The landing page is also named as lead capture page and it serves as, like the homepage of a website, it is one of the most essential and vital parts of marketing automation suite. Through landing pages, you can generate quite a centralized lead capturing marketing campaigns and operate the landing pages link through online advertisements on Facebook ad campaigns and Google AdWords. Inside the landing pages, you can add social media signup buttons and then take them to the next level and comforts the ability to capture much more leads using social media traffic in less time.

Uses and purpose of Landing pages-

  1. Landing pages are used for lead generation.
  2. Landing pages are usually connected to e-mail campaigns, social media, or search engine marketing campaigns in order to lift the effectiveness of the advertisements.

Steps to Design New Landing page

  1. Go to Aritic pinpoint Dashboard>> Assets>>Landing Pages.
  2. Click on Design New Landing Page.
    How to create Landing Page General settings.

3. In General setting of landing page, you can select the Theme according to your choice to design the format of your landing page.

4. In General setting, you can select the Title, Language, category etc