Sales enablement, also known as sales readiness, is the process that enables the salesperson to speak the right kind of content in front of the right person at the right time.

In today’s time, people have become smart enough not to be fooled by a salesperson. Even if you take people around you as an example, there are tiny percentages that answer anonymous calls on their cell phones.

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The advanced technologies make it easy for people to directly block these numbers and never hear from them again. The buyers educate themselves through a variety of websites on the internet and social networking platforms rather than going to a salesperson.

They try to avoid them until the last minute of the buying. It’s important that the buyers find it useful to contact reliable sources and narrow down their options before catching up with the salespeople.

The buyer has full control of the sales cycle. This is the reason why your organization should spend time enabling sales and organizing them with the buyers.

To be a winning sales representative, you do not have to hunt down the leads and make them buy your product. Instead, you need to be the one who can discuss with the prospective customer and try to answer all their queries. This makes their decision-making process much more straightforward in the sales cycle.

You can achieve this if you have a keen interest in understanding the buyer’s behavior. All you need to do is wait for the buyer to reach out to you, and when they do, just make sure your sales representative has all the information about the needs of the buyer.

This is where you need sales enablement. Developing a great relationship with the customer is the prime motive of any business or organization. This is the principle of any business and needs some thorough research and understanding.

Sales enablement is one such topic that requires a practical approach by the company for every customer. In this blog, you will understand more about sales enablement and how it is crucial in modern business.

What is Sales Enablement?

sales enablement automation

This automatically increases sales and facilitates the buying process. If you are the team head, you need to make your sales team ready by giving them access to the following things so that they can use them while interacting with the customer:

  • A list of all the people who are the priority and whom they need to contact based on the purchase intent and the lead quality.
  • The behavioral data of the customer has all the summary of the intent and the prospect interest.
  • A database or a library of all the content aligned in each stage of the buying process helps in building rapport and trust with the customer. This helps you in encouraging the prospective customer to decide on the purchase.
  • Advanced tools to help the sales team in alerting and tracking the best prospect customers about the numerous activities in the different stages of their buying process.

What is the need to understand sales enablement?

The major factor in the success of a marketer is their ability to help their sales team in selling the products or services. The two essential elements in doing this are broadcasting content and knowledge.

However, you might need a few more things along the way, but publishing content is a must.

A salesperson uses most of his time researching the prospects who neither make any purchases nor will move forward in the buying cycle. You can help your representatives in the organization to push the prospects through the sales pipeline efficiently.

Also, if you provide your sales reps with the required tools and technologies, it would help them in keeping in touch with the prospects easily.

This, in turn, helps your sales team in building better relationships with the prospects and in guiding them throughout the buying process with the help of sales tactics. This would enhance your value.

The question remains, why should your company understand sales enablement? The simplest answer to this is that if your organization is spending a huge chunk of funds in the sales and marketing sector, they would want to get some results from it.

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sales enablement framework

The Basics of Sales Enablement

The primary motive of the sales enablement is to help the marketing team to forward the most efficient, and high-quality leads to the sales team. Therefore the sales representatives can spend their time focusing on the top priority buyers. This helps in making a more predictable and steady pipeline.

Another advantage is that if your sales team is getting more results than they ever expected, they will gladly like to work with the organization. With this, it will be easy to understand how pipelines can be created just by translating the marketing demands and how to improve the revenues by improving the conversion rates.

However, the complicated terminology and the technique can be a little confusing and overwhelming at times when it comes to effective sales enablement strategy.

However, we will simplify it all for you. So all that you need to understand is that ‘the sales side of the revenue cycle of a company comes under sales enablement.’ This includes:

  • Getting to know the prospects and identifying the behaviors that make them a promising clients.
  • Helping the sales reps by giving them all the resources and topics they should be working on. These topics should be designed in a way to help them engage effectively with buyers.
  • Giving proper information to the sales team so that they can instantly access and customize it as per the customer’s requirement.
  • Interacting with the sales team and providing them with all the knowledge about the tools that they can use to track customer activities all throughout the buying process.

Digital Body Language: The Key to Success

When your organization performs best practice sales enablement program, you are very likely to increase sales and help them thrive. However, the success of your company depends on the fundamental understanding of your buyer’s interaction with your campaigns, content and the website.

Generating high-quality leads is just the first step in the cycle. However, the most significant step is to provide the sales and marketing team with all the vital information that they need to seal the deal.

This means that the sales reps should identify the intent and interest of the prospect depending on the activities they perform on your website.

Why is sales enablement important? Every company should acknowledge that it is primary to understand the prospect and customer behavior more than just the demographics. Let me explain this with an example as described below.

examples-sales-enablement, sales -enablement -activities

Tools and Technologies- Sales Enablement

I have been mentioning the tools that can be used by the sales reps to keep a tab on the customers. The tools that I am talking about are as follows:

1 . Marketing Automation

With the technology of marketing automation, you can make a natural connection between the marketing and sales database. It can be used to connect sales and marketing activities. This, in turn, also gives a boost to your business.

