Marketing Automation For Travel Agencies

Make the best of technology to help enthusiastic vacationers to stir up their travel diaries with you.

Build niche travel plans and offerings that your customers cannot afford to ignore.

Identify Your Target Audience

Use Aritic PinPoint to spot the travel lovers. Segment them based on their choice of vacation type- beach lovers, mountaineers, hiking freaks or the lazy vacationer. Share travel information in forms of social media updates, PDFs, landing pages, and emails. Attract travelers across the globe in a click.

Nurture with Visually Enriched Content

Allure your audience with beautiful images of exotic locations and niche content. Design landing pages that are attractive, beautiful, and urges for immediate action. Assign lead scores to track and monitor how they progress. Create special offers for the leads with highest lead scores. Create personalized emails with proper tags and segmented as per the subscriber’s needs.

Be the Expert Your Audience Loves

Offers detailed information with as much transparency as possible. Create webinars and videos on quick travel tips and hacks. Schedule periodic emails on regular travel updates, create drip campaigns based on the engagement of your leads, and offer travel stories that will inspire. Be the trusted brand that your customers want to rely upon.

Delight Your Audience

Limited-offer emails are one great way to delight your customers. Make them feel special with customized trips. Prepare comprehensive details about each location and urge them to talk to you for more information. Traveling is about personal choices. So should be your offerings! Keep an eye on the key metrics to design delightful offers at the right moment.

Integrate Systems to Leverage Marketing Efforts

Leverage your marketing efforts with a host of integration systems available on Aritic PinPoint. Do more than just building campaigns and email marketing. Upload .csv files to the CRMs and directly segment them. Manage your contacts with several CRMs available with Aritic PinPoint.

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