Aritic Mail FAQs

Transactional Email Delivery API FAQs

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is Aritic Mail Transactional Email Service?

Aritic Mail transactional is a solution where you would be able to use Aritic Mail SMTP/ HTTP API with your application to send transactional emails based on user’s interaction such as signups, password changes, check-ins, system notifications, and a friend or follower requests and more.

How much does Aritic Mail Cost?

There is no minimum monthly commitment we ask for customers. The initial credit will be added to your account which allows you to set up your Aritic Mail account with your application and complete the integration. The test credit are very low and limited to test the integration only.

The Aritic Mail Transactional email solution is available at a very affordable prepaid price starting from just $9 for 10k emails. Once you buy the email credit, your email credit never expires. We do have exclusive pricing model for high volume senders, to know about Enterprise plan, please do reach out at

Cost of sending emails are covered here:

Can I increase my daily limit on my free plan?

On your sign up, initial email credit will be added to your account. Based on the successful utilization of allocated credit and your email sending performance, you will automatically be allowed to go for a paid plan. Aritic Mail free plan has a limitation of allowing limited in an hour, to increase in your hourly limit, you will need to go to a paid plan. Your hourly speed will always depend on your email performance. In case of your email performance is negative, your hourly speed will be reduced to prevent our platform reputation.

Is it easy to set up Aritic Mail transactional email services?

Yes absolutely, it’s quite easy to get started with Aritic Mail transactional email services. You just need to signup for an account, launch Aritic Mail from the panel and after that your email delivery service will be deployed and ready to use.
Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive support documents are available to help you configure the SPF, DKIM and other records.

How does my email performance is reviewed by Aritic Mail team?

Aritic Mail uses threat protection sensors to detect, notify and update your reputation systematically. Our reputation management team proactively track all the accounts based on their reputation score, recent email performance and various other facts like bounce ration, content quality, user complaints etc.

Can I purchase dedicated IPs? If yes, how dedicated IPs will be configured to my account?

Yes, facilitating dedicated IPs is our add-ons service. You can add multiple IPs at the cost $25/IP monthly. Once the IP purchased happened our team needs 24 hours to associate with your account. We don’t do refund for dedicated IPs, as these are the direct cost to the ISP.

How do I select which price plan is best for me?

Aritic Mail leaves that up to you to decide the plan. However, Aritic Mail offers 10k free email credit and there after your purchase credit which never expires. Also, there is no monthly commitment for you. You can start from a free plan and gradually purchase credit as per your requirements.

The add-on such as dedicated IP is charged on monthly basis. If you are interested in the enterprise solution, please contact Aritic Mail representative who can help you in evaluating your needs.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept VISA, Master and AMEX credits cards. Now we also started supporting wired transfer.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer any refunds. We have price plans available from lower to higher volume fitting into any business need. You can verify your need by using our initial free 10k email credit and then plan to go for paid plans.

Do you allow bulk sending or promotional emails?

Neither we nor any ESPs like bulk or promotional emails.
Aritic Mail focuses only on transactional emails. Hence, we see much higher engagement when compared with those who also send marketing and transactional both emails. Inbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and others consider engagement as the top key point to ensure Inbox delivery. As we only do transactional email business, our sending reputation at ISPs is set as very good and provides us precedence for instant delivery.

For such high-volume bulk mailing requirement, our most customers prefer to use EasySendy Pro, which supports multiple SMTP relays on a single platform.

Why my account is suspended on Aritic Mail? And, what is next?

Your account will only be suspended in case of violation of Anti-Spam policy, or T&C or negation reputation. Aritic Mail is very strict to its Terms to use and Anti-Spam policy. If our monitoring sensors detect any suspicious activity, they may automatically reduce your sending capability or suspend your account. If you believe the action is false positive, you can raise your case by sending email to

Is Aritic Mail reliable, secure and confidential? Is my data is managed by Safe hand?

Our Global infrastructure is highly redundant spread over global Datacenters. With our geographical load balancing, customers get high speed and lowest latency on our platform. Data security is always our one of the top most requirement for that data centers and they are secured with N+2 redundancy, certified to industry frameworks
Our ISMS structure is developed considering industry standards ISO27k, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.

What if I don’t find a suitable API for integration with my application?

Aritic Mail supports all the major platform, be it Ruby, Java, Php etc. In case you don’t find the suitable API please raise a support request and our product team will directly interact with you and get those API ready.

Do you store my credit card information?

No! We do not store any of your credit/debit card information; they are saved by our payment processing partner – 2Checkout.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! You can cancel it anytime from Billing and Subscription page of your account.

Do I have to verify my contacts?

No, we don’t require you to verify your contacts while sending transactional email notifications.

Do you accept sending email on purchased email database/list?

Aritic Mail is transactional email delivery API, with which you would not be able to send email notification and communication messages over purchased email database or list. Aritic Mail works only on permission based email contacts and opt-in email lists.