Creating awareness and generating interest from the right audience is getting tougher. The market is saturated, and many brands are struggling to attract the same category of customers.

70% of small-to-mid-sized businesses are now investing in their digital presence. So, to get noticed and pull the right customers to your brand, you must harness the power of marketing automation. 

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Marketing automation skyrockets your demand generation efforts by increasing engagement, enhancing personalization, and boosting lead generation, among other benefits. However, to enjoy the perks marketing automation provides, you must learn how to utilize it to your advantage. 

This article reveals the top seven ways to improve your demand generation strategy through marketing automation. 

Let’s dive right in. 

7 ways to harness marketing automation for demand generation

With marketing automation, you can do seven things to do demand generation for your business. Let’s discuss them below: 

1 . Improve personalization to increase demand

The digital marketing space thrives on personalization. It explains why 75% of marketers consider it a big deal and 89% of businesses invest in personalization. You need to understand your customers’ pain points, needs, and interests to develop a marketing strategy that works for them. 

Marketing automation plays two significant roles in personalization. First, it listens to your customers and understands their needs and expectations. Then, it allows you to apply the data you gather about your customers to improve their experiences.

For example, marketing automation may provide insights into every user’s preferred communication channel so that you can interact with them where they want. This also extends to personalizing emails and making relevant suggestions when they shop on your website or use your platform. 

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So, if you want to boost your demand generation results, employ the right marketing automation tools to personalize your messaging to every user. Get the analytics you need to understand your users through automation and apply these insights to your customer’s journey. The result? Increased brand awareness and customer retention that supercharges your demand generation results.

2 . Enhance lead generation 

Marketing automation software supplies the data required for you to enhance your leads. For example, it reveals how long a customer stays on your website, the challenges they face and what you can do to improve their journey.

So, adopt marketing automation software to discover your users’ pain points. As a result, it will generate leads and convert them deeper into the sales funnel.

Use website tracking tools to discover the bugs visitors encounter on your website and create a smooth experience for them in the future. When you do this, you facilitate their purchase journey and increase your chances of converting them to qualified leads. 

Also, customize visitors’ experiences when they land on your website or landing page. For example, you can automate responses based on users’ specific actions. So, if they visit a product page on your website, the system can request their emails automatically. You can also structure your website to show pop-ups when they visit your landing page, want to download white papers, etc. 

Marketing automation helps you gain hot leads to your business when you utilize it effectively. Consider implementing automation tools that requests users’ information when they visit your website to acquire leads you can nurture to customers.

3 . Nurture prospects 

Marketing automation doesn’t just generate leads for your brand; it nurtures prospects and converts them into high-paying customers. You can use marketing automation tools to integrate users into the purchase process. 

When they visit your website and supply their emails, send automated nurturing emails to educate them about your product or service. Also, make relevant suggestions based on their interests and suggestions when they land on your website. 

Generally, marketing automation improves prospect nurturing by automating the tasks involved. This speeds up the lead nurturing process and helps prospects make decisions faster. Also, since nurturing activities are automated, it’s easier for you to stay consistent and reach a wider range of prospects simultaneously. 

4 . Track engagement 

Engagement tracking is one of marketing automation’s key benefits. Use automated tools to measure your engagement metrics. Doing this will give you insights into what marketing efforts are increasing brand engagement and how your audience generally responds to your marketing strategy.

So, if you realize that your audience prefers long-form blog posts to webinars, use the engagement metric supplied by your marketing automation tool to channel your efforts into what your audience likes. This way, you can boost your audience’s interaction and engagement with your brand across different platforms. 

Engagement tracking is crucial to know precisely what is working and what isn’t, helping you stay on the right track with your strategy. It’s an excellent way to stay on your users’ minds and sustain interest in your business. 

5. Analyze data

Data analytics is vital in boosting demand generation. In fact, demand generation is mostly about data. From the moment a visitor lands on your website clicks on an ad or visits your social media platform, you can gather this data to enhance their journey and get them to take specific actions. 

Marketing automation allows you to collect data and analyze it. So, adopt the right tools and extract data from your website traffic, social media, search engine, etc. to understand users’ behavior, identify marketing opportunities and build an effective marketing strategy. 

Analyze every data to segment your users based on their wants, preferences, and needs. Also, harness these insights to personalize your consumers’ purchase journey. For example, if you realize a customer prefers shopping for a particular product, make suggestions on similar products you think the consumer may like. You can also send automated emails to inform them about the product, etc. 

Data analytics is an essential aspect of every successful online business. Thankfully, marketing automation makes it a lot easier by providing the tools that allow you to gather, interpret and implement these data successfully. 

