The social media space has witnessed quick and viable expansion in the last year, which still is continuously happening at an exciting level with the likes of Clubhouse, which will turn 3, as of March 2023.

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1 . So what exactly is Clubhouse?

2. Why Clubhouse Matters for Businesses and Marketers?

3. Why Many Marketers Are Just Learning About Clubhouse?

4. How Clubhouse Works?

5. The Pros and Cons of Clubhouse

The clubhouse is the new type of social networking solely based on ‘Voice.’ It was created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. Since its launch, it has been growing at a remarkable pace.

As of January 2021, there have been 9 million monthly Clubhouse app downloads.

So what exactly is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse, currently available only on iOS, is an invite-only audio-based social media platform where people from around the globe come together to talk, listen, and learn from each other in real-time.

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Clubhouse has first disrupted social media networking with audio-chat buzz and began the battle of social audio chat platforms.

It gained an advantage owing to its efforts to first tap into audio-based social media networking;

Clubhouse’s valuation reached $1 billion (a massive jump from its $100 million in May 2020). 

Why Clubhouse Matters for Businesses and Marketers?

Clubhouse is more than a podcast— it provides a new and totally authentic social connectivity experience just like audio-only virtual events on a massive scale.

With 2 million weekly active users globally on the Clubhouse app, and at any given time, there are a few thousand rooms where people from around the world are having discussions about various businesses, careers, and interests.

The conversations happen in real-time and do not get recorded. You may miss what’s going on if you are not in the room.

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It means people are ready to spend a significant amount of time on the app, expecting and looking for the kind of conversations they might be interested in—either to be passive listeners or even share their views by participating in the discussions.

Suppose you’re a marketer or a business owner. In that case, this is a fantastic platform to connect with customers, share your brand story, build personalized experiences, raise awareness, or set a brand tone.

Why Many Marketers Are Just Learning About Clubhouse?

Have you just recently learned about the Clubhouse app? Well, You’re not the only one just getting started.

Clubhouse was originally aimed at high-profile industry people such as celebrities, industry leaders, and top influencers of the social media world. These were the only ones who could send and receive Clubhouse app invites for quite some time since the launch of the platform.

The platform’s reach was limited due to its invite-only nature, and the app is only available to iPhone users. Though, Clubhouse is soon to go mainstream and has already begun developing an android version of its app to scale up its reach.

Although Clubhouse’s early exclusivity piqued general social media users’ attention, it somewhat restricted the app’s awareness and user base growth at a pretty slow but steady rate.

The app is now more widely available to social media consumers, and hence it is gaining traction on popularity online and in the press.

But, what is still coming into the picture is that Marketers are just getting aware of this platform and are figuring out whether and how they should use the Clubhouse app as a propelling tool in their marketing strategy.

In fact, many experts, corporate leaders, and non-profit representatives are joining the platform.

They are already hosting Rooms to connect with their niche audiences about a theme relevant to their brand, market, or mission.

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Recently, Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International (RBI) turned to the platform to host an hour-long chat with executives and marketing professionals.

How Clubhouse Works?

If you are just signing up for the Clubhouse app, here is a quick description of most of its features that you may find handy to know.

1 . Clubhouse’s Main Tabs

Clubhouse app homepage highlights ongoing Rooms related to a user’s interests or followers. Users can also find search, message inbox, calendar, and notification icons in the upper navigation field.

Users can browse through a feed of suggested Rooms, Clubs, or People to follow using the search or “Explore” tab. 

If users find a Room they wish to attend later while surfing the Clubhouse app, they can create Scheduled Rooms by tapping the calendar icon.

2. Clubhouse Rooms

Entering a Room is similar to participating in a live webinar or web meeting with obviously no video and an audience of passive listeners.

Users who can join or leave a Room actually drop-in as muted listeners by default. If they’d like to participate and speak, they can tap the “Raise Hand” icon in the lower right corner of the Room page. Your request to join as a speaker will then be notified to Room moderators who can either ignore it or unmute you.

By tapping the “+” button in the lower navigation, users and moderators may also add people to a Room. It notifies their friends that they’ve been invited to a Room and enables them to enter it right away.

3 . Starting a Room

For starting a Room, a user can tap “Start a Room” at the bottom of the homepage and launch three different types of chats:

  • ‘Closed’ chat, which is only open to specific people
  • ‘Social’ chat, which is available to all the followers of the user
  • ‘Open’ chat that anyone on the platform is free to drop-in

If users want to have a private audio chat with specific followers who are currently online, they can tap the nine-dot icon on the lower homepage navigation.

Those Room moderators, who either created the Room or were assigned the moderator’s role, can see a similar page that attendees can see. These moderators receive notifications of new Room attendees.

You must note that a Room only ends when a Room’s moderator ends it or when a final moderator leaves the Room. Yes, there can be multiple moderators of a Room. Moderators can even leave a Room without ending it by assigning someone else to become the Room’s moderator.

4 . Clubs and Networking

As Clubhouse’s popularity is rising, many influencers, industry experts, and entrepreneurs have joined the platform to connect with their niche. Besides creating Rooms, users can follow these influencers, thought leaders, and industry experts while also following their friends.

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Users can also join or create exclusive Clubs—groups of users with a particular interest in specific topics, industries, activities, or hobbies. When users join any Club, they get included in to be notified if a Club’s owner launches a Room related to a particular topic.

The Pros and Cons of Clubhouse

At its core, the Clubhouse app is proving to be engaging, multi-dimensional, informative, and a totally new way to learn, mentor, and connect. But there are some good sides as well as some bad sides to using the platform.


1 . Interactive Experience

The app features audio-chat rooms, and each room is like an interactive and seamless podcast where you can raise your hand to ask questions to a presenter. As a host, you can interact with guest speakers or co-hosts and also allow audiences to share the stage and speak.

2. Boon for networking

The most beneficial aspect of Clubhouse is getting the opportunity to enter into better networking umbrella. By joining or hosting rooms, you can have meaningful conversations that can bring you together with creators and like-minded people who didn’t know each other before.


1 . Addictive & Time-wasting

Many people spend too much time on the platform that signals it can be addictive and time-killer sometimes depending on the users. If you are to use it in constructive ways, it definitely will be helpful rather than a time-waster.

2. Misinformation & Scam

Although Clubhouse has strict policies and moderation in place, misinformation and scams can make way to audio-based social networking as well.

Besides this, certain coaches or speakers may have entirely different personas than what they pose on the audio-chat platform.


Do you think Clubhouse buzz will continue, or will there be a change in behavior once we really enter the new normal?

Tell us in the comments if you will!


Sandeep is the Senior Content Writer at Aritic, where he creates content that adjures attention, builds authority, and drives action. He is a Linkedin maven who believes that learning is a lifelong process and has the ongoing curiosity to learn new things.

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