Once perceived as a boring, nothing-new kind of social media network, LinkedIn has now established itself as the most important professional networking platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and thinkers.

LinkedIn is continuously evolving its platform, making it better and lucrative for providing a pitch-perfect space for the professional and business world. LinkedIn’s new feature addition of LinkedIn Stories is a step in that same direction. 

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2. Benefits of LinkedIn Stories

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4. Ways To Integrate LinkedIn Stories For Marketing Campaigns

LinkedIn launched the ‘Stories’ feature in September 2020 for the United States and Canada. The Stories feature on the platform helps brands and companies reach audiences in a whole new way.

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The young audience is very familiar with stories from content (thanks to Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Instagram), making it a compelling addition that brands consistently use to connect with their niche audience.

What are LinkedIn Stories?

Similar to the stories featured on other social media platforms, LinkedIn Stories are temporary visual updates that allow you to display and share specific content with your first-degree contacts and followers.

LinkedIn stories are of a 20-second length that is available to view for 24 hours before it is automatically gone. The content format supported on LinkedIn Stories includes video or the image slideshow.

A stories bar now appears at the top of their main feed section in their LinkedIn app for all LinkedIn members. The stories appear vertically-oriented and automatically display the next story if the member has posted multiple stories, just like a slideshow.

Benefits of LinkedIn Stories

1 . Improve Brand Awareness

LinkedIn Stories are an incredible way to increase brand visibility across your audience and highlight the company’s ethos in more depth. You can share your staff anecdotes, workplace pictures, fascinating project stories, or exclusive content about your brand’s most recent marketing campaign.

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Keeping the emphasis on brand awareness on LinkedIn will let companies find some of the top talents and help professionals identify more relevant connections on LinkedIn networks’. Moreover, brands can use LinkedIn automation tools to enhance their business growth and generate leads for sales more quickly and efficiently.

2. Increase Engagement

LinkedIn Stories can provide remarkable opportunities for propelling engagement. People are super keen to engage with branded stories; for example, almost 25% of insta-users swipe up on branded stories on Instagram. 

That is a pretty exciting fact for marketers who can take inspiration from thoughts and ideas to apply on a platform entirely dedicated to the business networking world.

LinkedIn Stories give you the power to view engagement insights on stories you share with your audience. It lets you keep track of how many times viewers have clicked on the link you added to your Story using the swipe-up feature.

3. Extra Content Distribution Channel

LinkedIn Stories is an extra medium of sharing content on the professional networking site, besides feeds, articles, or comments. There are considerably high numbers of users utilizing Stories now, which means that it is the best idea to use this new content distribution channel to gain a potential audience right away.

What Does LinkedIn Stories Means for Brands & Organizations?

Since LinkedIn is the social media platform solely based on professionalism, brands and businesses will find a natural tone latched with professional values on LinkedIn Stories! 

Brands and organizations should leverage LinkedIn Stories to boost their reach and engagement.

Utilize this new feature to give a glimpse of your work culture, your achievements, and celebrations, showcase thought leadership and expertise to your social network followers.

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LinkedIn Stories actually makes sense, with the potential for massive attention-grabbing tactics more than ever before.  If you do it right, Stories can be like a real wire-harness by providing a better experience to your audience, or should I say prospects. 

Just a bit of advice here, keep a professional tone intact and educate yourself on LinkedIn user agreement while sharing stories or any other form of content on this platform. Remember, LinkedIn is fine with Promotion – not with spam!

Ways To Integrate LinkedIn Stories For Marketing Campaigns

Wondering about what to include as compelling content ideas that can get colossal attention? Here are few ways you can use LinkedIn Stories for getting the most out of your marketing campaigns:

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1 . Share Trending Announcements and Brand News

Why limit your announcements and latest brand news to just your company’s LinkedIn page while you can actually hit a wider audience with the LinkedIn Stories feature?

Stories can help create the buzz you aim for a product launch or announcements on upcoming events like webinars. Use Stories, start the hype, and leverage on the excitement generated among your audience.

2. Share Business & Professional Tips


You can grab significant attention by sharing business or professional tips with your audience using LinkedIn Stories. Stories are the right path to generate more demand. When you post something about your brand on stories, you can reach a grander scale and produce engagement. 

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Share business tips, professional tips, or work tips like the one in the above image and demonstrate thought leadership via LinkedIn Stories. Try to make it visually appealing as that may make your audience share it with others. 

3. Share Real Time Updates

Sharing real-time event updates about conferences, live events, and company announcements can be an effective way to create buzz and curiosity among your audience. You can also share the sound clips of your live events’ key speakers and keep your audience’s engagement level high.

LinkedIn Stories let your followers get a sneak peek of your upcoming events from a first-person perspective; thus, they get the feel of exclusivity and may look up to your future updates desperately.

4. Adapt Short Blog Content to a Stories Format

If you are looking for a new type of content to share on LinkedIn Stories, why not look for your existing short blog? Use the text-based blog content you already have, convert it into a Story, and obviously keep it short.

For example, if you’ve written a step-by-step guide type of blog posts, you can convert it in such a form so that each step gets represented as a page for your Story. By doing this, you can also promote your blog besides giving visual and credible informational content to your audience.

LinkedIn is a Gold Mine But With If!

LinkedIn is like a gold mine for brands or businesses, and with the addition of new ‘LinkedIn Stories’ features, it is even compelling for propelling brand awareness.

Just keep professionalism and no-nonsense elements incorporated with whatever type of content you share.

Happy Networking!


Sandeep is the Senior Content Writer at Aritic, where he creates content that adjures attention, builds authority, and drives action. He is a Linkedin maven who believes that learning is a lifelong process and has the ongoing curiosity to learn new things.

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