Social Media Marketing

Do more than just posting an update

Schedule bulk social media updates across multiple networking platforms, leverage the power of real-time engagement with high-end social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Pages for More Engagement

Connect your social media business pages across popular social media networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to generate more user engagement. Create a brand presence, schedule multiple updates across all your business pages simultaneously, and trigger more user engagement.

Multi-channel Social Media Engagement

Create multi-channel social media campaigns for your Facebook business page, Twitter profile, YouTube business profile and LinkedIn business page. Automate updates across all these channels from one dashboard, and boost engagement on multiple social media platforms.

Social Media Engagement Automation

Schedule bulk messages across days or weeks. Simultaneously update multiple profiles with targeted messages. Seamlessly automate your social media updates to trigger real time engagement and create a social brand image.

Social Media Scheduling and Monitoring

One platform for multiple social media channels. Schedule bulk updates for multiple social media channels, edit and modify at your free will before they go live, and monitor the user response for each of your updates. Track various engagement details like comments, retweets, shares, likes, and more.

Social Media Goal Setup

Set your social media goal before you launch your campaign. Decide how much traffic you want to drive in through your social media activities and accordingly schedule your updates. Monitor all the engagements happening to reach your target goal.

Leverage your Social Media Presence
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