Emails continue to be marketers’ choice of a communication channel. Not just marketers, even customers prefer to have relevant emails and push notifications rather than frequent calls. This of course always lays down the need to optimize email marketing so that the email conversion goal proceeds up.

Thanks to customer-oriented marketing practices and already defined effective strategies, now email marketing campaigns have become essentially personalized and targeted. When this is clubbed with relevant social engagement, drip push campaigns, behavior tracking, dynamic segment capability, deliverability, and omnichannel marketing – you’ll analyze the overall total number of email conversion rates that are bound to increase.

Email recipients across the globe are predicted to grow more than4.3 billion by 2023. With a return on investment (ROI) of around 3,800%, email marketing continues to be an important source of information for all B2B businesses or brands.

Despite the important numbers, you will analyze that it still will never warrant unwanted emails. In a recent survey by DMA Insights, almost 53% of consumers complained of receiving frequent irrelevant emails from companies, brands, or businesses.

Thanks to the evolution of email marketing technology and change in the buyer’s buying stage process, today a buyer goes through multiple touchpoints. It is no more a straight line. That is why marketers are working hard to create proper email workflows to keep them engaged and nurtured across all-important buying stages run on a personal level.

The main challenge is not sending emails, but not going wrong in deliverability to straight emails delivered and triggering to maximize and enhance a total number of conversions.

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If there is no conversion goal or deal, what is the point of having email campaigns or strategies? Marketers could skip the step of redirecting customers or user to the website or landing page in terms to complete a transaction or a purchase. This will help in improving the lower email conversion rate and find better rate.

New practices are making way to get a better average conversion goal. According to the survey mentioned above, 89% saw an increase in open rates after using emojis. The study also highlights how marketers are keener on personalized emails, videos, and implement quizzes directly in their email campaigns.

Best Practices To Increase Email Conversion Rate

Email marketing is here to stay, and marketers will always have to adopt the best practices at the least to boost their email conversion rates last updated. There are various things to take into account when you design and manage the perfect and effective email campaign strategy, but here are some tips to increase your total number of email conversion rates.

The first thing you want to do is find out what your recipient or customer’s wants depending on their every direct needs. You can send surveys or form use much means asking for feedback by phone or within email. The second thing you want to do is check and vary your offers.

This way, segmented audience are going feel like they’re getting something new every time they next open up another email message from you. It also prevents them from feeling like they’re receiving too many of the same offers at once, which can lead to them feeling overwhelmed to have opened them and not clicking on anything right at all, be it calls to action.

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Lastly, it’s important to manage your emails so that targeted consumers who click on one offer, but not other overtures don’t receive duplicate messages- this will only often irritate them.

Here are a few practices that can help you achieve an improved email average conversion rate on true levels.

1. Optimize Your Emails For Mobile Devices

Don’t force your percentage of subscribers or email recipients to open your emails on a desktop. People don’t like and agree with restrictions on experiences. You can’t afford to go wrong. Make sure to design your emails to contain flexible, personalize, and compact structure so that they can be read more easily on mobile devices.

Besides design, optimizing, and personalize your emails direct for mobile devices by designing them to be compact and easy to read, rather than just making them fully functional like a desktop email at the last. It already moves without saying that people spend much more time on their mobile devices. According to recent studies, a majority of targeted audiences check emails on their mobiles. Statistics say that over 55% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

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Email Conversion Rate

Hence, if you are not optimizing your emails, you will lose out on potential segment leads. You must take caution that your images load properly, your links are working, and your interface doesn’t get hampered from device to device.

2. No Jargons, please!

Your email campaign is not about pestering your subscribers or recipients, or worse, confusing them in the first go. Don’t use buzzwords and jargon formula to cover up your message. You may be seeing that people are using more and more words in their openers. This is not what your a percentage of subscribers signed up for. Openers should catch attention, tell a story, or give your subscribers what they want and search.

If you believe in using a lot of jargons, you will not just sound fake and persuasive, but can also lower the interest of your user and subscribers on every email you send. Wooing your percentage of subscribers or recipients is not what your end goals should be depending on. Rather, building trust through similar clarity is what your focus should be based on for the growth of your brands or company and also harness you more clicking from your direct recipients. 

