Interaction History

In one glance, get an overview of the entire interaction history with each contact. You can view all the events scheduled, emails sent, and/or web activities in a graphical representation. This also shows you the intensity of interaction and activity of the contact in question. Like everything in Aritic CRM, you can customise what you want the graphs to represent. Not just pointers, you can also customise the specific time frames you want to see

Email Correspondence

Email is the most effective way to communicate within your team and also with your contacts. Aritic CRM lets you quickly create rich email texts against any action or activity so that you and team can refer to it in future. All you need to do is click on the email icon placed on the upper menu against any contact record. A rich text editor will automatically pop up wherein you can use your choice of email template and customise it, or create your own message with any formatting that you wish. Once you send the email, you can track the email opening (especially for contacts so that you can prepare the additional follow ups). You can also share inboxes between users- this is ideal for support, information or newsletter accounts

Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management

Experience the best of contact interface optimised to suit your needs. Starting with contact details, social media profiles, work portfolio, personal details, relationships, and a complete overview of the interaction history- Aritic CRM spaces and organises each of these systematically for you to easily locate for future interaction. Along with that, get detailed overview of your call logs and emails sent. Know about the emails scheduled or set a calendar event for regular and on-time reminders. You can assign specific action tags to your contacts to smooth out your workflow. Identify your most potential contacts, stay up-to-date with these contacts, and push them through the sales funnel

Aritic CRM Mobile & CRM Platform

Check-in Updates

Let your contacts know when you are around by checking-in to a location. Create a check in-post or use the check-in button to automatically detect your location within the app

Aritic Utilities

Administrators can efficiently manage the application with Aritic Utilities. Starting with importing and exporting data for contacts, accounts, and all other records, to migrating data from one CRM system- you can do it all and more. There are tools that facilitate changes in record histories and logs, tag management, and translating Aritic CRM into other languages

Media Attachment

With the help of Google Cloud Platform API, you can attach a wide range of media to your records from your mobile. Along with the option to attach the current location to your record’s action, you can literally let them know that you are around (when you are in their location, ofcourse). Add to this, you can attach audio notes by recording an audio on your mobile and using Google’s Cloud Speech API. This API uses machine learning that converts your audio into a text

Aritic Studio

Aritic CRM is all about quick configuration and fewer steps. With the Aritic Studio, you can customise and extend the CRM in all possible ways that you want. The in-app development tool, Aritic Studio, is a designer tool with no programming requirements. It comes with a drag and drop interface and dropdown menus that enables administrators to create and edit forms, fields, user menus, and more. You can create different record detail layouts for different in-app scenarios. Aritic Studio takes customisation to a whole new dimension as you get the power to create custom fields and start tracking data relevant to your business

Settings and Configuration

Every organization has unique needs, and the system settings in Aritic CRM helps you customise the application to suit it. The admin can modify variety of settings like user session timeout rate, automated updating, and default currency. Integrate with Google Calendar, rearrange and modify system’s modules, integrate Google Drive, and more. You can even configure the activity feed event stream

Analytics and Reports

Improve your overall performance with detailed analytics and reporting of Aritic CRM. Know how your marketing and sales efforts have fared and make intricate changes vital for performance enhancements. Create variety of reports for your campaigns, lead performance, user activity and more with the simple drop-down menus. Get visually enriched and easy to understand charts for a better overview of all your activities. Spot the loop-holes and also the trends, and work for a better result

Customise Access Roles and more

Administrators will have the full power over the user’s level of record access. They can give permission to edit or update data to the users. Admins can create new users and assign them to specific groups based on their activity and role in the organisation. It is in the admin’s power to give permissions to only view or view and edit permissions to the users depending upon the internal requirements. Aritic CRM comes with high-end security when it comes to user data. Hence, access permission modulation is vested in the hands of admins only to ensure full protection of data, and also helping you to ban or whitelist an unknown/unwanted IP addresses accessing your system


The robust REST-ful API of Aritic CRM lets you connect with a wide range of external applications and interfaces. The second generation HTTP-based API is perfect for a seamless integration of your existing software and other third party frameworks. You can directly use the API commands to create, edit or delete records. You can also enact process stages or work with associated actions with the API. Aritic CRM lets you connect with Zapier, Google, Twitter, and many more platforms that will enhance your overall experience. Along with this, you can also make remote API calls within the automation sequences and automate the integration.

Custom Brand Identity Building

Aritic CRM gives you wide range of themes to select from. Create your own brand identity clubbed with design preferences that suit your taste. Upload your logo and change the color scheme according to your brand personality. You can create your own theme as well and share them. The administrators, as well as individuals, can make changes in the backgrounds, menus, headers, and more

Aritic CRM Collaboration

Files and media attachments

Aritic CRM comes with a rich text editor that lets you attach images, documents and other media files. You can create documents, email templates, quotes as well. You can modify the viewing permissions for each document you create or upload. If you login using your Google ID, you can also upload attachments directly from your Google Drive

Centralised Team Calendar

Let your whole team be aware of all the happenings and important dates with the Centralised Team calendar. Schedule any type of events for individual or group of users, set reminders, and many other things. Use different colours to differentiate events. You can sync your Aritic Calendar with your Google Calendar via Google Integration

Activity Feed Streaming

Know everything happening in your business from the activity feed stream. Get an overview of all the events posted from your end like you see on a social media news feed. You can even filter information by user type, user names, and any other way you want to. Send public or private messages with the rich text editor from within the dashboard. Attach media or documents to your messages as necessary. The flexible charting feature lets you identify the trends, errors, and other details crucial for your performance enhancement. You can get email notifications for targeted events right into your inbox on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. You can do this by setting up activity feed filters

Task Management

Aritic CRM makes it easy to manage your tasks within the application. Create actions assigned to others as well as view and manage those assigned to you. You can either go for the to-do-line interface or manage multiple assignments from the grid view. Set notifications for alerts on due dates and critical tasks. Assign tasks to an individual or a group of users; use drop down menu filters to view actions of a specific type or during a specific time frame

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