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Marketers; Fix these 5 Landing Page Mistakes Now

There is a marketer somewhere who has an excellent product to market. The traffic rate to their site is overwhelming, and the landing page is breathtaking. But for some reason, the conversion rate keeps falling below their expectations. What can this marketer do? Do they need to rewrite the content? Do they need to change their design? Do they have to tweak another landing page? This is a real struggle for some marketers. They never understand why the landing page is not performing as it ought to. Luckily, there are some few common mistakes about landing pages that one can avoid. These mistakes may be the ones affecting your performance and drugging the rate of conversion. Check out the following errors and their solutions.

1. Taking longer to load

Pages that have a prolonged loading rate can easily irritate a person. This happens to many other people and me. You can only make a great impression on your loading rate is within seconds. When the loading rate is slower, you stand to lose half of the visitors to your site. When your site has more images and graphics, the load time may decrease. Test the load time of your site as often as possible. By continually doing this, it will help you know if there is a problem or not. Below are a few tips to help with this problem.

  • Always know your current speed. Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This is a powerful tool that will help you identify your speed ranks. It scores your site on a scale of 1-100%. It will help maximize speed for mobile and desktop performance. If your site rates poorly, the tool will suggest how to improve.
  • Use minimum redirects. URL forwarding is a strategy that uses more than one URL for a webpage. But when you have too many URLs, the speed of the page will go lower. Identify the redirects that slow your page down and eliminate them. This will help in enhancing the rate of the page. There are fantastic tools that you can use such as Xenu’s Link Sleuth and Screaming Frog SEO Spider.
  • Have a handle on your images. Larger files such as large images can cause tons of problems that are unnecessary. Before you upload a picture, resize it to ensure it conforms to the perfect size. If you are hosting larger files like videos, do it externally. Doing this will help with your performance. You can use Wistia or similar tools to Wistia.

2. Using boring headlines

Headings can take your content to a whole new unimaginable level. Some statistics show only two people out of ten read the copy of the material after reading the headline. The first impression you make on the readers is your headline. Sometimes it is the only impression. Therefore, write headlines that will result in higher conversion rates.

Use the following formula:

  • Have specific headlines
  • Include vital information that the prospects show interest in
  • Ensure it captures the prospect’s expectations

To make an insightful headline, use words that prospects commonly use to define their pain points. For instance, they may say, “It is very annoying when my computer is slow.” When you use these words, you will attract the prospect to read the content. Even so, the trick is to know the words that they use. You can learn by listening to their conversations on forums or blog posts. Learn all you can and incorporate these words into your headline.

When you read the book, “Made to Stick,” you will discover that 89% of ads can fall into five categories. From WordStream, these categories are:

Testimonials: here, you can use the testimonial of a customer who was satisfied. Use it as your headline. It will lead to higher and better conversion rate as we see on the site. When a reader reads something positive from another user, the information will have an enormous impact on their decisions.

Use of cliffhangers: cliffhangers are the best way to ensure that you get many people to read the copy. All the marketers that know how to write exquisite cliffhangers always tend to sell more. Strive to fill your prospects with curiosity rather than trying to push them to make a purchase.

Value proposition: here, spot the primary pain point of the customers and write a headline with the value proposition.

Using the list format. As funny as this may sound, it works. Some so many people prefer reading in list formats. The reason is that our brains prefer this format. Content Marketing Institute claims that listicles with odd numbers do better than those with even numbers. This means that it is not enough to have a listicle headline. It has to be one with an odd number.

“How to” kinds of headlines. These are also headlines that do better after listicles. You can use this headline to achieve better engagement and results.

For you to be confident with your headline, ensure that you test it. Create a variation of the headline and compare them against each other. Pick the headline that performs the best to get higher conversions.

3. Calls to action that are not effective

Call-to-action is what will ultimately move your readers to take the step that you want them to. Without a call to action that is perfect, the landing page is useless. Therefore, ensure that your call-to-action is brilliant and unignorable.

  • Use verbs that are strong. When you use stronger verbs, they will move the readers to take the action that you recommend. For instances, a call-to-action like, “Sign Up for a Free trial today” will yield better responses.
  • Include a social proof. When the call-to-action has a massive crowd back up, it will powerfully impact the readers. A perfect example is Content Marketing Institute’s call-to-action. It says, “Join over 180,000 of your peers!” this call-to-action has an excellent social proof and will move the reader.
  • Let the user know how they will benefit. Ensure that the benefits your product offers are crystal clear. Let the reader see how the product will improve their life.
  • Position your CTA strategically. Studies show that a lot of people read the landing pages from the left-hand side moving down. Position your CTA on this side and ensure it stays below the fold. You can also try a few placements so that you can gauge the best place. A place where you will get the best conversion.

Properly align the verbiage of your headline copy and your CTA. Reinforce what you promise to deliver in the CTA.

4. Issues with the font

The kind of font that you choose to use will significantly impact the rate of conversion for your site. There is research evidence that shows us this. There is an excellent association between one’s psychology and fonts. When the font is unique, you will always enjoy higher conversion rates.

Are you wondering about the font to use? You can use larger fonts from 16pts. When the fonts are more prominent, they make reading the content very easy; Some sites use fonts as large as 21pts. You can also choose Serif fonts which rank better than fonts without serifs. Serif fonts have small strokes that are attached to each letter’s ends. With such implementations, you can have better results as studies show.

In all these, remember that in as much as you want your body copy to stand out, the headline must be impactful. There is nothing wrong with using a different font-type for the headline and yet another font for the body. All you have to do is keep the number of different fonts that you use on the minimum side. This will help mitigate font fatigue.

5. Giving offers that are not so thrilling

There was an analysis of $3 billion in advertising spending by WordStream. They were attempting to understand what makes those sites that perform wonderfully different from those with an average performance. They realized that small changes in the color of buttons impacted the conversion. The most significant discovery was that there are more powerful factors behind this.

Landing pages that have super success rates use exquisite offers. Break away from the regular proposals that even your competitors offer. Be creative. For instance, WordStream started offering free AdWords grader rather than providing free software trials.

If the landing page is not giving you the results that you desire, check and re-create your offer. Examine ways to make it better. Create an offer that will address the most burning pain of the customer. Once you have a new offer, test it to see if it yields the results that you desire.

Last words for you

Everything will always revolve around your customer. As a business person, there is a product or service that you are selling. The landing page of the website has a sole purpose of moving your prospects into the sales funnel. It is also responsible for driving the customer closer to their decision to purchase the product or service.

Therefore, I advise that you take time to analyze the landing page. Invest a lot of time to evaluate the current landing page. Define the weak spots that the page has and come up with a plan that fixes this problem. Once you do this, you will be moving closer to the goal that you have. You will reach many more customers, and you will drive more revenue.

Are there mistakes that you have made on your landing sites? Let us know the biggest mistake you made.


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