3. A/B Testing is a MUST

A/B testing formula is a crucial part of Marketing and email marketing. It helps you know what works and what doesn't. Click To Tweet

There are different benefits to A/B testing. One is that it helps you understand the behavior of your prospects and customers so better targeting can be done for future campaigns run performance.

To know what is A/B testing example, you can look up the Marketing Glossary.

A/B testing is testing and focuses to compare out two variations of a similar template or landing page to know which or what is causing you to achieve more conversions. You simply divide your traffic between the two variations and analyze or compare which one is giving your better output. If you are not satisfied, you can go ahead and create more variations instance example sign, and keep testing and analyzing.

A/B testing is helpful if you are looking to boost your average conversion rate. You can test your email subject lines, the value content resources, the offer you provided, the fonts, the call-to-action buttons, or maybe your signature. Every single detail can be tested or analyzed to get a clear picture of what percentage can stir achieve conversions better and with impact.

Not just this, you can also test out and compare the landing pages that you are redirecting your subscribers to from your email.

To carry out A/B tests enough, you can use Google Content Experiments. This comes built-in with Google Analytics. You can also try out Optimizely for more analyzed picture.

4. Placing the Elements in The Right Place

Your email is not just simply about the text you write. There are different elements that decide enough how your subscribers will react to them such as subject lines. The best practices for better results try placing your logo on the upper left-hand side of the email. Studies reveal sign that masses instinctively primary searches for the logo in this area.

So, if you are looking for more visibility, the upper left-hand side is where your logo should be bedded. After all, brand awareness is also very important to trigger email conversion rates.

Next is the Call-To-Action Button. This is one of the most important elements in your email. If your calls to action CTA falls somewhere below the fold, more than 70% will not see it. Also, try to repeat your CT at least thrice in your email for the best conversions and click-throughs in terms of many elements such as calls to action. 

Give it a second thought, It is better to keep the typefaces limited and less to two or a maximum of three menus. If you are cluttering your email, it is more likely to drive away your subscribers and grab less attention. 

N.B.: You may ask how these will help in boosting email conversion rate. Well, let’s just say that without generating genuine leads, you can’t have conversions! 

5. Create a Sales Funnel to Increase Email Conversion Rate

So, you asked your recipient to signup on the first go when they visit your website? *Red Alert*

You have worked hard to design and craft an email that will convince your subscribers to visit your web page or landing page. Imposing the signup tag link on them immediately will drive them away. What you need is a Sales Funnel.

When your subscribers visit your web page or landing page after reading your email, they may not be completely ready to signup (or purchase). You need to give that time and scope to get convinced completely.

You can try generating free resources that shows them an idea of what they are signing up for, or maybe a preview, or some compelling reasons as to why they should signup. For instance, let’s say your email is about a travel package.

What can you do?

  • Offer discounts for early birds.
  • Give an option to modify the tour according to their wish.
  • Provide an itinerary to download.
  • Highlight some other packages to induce bounce-backs.
  • Show some reviews of other consumers; here is a sample Aritic PinPoint Review.
  • Highlight images of those places.
  • Offer to become their trusted guide in planning a personalized trip.

The idea is to offer a few valuable resources before pushing sales for converting and to propel return on investment. You can offer a chat or a conversation over the phone.

Takeaway: Keep them engaged and continue to build a relationship. Only when they start trusting your name will they decide to commit. And Alas! Believe me, that never happens in a day.

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6. Build Trust

Conversion is not a one-day wonder that happens just by itself. You cannot send one email and expect to see a converting spike. You have to agree to connect with your users in a way that they start trusting you.

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While your emails should have a personalized feel, you will also need to ensure that your website has all of these:

  • It should be easy to verify the accuracy of all the updated information you provide on your website.
  • Make sure to give a physical address to your website so that your visitors aren’t left doubtful of your existence.
  • Highlight your expertise, the service you deliver, and how you do it; explicitly.
  • Make sure to turn it easy for your visitors to contact you.
  • Work on your website design to give it a professional look and feel.
  • The UI must be easy and useful.
  • Avoid spell errors and factual errors.

Why should emails be personalized?

People like to be identified and recognized as individual people when they get started. This is why the email should be personalized to give a sense of personalization based on demographics or location. The email should never look exactly the same for each person that you send it to.  

There are common advantages to sending personalized emails as opposed to generic ones to get them opened by the targeted audience. For example, personalized emails are more engaging means and can lead to higher click-through rates rate divide the number in terms of open rates and conversion rates. This is because recipients feel more connected with the sender, making them more likely to open your email or visit your website based on location. 

