B2B marketers today face different challenges to manage their company’s email sender reputation in the digital world. From maintaining a sound sender reputation to keeping email deliverability rates high, from preventing high bounce rates to avoiding spam traps, all these challenges are immensely daunting for B2B marketers.

“Almost 8.4% of email addresses entered on websites are fake, invalid, or misspelled addresses.”

As you grow your email subscriber list, there will be many instances where you’ll come across undelivered, fake, or misspelled email addresses. Now, suppose you have such addresses on your list while you send emails to them.

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In that case, it can have a boomerang effect and damage your domain reputation. It can divert your email towards spam folders, increase complaints, and dilute your email campaign’s effectiveness.

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Therefore, Email verification is a vital part of any email marketing campaign strategy.

As the name suggests, Email verification is the procedure of verifying that every email address on your list is valid and belongs to a real individual, thus letting you eliminate undeliverable and invalid addresses. The email verification process also enables you to confirm whether an email address exists with reliable email service providers (ESPs) like yahoo and Gmail. 

This article will dive into what bulk email verification means, how email verification works, why list cleaning is essential, what list decay is, and how to automate the email verification process. Let’s flock together for all these important aspects.

What Does Bulk Email Verification Mean?

Bulk email verification is used by companies when they need to remove emails that may bounce back to ensure the radical effectiveness of an email marketing campaign.

Let’s talk about the process; Bulk email verification is the process of analyzing every single email address on your subscriber list by grinding it through a series of validation checks and filters.

If you have not verified your email lists ever or significant portions of your email addresses are more than a year old, you need a fair bulk email verification process well embedded before carrying out your email campaigns.

All list verification services provide a comprehensive evaluation that measures every email address’s quality and outlines potential risks you may face if you send emails to those low-quality addresses. The sole aim here is to produce a healthy and sound list of active and real email addresses. 

How does Email Verification Work?

An email address’s validity can be checked through several validation rules and techniques solely depending on proprietary algorithms by employing an email verification platform. It sends out red alerts when invalid or risk-laden email addresses are found, thereby letting you protect and maintain your sending and delivery reputation. 

Behind the scenes, the email verification process involves a basic three-step process.

1 . Address syntax or format check

A perfect email verification service instantly checks the addresses in your list against standardized email formatting or syntax requirements. Algorithms work based on these set syntax and formatting rules.

For syntax, it will verify the correct order in which emails get created based on syntax standards of major ESPs like Gmail and Yahoo. It will grind the addresses against complex and intricate rules usually involving usernames, number of symbols, and special characters for checking email formatting.

Email formatting and syntax rules are incredibly complicated, and it would be practically impossible and time-consuming to manually check every email address in an extensive mailing list. 

2. Domain/MX check

The next step in the email verification process after validating each address’s format and syntax, the service checks the DNS records for the domain name, whether the domain is real, and checks if the domain names match the bar of being spelled correctly. It then tests the mail exchanger (MX) by sending a test mail to ensure that it can receive mail.

A domain name can be spotted by looking at the part after @ symbol in an email address, and it implies which domain the email address is associated with specifically. This check is essential because you would otherwise not know whether an email address at the host domain or ESPs exists.

3. Mailbox validation

Now we will see the third and most crucial step that involves verification of mailboxes. In this step, Email verification services connect to the email server directly via domain-specific strategies to authenticate the mailbox’s existence an email address is associated with specifically. The email verification service will contact the mail server and verify that mailbox can receive mail during the test modules.

Why is List Cleaning Important?

Why is Email Verification and Email List Cleaning important— because it impacts your email marketing success and provides valuable insights into the emails on your subscribers’ list.

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Email list cleaning helps you remove the liability of inactive, old, and invalid email addresses from your list to amplify your future email campaigns’ effectiveness, thereby keeping your email list warm with safeguarding your email sending and delivery reputation.

List cleaning benefits are valuable as they protect your domain reputation, reduce bounce rates, and terminate risks of your emails landing in the spam folders. 

