[Top 5 Practices] Unified Customer Journey is the Key to Digital Conversion

Customer Journey
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Unified customer journey mapping plays an integral part to maintain the sanctity of the brand. A well-designed omnichannel strategy will make sure that the customer’s convenience is always the priority in the customer journey.

What makes a customer happy? This is an essential question for every marketer whose work revolves around customers. Also for those who mainly focus on keeping them satisfied with their services always. The main reason behind an unhappy customer is lack of a seamless experience. From the first interaction with your brand or after they become a customer, they deserve all the attention in customer journey stages.

It is vital to model all your marketing strategies and business processes around consumers and their requirements for understanding the digital customer journey model. 

You need to take care of the hairline difference between physical and online stores which are gradually integrating into one. They are no independent branches, and customers have the liberty to choose their channel of choice. Being a service provider, you should ensure that customers have a consistent experience during their customer decision journey stages throughout their purchase lifecycle. 

Bill Payne, Former VP of CRM, IBM says

The management of the customer experience through a unified channel communication is going through a renewed importance.

Why do you require a unified customer strategy?

1. To Provide Consistent Experience across all the Channels

If the customer doesn’t get a consistent experience across all the channels, then you are not doing your business right.  For example, you may have a fully functional online website, but your mobile application is missing on some features. Your customers sometimes access your site from their mobile and the lack of features will result in shrinking of your customer base. It will influence your business negatively. However, a unified customer journey  b2b strategy helps you to render a consistent experience across all channels. 

2. Because a Unified approach is Beneficial

According to a survey, 59% of respondents state that omnichannel customers are always more profitable than single-channel users. E-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart are working towards making their stand strong both online and physical platforms. Amazon is targeting on expanding its digital presence while Walmart is taking the online way. Customers now have a choice to move to the virtual platform or the physical store and get the seamless experience throughout their digital customer journey stages.

3. Customer Experience Journey will be Satisfying and Consistent

Getting your business on all the channels will not serve its purpose if they are working individually. The chief element of a unified customer journey model is the integration of all the channels. Consumers want to get information on the channel of their choice via SMS, email or social media. Omni-channel helps to integrate all these channels to provide the consistent user experience. It takes the concept of multi-channel service to the next level of an omnichannel solution. Your customers want a centralized approach and a unified customer journey mapping  tools provides them just that.

4. It is Vital for the Success of your Brand

The next step is to determine a solid data strategy to evaluate the information related to customer’s preferences and requirements in customer’s journey. Data-driven customer experience is helpful for your business. For example in various ways like revenue generation, cost reduction, quality enhancement and improving the process efficiency. Data-driven customer journey mapping experiences pave the way for successful business growth in today’s highly competitive market. It makes you aware of some flaws that might be blocking your growth.

5. It gives you get a single view of a customer

The IBM’s latest CMO study states the significance of providing unified experience customers. And how it helps you to gain an advantage over your peers in this competition-driven environment. It allows you to evaluate all the details of your business areas on the same page and then plan your strategies around it to provide a positive experience.

Sharat Hegde
Sharath is a passionate and determined marketer. He is interested in building and exploring new marketing strategies in internet product and services since 2015. He loves traveling and long drives.
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  • Alice Thompson
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    As always said, a customer plays the leading role in the business; hence understanding their journey is the best way to drive more conversions.

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    4 months ago

    It’s interesting to read about the success rate about unified customer journey as it can only determine the success rate of the marketing campaign.

  • Carolyn Ramirez
    5 months ago

    Thanks a lot, Sharath! After all, customer satisfaction matters a lot.

  • George Evans
    6 months ago

    Building a brand name is equally essential as implementing strategies for your business. Thanks a lot for updating information about unified customer satisfaction.

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    7 months ago

    The success rate of the marketing campaign can be calculated by the customer experience only; hence it’s interesting to read about it.

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    8 months ago

    Great work! Sharath. Unified customer satisfaction important for building a brand name. Thanks for updating information regarding it.

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    10 months ago

    There is a great demand for customer experience is forcing organizations to become focused on improving the marketing campaign, and this article helps you get some nice ideas on this idea.

  • Catherine Jackson
    12 months ago

    Absolutely Sharath. Building a brand name and being known for that is something every business strives for. Only through unified customer satisfaction will this be possible.

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