Facebook has taken over social media advertising. It’s integrated into our lives in ways that it never has before, and it’s also an important part of the personal branding process.

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2. How Can You Use Lead Ads?

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5. Integrating Facebook Messenger Lead Ads

It allows you to grow your customer base by lead generation and increasing your brand awareness. So whether you’re looking to improve your visibility or get more sales or so, Facebook lead ads are the way to go.

Facebook reports that more than 2.14 billion people can be reached with ads on their platform. And people pay attention and get involved with Facebook ads like, on average, users click on 12 ads a month.

Facebook lead ads are used for various purposes but can be categorized based on the objective that you want to pursue. They are broadly divided into five categories—like-gating, webinar promoting, event promoting, engagement promotion, and app promotion.

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Facebook is excellent for targeted lead advertising. You can create ads based on different target specs such as age, location, educational details, company domains, device types, and more.

Furthermore, it enables you to show your lead ad only to users that fit your specifications. In a nutshell, you can target better with your lead ads. 

Here’s how to use Facebook Lead Ads effectively for your products and services with the assistance of Aritic PinPoint and what you need to know about integrating Facebook into your marketing strategy today.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads allow marketers to create ads for their products or services that use either a customer’s contact information or an email address that they collect over the course.

Moreover, lead ads also help you get new leads as these are effective in lead generation. You may consider the Facebook lead ads predominantly as promoted forms. These Facebook forms allow marketers to capture customer details while providing connection opportunities, such as newsletter subscriptions, demo requests or sign-ups, or webinar registrations. It is a type of advertising that allows marketers to promote their products and services directly on Facebook.

All in all, you can create Facebook Lead Ads in bulk for various lead magnets, such as freebies, discounts, and e-books. Marketers may also add more personalized information such as company name or offer expiration date on each lead ad.

Marketers can create lead ads by uploading a customer list and then targeting the ads to people who fit the desired criteria. And because Facebook integrates with CRM tools, marketers can import contact information from those tools as well.

Facebook lead ads help with the process of generating leads. They also allow you to add social context by including a call-to-action button that links right back to your Page.

How Can You Use Lead Ads?

Generating leads for your business is now easier than ever. Facebook Lead ads are now the best way to do this. Lead ads allow you to generate a lead from a potential customer and turn them into a paying customer.

Facebook Lead ads are the quickest and easiest way to generate leads for your business or services.

You can use them to find potential customers who have Facebook accounts and may buy from you and then offer them something in exchange for their contact information, such as a free eBook or webinar.

You can use them for all types of businesses – from eCommerce stores to bloggers looking to monetize their sites. However, creative optimization to create Facebook Lead Ads Context has a lot of significance… because, in the case of lead ads, you’re asking people to take action immediately.

The first step is setting up the type of lead ads you want – so you’ll need a Facebook page or an email list if you want it on Facebook or an email address if you want it via email.

From there, you can choose the type of ad format – video, image, slideshow, article, etc. and customize it by adding a headline.

Facebook Lead Ads work and are so powerful, and if you know what you’re doing can be a huge moneymaker for your business in terms of lead generation and creating brand awareness.

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But sometimes, lead ads can also be quite confusing to set up, so we wanted to show you examples of some best Facebook ads out there.

Here are the 4 best Facebook lead ad examples from various known companies and organizations that are worth attention:

1 . Harvard Business Review: fueling their app installs

Harvard Business Review ran this lead ad which aptly matched the theme and feel of their business. The most important thing with their ad is clarity: they ensured that all relevant information was clear and concise for potential customers in their ad copy.

In addition, they used simple language, including a single image and a direct app install call from their current and potential customers, primarily targeted at mobile users.

facebook lead ad examples HBR, such ads show more options to read their offering

2 . Kickresume: clear sign-up form

Kickresume leveraged lead ads to generate a creative sign-up form to collect leads. Their ad looks better with high-quality images that hit the sweet spot in terms of attracting the attention of the right audience.

All the company asked was for people to submit their pre-populated lead form with basic contact details if they were interested in kickstarting to create their resumes better.

Facebook lead ad examples Kickresume that looks exactly what drives sales

3. Adidas: offering discounts tracing immediate action

A smart marketer knows that they can increase sales by offering discounts through an ad campaign to their existing and potential customers especially, using target ads for a Facebook user. People love saving money.

Adidas used creative ways to their lead ad to provide a discount for purchasing now, which effectively gets the customer and target audience to purchase now instead of later.

Such lead ads will not only encourage current customers to buy sooner, but it could even bring in the target audience or new leads for your business because people are more likely to buy something when there’s a discount involved.

facebook lead ad examples adidas with a dint of highly targeted link ads giving more options to directly shop

How Aritic PinPoint helps you with Facebook Lead Ads?

facebook lead ads

Aritic PinPoint makes it easy for you to integrate Facebook Lead Ad Forms with its instance and automatically import the lead information after a lead submits the details on your Facebook Lead Ads.

Moreover, you can integrate Facebook Custom Ad Audience with Aritic PinPoint account and sync Aritic PinPoint segments with your Facebook Custom Ad Audience.

Besides that, you can also combine Facebook Messenger Lead Ads with Aritic PinPoint and sync all data from your Facebook Lead Forms inside the Contacts.

You can also create contact segment filters and organize the automation workflow accordingly based on all that customer data.

Importing Facebook Lead Ad Data

import Facebook lead ad data

You can import all the data collected from your Facebook Lead Ads into the Aritic application seamlessly. You simply have to utilize ‘One-Click Connect’ inside the application to import the data generated automatically after the lead submits your Facebook Lead Ads details.

The data includes but is not limited to demographic and location information, contact details, and more. To get access to your data in Facebook lead ads form, simply visit the Lead Ads section of the Aritic PinPoint dashboard.  

Integrating Facebook Custom Ad Audience

facebook custom ads setting

To target business advertising, you can also integrate Facebook Custom Audience. In this case, Aritic PinPoint can also give the segment data to you based on the data provided by your Facebook Ads Manager account by letting you connect Aritic Segment/List with your Facebook Audience list.

Moreover, use a Suppression list audience for those who are your visiting customers. Also, you can define your complimentary or cross products for more sales. 

Easily create a campaign on Facebook Custom Audience for your business. For this purpose, you can directly use Aritic PinPoint to generate custom ads for Facebook Custom Audience with added convenience.

On the Aritic PinPoint dashboard, you can combine a custom ads campaign with Facebook Lead Ads and track the results.

Integrating Facebook Messenger Lead Ads

With Aritic PinPoint, there are more possibilities when it comes to Facebook lead ads planning to hit your campaign objective. For example, it is pretty easy to integrate Facebook Messenger Lead Ads with Aritic PinPoint and connect them to any contact profile.

In addition, you can adeptly connect multiple pages and multiple departments to keep hold of Facebook Messenger Lead pages and scale your efforts. In addition, auto-create contact whenever chat starts to ease out your process. Moreover, you can create tickets from FB Messenger chats. 

Wrapping Up

If you struggle to follow up or contact your Facebook leads, let me tell you that Aritic PinPoint makes your life easy with Facebook lead ads planning.

You can integrate any Facebook leads across all viable source points of Facebook lead ads with Aritic PinPoint. Moreover, it is simple to set up and gives you endless possibilities to sync and collect leads with your Facebook Lead ads Forms.

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