We are glad you want to write for us. We’re sure it will be a great article and will add value for our readers. However, we follow some strict rules for all our articles. We’d request you to follow our guidelines strictly before sending us your first draft.

Here’s what the fuss is all about.

1. The article must be ORIGINAL. We know you are aware of this, but we’d urge you to pass your article through Grammarly (Pro version) to be extra sure. Please share your article via GOOGLE DRIVE only so that editing is smooth for all of us.

2. Please try to use short sentences (maximum of 20 words/sentence). We know this cannot be always done, but try to break down your sentences wherever possible.

3. Avoid using passive voice. If you’ve read our blogs, you already know we write in first person. We love to talk about persona experiences and opinions that are backed by proper research and data. So, be direct in your approach.

4. Please do extensive research for your article. We don’t publish articles that have no research to support the opinions. We like to educate our readers. So, make sure you have supporting data, graphs, numbers, examples, and stories.
PS: We welcome humour as long as it is harmless. 🙂

5. We can allow maximum two backlinks to your website/blog/product page.

6. Please add referral images in your article and also send us the images separately when you mail us your article.

7. We request you to create a cover image for your article.

8. Maximum word length: 1500-1800 words. If your article needs to exceed 1800 words, it can go upto 2000 words. However, we DONOT accept any articles below 1500 words.

9. Please send us an author bio and gravatar link of the author to add when we make the post live.

10. Please ensure that your post is not promotional in anyway. It should be aimed at educating our readers. We hate being pushy.

11. We promise to promote your article once it goes live on our social channels, email campaigns, and through other marketing activities. We expect you to do the same.

Please allow us FIVE BUSSINESS DAYS to review your article (excluding weekends and public holidays). It may take upto seven business days (excluding weekends and public holidays) if your article is lengthy (i.e. more than 1800 words). We reserve the copyright to edit and modify your article as required. You will receive a confirmation from our end once your article is queued for release. We will mention a tentative date based on our content calendar.

For more details or topic suggestions, please write to our Editorial Ninja: 

Send us a short proposal containing your choice of topic, a short explanation of what the article will be about, and what is your purpose for this contribution. Our editorial representative, Jnana, will get in touch with you regarding the same.

We look forward to your article. 🙂