2. CRM or SFA

Either CRM (customer relationship management) or SFA (Sales Force Automation) can be used to manage sales movement and also to keep track of the activities of the buyers. The other activities associated with the CRM and SFA are forecast modeling, lead routing, and disposition.

3. Other Important Tools

In addition to these two significant tools and technologies, there are other tools too that help the sales reps identify the opportunities, make a connection with the prospect and finally close the deal. The activities to follow are:

  • Keeping a tab on the online activities of the prospect and understanding their needs and interest. With this knowledge, the salesperson can communicate with the buyer on the topics that they can relate to.
  • Sending instant real-time emails to the sales team when the prospect visits the website. This is usually done after identifying the activity of the prospect on the website. Every company has criteria to determine a hot prospect.
  • Emailing the report of the activities of the prospect on the website and elsewhere to the sales team so that they can keep a tab on the important contacts, and leads.
  • Giving the sales team access to the prebuilt templates that can be customized to track the response of the recipient directly through their emails.

The Best Practices Involved In Sales Enablement

Best Practices in Sales Enablement, sales- enablement- analyst

Sales enablement can be a beneficial technique in strengthening your sales performance. However, you need not have to create your techniques. For now, you can use these few proven practices to excel the win rates in sales enablement plan:

#1 Share Information with the Sales Team

This is for the marketing team. There is much information that the marketing team collects by following the activity of the leads that can be of great help to the sales team. Most of this information goes to waste since the sales team does not get it. Hence it is important to organize the information in a way that the sales team gets all of it on time.

#2 Ease the Process

The second thing is to make the whole process as convenient as possible. Use tools that are easy to understand and manage the sales team.

#3 Use tried and tested Sales Techniques

Make sure you incorporate some of the proven sales techniques. Talk to your top sales representatives and ask them about the techniques and methods they use. Share these techniques with the other sales representatives of the company to get the best results. Conduct training sessions on sales enablement strategy.

#4 Engage with your prospects

It is better to arm your sales team with all the things they would require to engage the prospects. The first thing to do is draft an email. This should have all the information about the company since this will be the most used email. The things to include are:

  • Put the important facts about the company and attach the link to the ‘about us’ page.
  • Create customized messages that relate to the pain of the customer.
  • If you provide an online demo, then insert a link to the online demo in your email template.

#5 Keep Testing your Sales Enablement Tools

Before rolling out any tool or techniques, test it out on a small group of representatives. Keep track of the performances of the tools and make sure to correct all the flaws and then share them with the entire team.

#6 Forcing adoption does not help

Do not force the sales reps to adopt the tool. Show them the importance and the advantages of the tool and only then ask them whether they would be interested in implementing it. Use attractive ways to gain their interest.

sales enablement assets

Sales Enablement- What’s next?

Sales enablement is a relatively new concept, but it is pretty useful in increasing the effective sales of your company. However, it is always good to think ahead of time and comprehend what sales enablement holds for us.

sales- enablement- function

Here is what the future of sales enablement looks like in the above image. However, I am explaining a few terms below:

1. CRM Integration with Social Media

Social media is growing every day. Hence the integration of the CRM with social networks does not sound impossible. Many prospects use social networks to make their buying decisions.

Thus, in the future, the combination of CRM with social media will be a huge element in the picture.

2. Using Mobile Technology

Responding to the prospect as quickly as possible is the best way to boost sales. Hence providing faster responses that keep them interested will be the next step in the sales enablement process. The sales team will have to be equipped with sufficient information about the lead to know their online behavior and give them a reply instantly.

3. More Predictability

Sales representatives always want to shorten the steps in the sales funnel and seal the deal as soon as possible.

In the next step, they wish to predict the future actions of the lead depending on their activities and the response of the buyers to your website and content.

Sales Conversions- Extension of Marketing Dialogue

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Did I tell you that about 67% of a buyer’s journey happens digitally and 57% of the purchase decision is done even before the salesperson talks to your customer? Hence, it is vital for the sales representative to have all the information.

This would help him to have a seamless conversation with the customer. Note that the prospects are contacting you to solve their problems and not to buy your product. Hence to improve the odds of scoring the customers, the information shared during the hand-off should be improved.

A hand-off must include the following information:

  • The history of activities and the content accessed by the prospect.
  • All the details of the problem to the solution scenario of the prospect.
  • Interesting topics for conversations based on the interest of the prospect.
  • Stories of other customers that are related to the problem and the interest of the prospect.

All the information and strategy created by you should be based on the interest of the prospect and his perspective.

Additionally, it is also essential to get timely feedback from the salesperson on what is working and what is not. This will be helpful in evaluating and improving the tools and techniques.

To sum up

By now I hope you know what sales enablement is and how its importance in the growth of your company. You can now implement the sales enablement program in your company.

Don’t forget to use the guidelines and techniques given above to get your marketing and sales team in sync. Another important thing is to improve information sharing and communication to build relationships with your leads.


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