As we already know, from Aritic PinPoint you can create both single opt-in and double opt-in to add the contacts directly inside marketing automation through Forms, API and JS.

However, there is an essential change for the users of Aritic PinPoint who reside in the European Union (EU). You must note that if the address of your primary contact is within the EU, you will still have the double opt-in option in your form.

Team at Aritic took this decision following the feedback that they received from many customers from the EU area who said that the option of single opt-in does not go well with their needs and business requirements, especially with their local requirements as well as the GDPR  compliance examples. Therefore, the customers in the EU region will receive a separate email. This email will contain all the information about their GDPR practice implementation.

We would also want to update the customers in Europe, that we are always willing to help our customers and prepare them for the GDPR complaince software. Since, the option of double opt-in gives an added proof of consent, we suggest that businesses on which GDPR compliance checklist has an impact must continue with the option of double opt-in.

However, for the customers who are living outside of the EU, the existing Aritic PinPoint forms will remain with the option of single opt-in. But you must remember that you do have a choice to create double opt-in workflow from automation campaign.

Let’s Understand about the Single Opt-in Option

To begin with, you will be surprised to know that it is only after the product team’s suggestions that they are planning to change the default option. They conduct regular research and surveys at Aritic with businesses to know about their views, opinions, and suggestions regarding Aritic products. They take every effort to address their concerns. It was in these interviews that many business owners brought up the issue of double opt-in. They raised the concern that the double opt-in option makes it hard for their customers. They even said that the possibility of double opt-in is a “broken one.”

Aritic wants to make it easy for all their customers, and that is the founding idea of our company. Therefore, when the research team saw that the double opt-in was causing problems for many customers and was, in fact, ineffective, they went deeper towards the root of the problem.

Highlights from our Data Analysis

According to the data analysis, in the last five years, many service providers of marketing automation have actively moved to single opt-in from double opt-in for their marketing. However, for Aritic, there are many more reasons for the change and not just this.

Since most of the marketing automation companies have shifted to single opt-in, most recipients are re-educated and more used to this kind of confirmation for marketing. Therefore, most of the people who subscribe to updates and newsletters, don’t expect to see a confirmation of double opt-in in their inbox.

If we look at the statistics within Aritic, the rates of double opt-in have gone down to 39%. It shows that as many as 61% of the subscribers start the process but do not finish the double opt-in.

However, there can also be issues of wrong spellings or emails being redirected to the spam folder, or any other issues in some cases. In any case, the team has uncovered that most of the people who do not finish the double opt-in subscription are real and legitimate subscribers who are no more used to getting a confirmation email or message.

This is the reason for the change of the mindset of most of the customers to move towards a single opt-in option.

Still Not an User of Aritic PinPoint Automation?

To sum up, Aritic PinPoint still supports double opt-in but single opt-in is the default option.

What Are the Benefits of Both Systems?

The team at Aritic believes in complete customer satisfaction so, in the end, you have to choose the opt-in that works before for you and your business. If you look at single opt-in, it helps you quickly increase your contacts and also gives a more user-friendly and fluid experience to your customers. It also makes the signing up process faster and easier. On the other hand, double opt-in is a perfect solution for the kind of customers who want to have an additional step in order to validate and confirm their email addresses. Double opt-in is also great to affect open and click rates positively.

However, in the end, the customers have to decide the best one for themselves, and that’s why Aritic keep both the options open.


Meghamala Paul is a passionate digital marketer with prominent experience in content writing. She loves to write content, whitepaper, case studies and all.


  1. Lois Peterson Reply

    Double opt-in makes the leads a lot more genuine, one need not waste the time and resources on generating unimportant leads.

  2. Mildred Allen Reply

    Double opt-in is effective in increasing the open and click rates positively. The Aritic team always want to serve the best to the customer, hence its products are now GDPR-compliant.

  3. Bobby Howard Reply

    Thanks a lot, Ankit, for updating such a great article which helped me keep updated about the GDPR.

  4. Ashley Alexander Reply

    If you want to increase the open and click rates, then it’s must- to do- thing to create a double-opt-in form. It’s great that the Aritic team has always maintained it.

  5. Pamela Mitchell Reply

    The team at Aritic PinPoint always make sure that its products are GDPR-complaint.

  6. GDPR is the secure way of increasing the click rates, and I’m glad that Aritic PinPoint follows it.

  7. Douglas Davis Reply

    Double opt-in is the best way to get better-optimized results. It is also a reason why people opt for Aritic PinPoint.

  8. Emily Griffin Reply

    Double opt-in is the best way to get better-optimized results. It is also a reason why people opt for Aritic PinPoint.

  9. Prateek Dash Reply

    In a world where trust is constantly on the line and personal data is being traded, Double Opt-In is not just a requirement but a necessity.

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