Marketing Automation Solution

How Does Marketing Automation Works ?

Aritic marketing automation tool gives you robust features to automate all those tasks that are repetitive in the entire marketing workflow.

Introduce Yourself To Your Amazing Audience

Aritic marketing automation tool is like your personal assistance as you prepare to introduce your brand to your target audience. It gets everything set for you- landing pages, email templates, web forms, list management and segmentation.

Create Personalised Relations At Large Scale

Tap into the potential of Aritic to establish a strong real-time relationship with your customers, and generate more ROI. Use dynamic content and integrate social media platforms to reach out to a larger user-base in a click.

Automate all your repetitive process

Set autoresponders and automate all other processes that are repetitive in your marketing process. For instance, yearly emails or anniversary emails, or social media updates- you can automate so much with Aritic. Let us do the majority task for you while you enjoy the results.

Improve your ROI without wasting your time

Capture leads assign lead scores and nurture leads that have better chances of conversion. Now, simple calculation says; more conversion = increase in your overall ROI.
So, why waste time on what will never add value to your business!

Capture The Interest Of Your Targeted Audience

Capture your audience with offers, promos, and emails that align to their interests. Design a marketing workflow best suited for your business, segment and target audience based on various factors (demographics, age, email engagements, landing page activity, etc)

Use Simple And Intuitive Actions To Build Your Campaigns

Set simple actions like visiting your landing page or get a web form embedded in the email to capture lead information on the spot. Make it hassle free for your audience to understand your product/brand, and intuitive to trigger more engagement.

Align Prospect Engagement With Business Goals

No faking. Aritic lets you engage your leads without deviating from the core business concept. Business goals cannot be faked, and we know that. Create your own brand image and earn customer loyalty. After all, loyalty stays with a brand forever.

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