As a business owner, reaching out to your customers, potential business partners, influencers, media journalists, etc., is crucial to establishing a solid connection. However, this is a tricky area that requires immense learning and experience.

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1. Mode of Data Transmission

2. Customize as Per Your Client’s Experience

3. Automate Certain Processes

4. Use Social Media

5. Use Email Marketing Campaigns Effectively

6. Customer Segmentation

7. Use Big Data

8. Use Emojis in Appointment Scheduling Texts

For example, you need a media interaction for your company and block out your calendar. But on the day of the meeting, they somehow got busy and forgot to inform you. It is where an appointment scheduler comes into play.

If you communicate with the client/patient before their appointment by using an appointment scheduler, it helps reduce no-shows, reduce revenue loss, and increase business efficiency.

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It’s also more beneficial in establishing a good media connection since they have the option to easily reschedule their appointment. According to a study by New York Times, an average person spends 7.5 hours per day on their digital devices.

The same research shows that, on average, an employee handles close to 121 business emails a day. Hence you have to make sure that your appointment reminders make the cut and get passed on to the customer without being entirely avoided.

By now, you must’ve gotten a rough idea about the amount of data being fed into consumers’ minds. Without a solid filter, processing such large amounts of information will be more challenging.

Hence, an appointment reminder SMS software ensures that the customer receives the correct information through the right channel and at the right time. 

Here are 8 Actionable Strategies for Appointment Scheduling:

1. Mode of Data Transmission

In this cutthroat, competitive industry determining the right communication channel is essential for a successful communication outreach. It essentially means that you should be well-versed with your target audience and use the most suitable medium of communication preferable to them.

For example, many younger people prefer to communicate online rather than via email. But some millennials still like to have personalized phone call reminder messages. So it depends upon your target audience and their geographic location.

Sometimes, your customers choose their preferred communication channel, and one should only play along as per their demands. It will ensure that your brand is recognizable and build long-term trust and loyalty with the customers.

2. Customize as Per Your Client’s Experience

Sending personalized/customized appointment reminder texts to your customers based on collected data can be a great way to improve connection with the brand and maintain a friendly tone.

A little bit of appreciation, like sending out a thank you text after closing a deal with your customers or giving them a welcoming feedback text after they’ve successfully concluded their appointment with you, goes a long way in establishing healthy relations.

You can be more apt while sending out appointment reminders and giving it a human touch. For example, patients visit to check for possible diagnosis and treatment options. In this case, brands can remind them about their appointment and add that their test results will reach them as soon as possible to avoid an anxious situation.

Such a gesture humanizes the company outreach and adds a personal touch to the client communication.

3. Automate Certain Processes

You cannot employ an army of thousands to manage your outreach and appointment reminder programs unless the program has over a million subscribers. Even if the programs have over a million subscribers, you still do not need to employ so many people for this; instead, hire a public relations firm and let them do the work. 

Companies can also automate a part of their marketing tasks. They can automate sending SMS reminders by using an excellent reminder software tool that is more cost-effective for the brand. The importance of using a trustworthy and dependable sales automation platform is tremendous.

Without it, all of your follow-up efforts would take up all your time and energy and, at the same time, prevent you from focusing on other core and critical aspects of your business.

4. Use Social Media

Social media is an incredible asset, and billions of people use it, as evident from the number of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other accounts. But what’s more interesting is that an average user spends 2 hours 42 minutes according to a survey by review 42. It presents a golden opportunity to tap into this market and make some new customers.

Not only can you learn more about customers, but you also can connect better with your customers since you have more of their data. So make sure to send out appointment reminders and appointment creation buttons on social media channels. It is because younger clients prefer to book an appointment on social media rather than call you and book it. So use social media as leverage to get more appointments smartly. 

Also, it’s equally critical to interact with your followers, respond to their queries, and incorporate testimonials on your brand page to evoke a more incredible feeling of trust with new or prospective customers.

5. Use Email Marketing Campaigns Effectively

Enterprises want their email campaigns to do well to notice an effective increase in their ROI through appointment scheduling. But most consumers archive or mark an email as spam by merely looking at its subject line, thus resulting in a lower percentage of open rates. Hence you need to formulate an action plan, including targeted emails to customers you think have a higher chance of appointment scheduling.

For example- suppose you get an inquiry from a customer about a dental issue he has been facing. Hence when you send an email to him, address the subject line and email structure so that he thinks the only solution is to book an appointment with your company and not to address the problem elsewhere.

6. Customer Segmentation

These days, you have access to various business analytics applications and management consultancy reports. Use this vastly available data to segment your clients into groups. After that, you can divert your focus according to group levels.

For example- you would want to place people with a high probability of scheduling an appointment with your company in a separate group (based on interests, online activity, age group, region, etc.,) such as Group A. Hence this will help you conserve your resources and time and allow you to focus on the highest probability customers so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity.

7. Use Big Data

Often, big MNCs and giants use big data to explore and extract valuable customer data. Data such as past purchasing habits, customers’ unique preference profiles, and others can be studied and broken down into more specific statistical traits.

Numerous artificial intelligence software as a service (SaaS) applications can help you break down the big data into actionable and understandable intelligence.

Use these intelligence reports to figure out what your customers exactly prefer and target them with a problem-solving appointment scheduling message so that when they book the appointments, they feel that you care for them and want to help them.

8. Use Emojis in Appointment Scheduling Texts

Emojis are something the younger and older audiences prefer. Also, if you use emojis, it will add to the humanization factor. It is because we live in a technological world where most communication happens behind computer screens; hence there are very few ways brands can input an element of ‘human touch’ into their company’s interaction with its customers.

So use a moderate amount of emojis in appointment scheduling communications so that your message better connects with younger and older audiences and increases your probability.


Appointment scheduling software tools are a boon in this new age decade, where so much information is at people’s fingertips that they can’t deal with it. Hence, as a result, they miss their necessary appointment and waste their time and resources. 

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