The founder of e-commerce colossus Amazon, Jeff Bezos, famously said, “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – The perfect explanation of what is intended by developing a personal brand.

Are you a founder and have a profitable brand for your company? Have you ever thought that just having a brand is not enough? Building personal branding around yourself is also essential.

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1. Reasons Why is a Personal Brand Important for an Entrepreneur or Business Owner

2. Now Is The Best Time For Your Personal Brand

A whopping 82% of consumers are more likely to trust an organization if its CEO is more active across most social media platforms present today.

The classic example of personal branding can be celebrities that nowadays are very active across social media platforms to connect with their fans.

Personal branding refers to a new marketing concept synchronous with the ability to take responsibility for how you present and position yourself as an influencer by creating a brand around yourself within your niche or industry, thereby increasing your reputation.

While personal branding builds trust, the unparalleled benefit is creating more robust positioning and amplifying sellability. 

Reasons Why is a Personal Brand Important for an Entrepreneur or Business Owner

Personal branding is important because it helps you gain more credibility and harness trust. Developing a personal brand takes a significant amount of time and requires consistency.

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Consistency is a key tactic in personal branding. It takes almost five to seven impressions for someone to remember a brand.

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But if you will look at the reasons why you should invest time and efforts, you will certainly embrace the implications of developing personal branding. 

1 . A Personal Brand Gives You More Credibility

When you’re an entrepreneur, your company’s subsequent success depends on how you reach out and apply efforts to build your image besides marketing your brand or product.

It implies a great deal of time spent attending conventions and conferences, networking with other business owners or customers, and amplifying the voice of your brand or product.

It means that you’re not only laying a path to sell your brand or product – you’re also selling a brand that you create around yourself. Provide your prospects a window into your world with consistent actions of positioning your personal brand. It will help build relationships and entice your prospects to be interested in what you’re offering and thereby build trust steadily.

92% of people trust recommendations from individuals over brands as a result of personal branding.

2. Personal brands differentiate products in saturated markets

Today, all marketplaces are either saturated or over-saturated; that is the sole reason to use differentiation as your key tactic of growing your business. When it comes down to a saturated market, the consumer trust heavily relies on personal brands that let them know about you more.

One way to do this is sharing content through a social media channel like TikTok. The Tokmatik blog has plenty of tips for getting started on TikTok.

How can you exactly achieve this? You can achieve this by building some personal branding and being consistent in churning out high-value content that addresses your target audience’s challenges. The best personal brands utilize various technologies, social networks, and ways to present their brand in a crowded digital space to create consistent positive experiences for target audiences.  

3. More articles are written about people than companies

Personal branding is deeply related to creating a brand around an individual rather than around a company. It helps you strengthen your target niche relationships and build a unique tone to interact with your audience.

People connect more with stories than facts, so it is better to employ exciting storytelling and reveal ‘your’ success stories to your audience. In the process, Write useful blogs and articles, share opinion pieces, projects you’re working on, and ultimately stay top of the mind of your audience. You can run a link insertion campaign to get the content ranking in the SERPs. 

4. A Personal Brand Will Get You In On Bigger, Better Deals

Personal branding immensely helps you grow your image alongside your company’s. The more people begin hearing about you besides your products or services, the more you’ll be able to showcase your thought leadership, unique ideas, and expertise.

What it does for you is that it starts building you as an in-demand industry thought leader and ultimately enables you to work with more prominent clients and fetch better deals.

5. A Personal Brand Helps You Build A Better Network 

77% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business when the CEO of that business uses social media.

Building personal branding is somewhat directly proportional to building a better network. Leveraging social media platforms and expanding your network is the best bet for you to brand yourself, show professionalism, and cultivate more contacts.

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Utilizing social media platforms helps you increase visibility to form relationships with A-list influential people, could result in unexpected opportunities, and exponentially grow your business in a relatively better way.

6. Relationship Building

Although personal branding is all about building credibility, visibility, and establishing yourself as a specialized individual in your niche, there is another critical dimension of personal branding: relationship building.

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It can be pretty tricky to flourish online relationships with peers and customers. Still, when you have strong personal branding as your arsenal and maintain your consistent contribution, you can actually create and nurture profitable online relationships. The relationships you will nurture with colleagues will prove invaluable mining sources of knowledge and ideas.

Building online relationships is a must if you want people to listen to you, remember you, and continue to return to your website and other marketing channels. Besides building relationships, you can reach out to other people, share your electronic business card with them to form newer partnerships, fetch new leads, and give your business an alternate growth line.

7. Marketing Funnel

When it comes down to maintain a healthy marketing funnel, it solely depends on continuously generating new leads. Generating new leads depends heavily on building awareness which helps you determine how you can keep the top of the funnel always ignited and keep new leads coming.  

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Personal branding allows your audience to get to know you and your company on a personal level. Personal branding raises the level of influence that holds over your prospects in your personal networks. Thus, it helps you in alleviating brand awareness and compounds your lead generation rate.

8. A Personal Brand Gives You The Ability To Work With Higher-Quality Clients

Who doesn’t want to work with better clients? A full-fledged personal branding can actually help you reduce your burden and save you time when it comes down to attracting higher-quality clients. It helps generate perfect word of mouth across your online contacts and even further in the web world. Such conversations about you as an influencer can attract better clients and even amazing partners who might walk along with you to bring your ideas to reality. 

9. A Personal Brand Allows You To Charge More Money

Personal branding is super helpful in establishing your credibility and thus may allow you to get more opportunities and charge more. When you create a personal brand, you start building a reputation for yourself that in turn promises you better influence.

A personal brand lets you build a strong reputation along with showcasing the real value you have to offer. Thus, people influenced by your expertise and persona are more willing to pay more to work with someone as influential as you.

10. A Personal Brand Will Attract Clients to You vs. You Chasing them

As an entrepreneur, you always want to save time instead of losing it to chase down clients. Personal branding is beneficial for you to attract more clients and help save you a great deal of time focusing on more things.

Personal branding is an incredible way to establish valuable connections and help you initiate natural conversations and talking points, and fetch clients effortlessly. Remember, at all times; you need to be sure that you are always authentic, professional and showcase entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Now Is The Best Time For Your Personal Brand

Today’s world is majorly reliant on the internet. Online presence has its benefits and implications as well. When it comes to starting exercising personal branding, now is the best time to start doing so. I am confident that the above reasons are enough to start leveraging personal branding if you haven’t started it yet. 


Sandeep is the Senior Content Writer at Aritic, where he creates content that adjures attention, builds authority, and drives action. He is a Linkedin maven who believes that learning is a lifelong process and has the ongoing curiosity to learn new things.

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