Personalized emails also have increased relevance in terms of content and social metrics means since they are tailored towards a specific person compared to being generalized for all common recipients at once to get started. It is a psychological formula to connect with your recipients that never goes erroneous for creating impact.

When you include the first name of your recipient in the subject line and the value content, you initiate a one-on-one conversation. And exclusivity is somewhat that triggers human brains with maximum impact. Your personalized signature below shows that you are not someone who is way beyond ask to reach. Rather, they can just ping you with any questions to ask. Personal attention moves a long road and coupled with social media it does wonders. 

7. Use Auto-responders for Opt-ins

Auto-responders are great for capturing more opt-ins and creating better email marketing strategies. They can be automated or sent manually. If you send them manually then it’s important to be in the habit of sending them on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, at set times).

The goals of an auto-responder tool are to boost the conversion rate in terms of converting prospective customers into actual customers. It does this by increasing the chances that they will in fact take the desired action when they see your email straight in their inbox.

Therefore, your readers will not remember or identify you by one email. Even if you argue that they have subscribed to get newsletters, it is more likely that they have forgotten. So, it is a good practice to set up an auto-responder. It will automatically remind people of their subscription address to your channel. You must schedule it properly, like after a day the first email goes. Then after 5 days and later another one after 10 days. Also, each auto-responder email should well contain an entirely valuable resource, like a PDF guide or a whitepaper, or any bonus material as a major reward.

8. Communicate Clearly

Clear communication and quality messages in emails can save a lot of time and money for companies’ services, brands, or a business. It’s incredibly important to identify the type of email that you’re sending and to use appropriate defined strategies and actions to communicate your message. The cost of clear communication in emails is relatively low, but it has been shown to have a very positive impact on performance that would prove to be clicked for you. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of clear communication in emails and how you can get started with crafting positive, small, and quality messages. 

Your email should have all the needed small details about the product or service. Suppose you are introducing a new feature for your product or services platform. If your email doesn’t have any details or resources about what that feature is about, how it will enhance their experience, whether any extra amount is needed or not, and some screenshots, the newsletter is just a waste. 

You need to tell exactly what they will get in upgrading the product or service, and how great it will be in congruence to the industries or services. The screenshots or GIFs or a video will trigger a visual response in terms of people clicking on resources. Offer a free trial so that they are convinced of testing it out before paying or upgrading.

If you just write down the value and the feature name, you are taking your subscribers for granted. Yes, they are using your platform, and you have received good feedback. But that doesn’t mean you will tend to skip talking actions about it. COMMUNICATE clearly to avoid confusion, personalize conversation, and get better conversions and a high return on investment. 

9. Redirect Subscribers to Website: Skip THIS

Yes. You read it right. If you need your users to make a transaction (like renewing a subscription account, paying a bill, etc. favor), you can include the option to start the transaction within your email itself. You can skip the step of redirecting them to your website where they will need to sign in or do registration and then go to the payment page, etc. Cutting it short formula will not just save time, it will also be hassle-free in particular for the desired action. In fact, this will work in favor. If you are reducing the hassles for your users, you are silently getting brownie points!

You can also include auto-fills when they reach the transaction page. All your users need to do is just click on the ‘pay’ button and get going.

There are many more practices in fact that you can adapt to augment your email conversion rate on an entirely new level. Let us know what other practices have helped you in boosting your email conversion rate in a short span of time.

⭐ What is an email conversion rate?

Email conversion rate is the percentage of subscribers, completing the desired goal, and action banks on a specific conversion goal.

⭐ What is a good conversion rate?

A good conversion rate is a method of tracking conversion rates for your website depending on the effectiveness of the messaging.

⭐ How To Increase low Email Conversion Rate?

Methods to increase the conversion rates of your email campaigns:
a) Generate mobile-optimized email campaigns
b) Proper Segmentation of email lists into segmented ones
c) Craft personalized subject line
d) Customized the sender name
e) Kick-start using double opt-in
f) Automate your marketing campaigns

⭐ What does the conversion rate indicate?

The conversion rate specifies the percentage of visitors come to your website and leads to conversion from the total number of visitors.

Meghamala Paul is a passionate digital marketer with prominent experience in content writing. She loves to write content, whitepaper, case studies and all.


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