1 . Bounce Rate

Email Validation and list cleaning can reduce the Bounce Rate by 90%. An email Bounce rate refers to a situation when your emails do not get delivered to the address you’re trying to send them to in the first place. It can occur due to several reasons: a receiver’s inbox reaching its space limit, inaccuracy of email address, and technical errors. Keeping your bounce percentage low or negligible helps you maintain your reputation while increasing your deliverability rate.

There are mainly two types of bounces:

Hard bounce: Hard bounce is when your email is not delivered for a permanent reason, specifically when the mailbox does not exist.

Soft bounce: Soft bounce is when your email does not get delivered for a temporary reason, precisely due to an inactive mailbox or a full mailbox.

2. Inbox Placement

Inbox placement refers to the process when your emails land in the recipient’s primary inbox folder and not in their spam or junk folder. It is important if you desire a strong engagement of your recipients with your email campaigns. 

Email list cleaning here plays an essential role in a successful inboxing placement strategy. It reduces the chances of emails landing to unresponsive, non-existent, or inactive email addresses, thereby curbing your emails from getting flagged and landing in the junk or spam folder. 

3. Increase Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability is actually your sender reputation measured based on factors like bounces, spam complaints, and subscriber level engagements. All these factors, when taken control of, lets you maintain and safeguard your email deliverability reputation.

List cleaning practice enables you to keep the percentage of all the above factors lower and thus is beneficial for getting in the good league of the sender with a high reputation.

4. Avoid Complainers and Spam Traps

Spam traps are valid email address bundles that actively work behind-the-scenes with the sole purpose of catching spammers in the email world. They are nuclei that only allow neutrons and exclude electrons that keep on revolving around the nuclei. I mean by this that these bundles check for your sender score based on your reputation and can even blacklist you by ISPs if it finds you violating their rules or spamming.

A robust email verification service regularly updates their databases of known spam traps to help you avoid being trapped by one of them. 

5. Lower your sending costs

Do you want to reduce costs by eliminating invalid or non-existent email addresses in your email list? Then you will follow the habit of email list cleaning as it helps you reduce your overall marketing expense associated with your email marketing initiatives and increase ROI efforts by lowering the chances of bouncing emails.

What is a List Decay?

Email list decay is a situation when someone unsubscribes from your email list or changes their email addresses. List decay produces an adverse impact on your domain reputation and increases bounce rates. The reasons for them unsubscribing from your list can be many, and you really can not stop people from changing their email addresses.

How to curb this situation? You can hope for the best or, as a marketer, direct your energy and efforts working towards a generation of consistent inflow of inbound leads.

How to Automate Email Verification?

Automated email verification platforms are vital for every marketer who wants to leverage the power of email marketing. There are numerous great platforms available in the market that can enable you to connect your email lists, customize your configurations, and automate your entire email verification process. 

Automating your email verification process is essential for many reasons. It simplifies the email validation process, provides additional context related to email addresses, alerts you in the case and recipients using ‘Catch-all’ email, and ensures that you never send your emails to an unverified list ever again.

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Automating your email verification and validation process saves you from many tedious and time-consuming tasks and helps you maintain a healthy email list. Employing the best tools is very essential because that would determine your sender and delivery reputation.

If you are looking for better email verification and list cleaning solution, EasySendy Pro can match your expectations. EasySendy Pro gives you advanced and rich email verification features with an unparalleled infrastructure to support thousands of email address verification within a minute.

Besides this, it provides various other verification features like format and syntax checking, domain checking, and more. With EasySendy Pro, you can send highly secure and error-free emails. 

For email validation and a lightning-fast transactional email delivery service, leverage the potential of Aritic PinPoint that provides lag-free transactional email delivery, constant email delivery monitoring, API integration, email validation, advanced delivery servers, and more.

Summing it up

As you now know why maintaining email list hygiene is essential. Why B2B marketers rely on automated email verification tools? For evident reasons, utilizing an automated email verification service helps you amplify your email marketing efforts while also positioning your organization as a sender with a high reputation. 


Sandeep is the Senior Content Writer at Aritic, where he creates content that adjures attention, builds authority, and drives action. He is a Linkedin maven who believes that learning is a lifelong process and has the ongoing curiosity to learn new things.

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