6. Enable faster communication 

A responsive communication system enhances demand generation. Customers want responses from brands, and they want them quickly. For example, 82% of consumers seek an immediate response from brands on marketing and sales questions.

Use marketing automation or a customer satisfaction platform to improve customer communication by introducing auto responders, chatbots, etc. These automated communication tools ensure users receive feedback on their requests immediately, thereby enhancing demand generation and customer satisfaction. 

Rather than wait for the customers’ support team, allow users to choose their most suitable products on your website with the aid of a chatbot. Additionally, integrate autoresponders to your social media marketing channels for immediate responses to urgent questions. 

Quick responses prove that you value your customers’ time and always listen. This positive impression generates the attention your business needs to increase demand. 

7. Track market attribution 

Market attribution lets you know the touchpoints driving demand for your brand. While this is challenging to discover manually, marketing automation helps streamline the processes. 

Use automation marketing tools to know the channels that led to conversion. You can know your most effective marketing channels and capitalize on them by identifying the route that led to a purchase. 

Using automated marketing tools, map your customers’ journey to analyze the channels that persuaded them to buy from you. You can track your marketing activities and know what works best. You will also improve every touchpoint in the sales funnel to ensure the route leading to conversion is seamless for users. 

The Best Marketing Automation Tools for Demand Generation

There are several automation tools you can adopt to improve your demand generation. Let’s take a look at a few. 

1 . Skale 

Skale is an excellent marketing automation tool for e-commerce businesses. It helps streamline most of their marketing activities, including digital voucher generation, omnichannel marketing, and automated re-engagement. 

Digital vouchers gather consumers’ data, and omnichannel marketing lets you create and launch Ads in simple steps. You can leverage the insights provided to improve your products and services or tailor your marketing to customers’ expectations. Running Ads efficiently also lets you market consistently, improving your brand awareness. 

2 . Aritic 

Aritic is a marketing automation software that allows you to build meaningful connections with customers. You can create a unified customer experience using this tool. For example, you can set up marketing campaigns, build landing pages, nurture leads, and launch email campaigns. 

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The platform’s comprehensive approach to marketing and customer experience enhances your demand generation results. It offers functional features, including Aritic PinPoint, Aritic Sales, and Aritic desk. 

Aritic PinPoint facilitates campaigns, Aritic Sales improves your workflow by automating sales activities, while Aritic desk promotes real-time chat. Harnessing these features allows you to build awareness, generate leads and attract the best customers to your business.

3. HubSpot 

HubSpot marketing automation tool is one of the most powerful software to boost demand generation. It’s a marketing hub for live chat, bots, pop-ups, and emails. It also offers a sales hub feature that automatically lets you track emails, notifications, call sequences, and meetings. 

You can adapt the Hubspot marketing software to improve communication with customers. Through its live chat, chatbots, and pop-ups, you can organize live interactions and provide users with direct feedback on your platform. As a result, you can increase engagement and generate higher demand generation. 

4. Marketo 

Marketo offers an all-in-one suite for email marketing, leads management, segmentation, funnel, and leads tracking. It automates these processes, facilitating your marketing efforts and enhancing increased results with lead generation. 

You can track consumers’ behavior to attract the right customers, build campaigns automatically, and discover the best channels to discover revenue with Marketo. You can also personalize content and engage users better through cross-channel engagement. Essentially, Marketo makes it easy to engage users, generate leads, and nurture your prospects through automation. 

How to choose an excellent marketing automation tool 

Choosing the right marketing automation tool can be tricky, considering the numerous available options. However, there are specific factors you can consider to make the best choice. Let’s examine below: 

1 . Ease-of-use 

The primary purpose of a marketing automation tool is to simplify your processes. It defeats the purpose if it doesn’t provide a simple learning curve or a straightforward user experience. Therefore, ensure the automation software is easy to use before your purchase. You can opt for a free trial to test the usability before subscription. 

2. Social media capability 

An effective marketing automation software should allow you to track and conduct marketing campaigns across your social media channels. For example, you should be able to monitor your followers’ reactions to your posts and track engagement and visibility to gauge your progress on social media. So, be certain your marketing automation software offers this feature before subscribing. 

3. Integration 

A marketing automation software with an integration feature improves your efficiency. Rather than switch between different apps, you can access everything you need from one comprehensive suite, streamlining your actions. Therefore, ensure your marketing automation tool integrates seamlessly with the apps you frequently use for the best experience. 


Marketing automation is the best way to put your demand generation on autopilot. To leverage the benefits of demand generation, use marketing automation to drive engagement and leads. Use it to analyze data, nurture prospects, boost communication and monitor market attribution. Doing this can significantly improve your demand generation results to grow your business. 

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