Aritic PinPoint vs Eloqua

Marketers are often heard complaining about automation tools exceeding their budgets. That’s one common problem we always wanted to solve; which we finally did with Aritic PinPoint. Despite various options, we are confident that Aritic PinPoint has the potential to beat every other competitor currently available in the market. You can check our comparison charts on Aritic PinPoint vs. GetResponse, Aritic PinPoint vs. Intercom, Aritic PinPoint vs. Infusionsoft, and more such exclusive comparisons with all our competitors. 

While doing the comparative study, we decided to write down our detailed comparisons with popular marketing automation tools. We like to be transparent like that! Here we will talk about Aritic PinPoint vs. Eloqua.

Eloqua or Oracle Eloqua is a web-based application and is quite expensive. Talking about features, Eloqua has many essential features like assignment management, email templates, segmentation and likes of such. Yet Aritic PinPoint is far more advanced. Here we have pulled a direct comparison between Aritic PinPoint and Eloqua to show how-

CMS Integration: If you want to create and manage the large volume of content, you can do it seamlessly on Aritic PinPoint. It integrates with various Content Management Systems (SMN) to facilitate efficient content management.

SMS Marketing through Twilio: Twilio is a communication API that catalyzes wide-reached SMS campaigns faster. Send bulk SMS campaigns effectively through Twilio from your Aritic PinPoint dashboard.

eCommerce integration: Aritic PinPoint has various eCommerce integrations to facilitate your online business hassle-free.

Push Notifications: An enhanced and lucrative way to reach out to customers and stay connected. Aritic PinPoint lets you send out push notifications on phones or website.

Gated Video: Lead capturing will never stop even if you are showing a video to your customers. Gated video allows you to include short and crisp web forms for your leads to fill in their details instantly.

Dynamic Content: Aritic PinPoint lets you personalize your push notifications or email campaigns with Dynamic content. Dynamic content keeps changing based on your lead’s behavior, previous search history, location, etc.

Transactional emails: Stay connected and keep your customers updated with instant and personalized transactional emails with Aritic PinPoint.

Features Common to Eloqua and Aritic PinPoint

  • A/B testing
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • CRM integration
  • Event management
  • Form builder
  • Contact analysis
  • Lead management
  • Lead scoring
  • List management
  • Smart contact forms
  • Web activity tracking and monitoring
  • Personalized web content
  • Progressive profiling
  • Lead segmentation
  • Webhook
  • Chrome extension
  • Account-based marketing
  • Social media integration
  • Landing pages

While Eloqua is a great tool, there is no denying that Aritic PinPoint is advanced and exquisitely designed to suit any business needs. If you need more convincing, try Aritic PinPoint for free today.

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