So, you’ve made the call to start a webinar marketing campaign! Why not? Webinars are the most effective way to produce high-quality leads, according to 68% of marketing leaders.

Also, according to the Marketwatch research report, the webinar market size will reach $800 million by 2023.

While live webinars are exciting due to their real-time nature, an on-demand webinar is convenient for audiences.

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2. How to Get More Leads with Your On-Demand Webinars?

3. Effective On-Demand Webinar Strategies to Follow

An on-demand webinar is also known as evergreen webinars, a webinar that is a recording of a live webinar event viewable at any time. Since it is a recorded version of your live webinar, you need to make it still feel like a live webinar experience for your prospects. You can do it using consistent style depending on the webinar tools you utilize for your strategy.

Now comes the question of whether your webinars can be live or on-demand. 

Why You Should Offer On-Demand Webinars?

There are many advantages of delivering webinar content as an on-demand option. On-demand webinar sees increased use as it augments your content’s life and enables more participation even after your live event has ended. 

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Planning a webinar takes weeks or even months to prepare because you need to research, write, produce slides, record a video, and then promote it. If you’re going to invest in the sheer amount of time to produce a webinar, you may as well make the most of it by making it available for people to watch even after it’s gone online.

After all, a whopping 84% of B2B consumers opt for replays or on-demand webinars over live webinars. 

It is a great idea to offer on-demand webinars as it is a brilliant strategy because it can eventually let you reach a good number of people who’re unable to watch the webinar when it was initially live, increasing the chances for you getting more leads.

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Include these recorded webinars by embedding them in your website to reap out most benefits. You can do this by making it easier for your target audience to quickly find these on-demand webinars by creating a dedicated segment for all these webinars. With the archived evergreen webinars, you can also enhance your content marketing efforts.

For example, you can write blogs on them, include info about them on your social channels, or you can create email newsletter segments in a bid to make your existing leads aware of the new additions to your on-demand webinar archive.

How to Get More Leads with Your On-Demand Webinars?

Increasing the number of leads is one of the most critical functions for marketers. Most companies recognize that on-demand webinar helps achieve mass interaction and lets them keep generating more and more leads.

On-demand webinars are an excellent way to generate leads at the top of the marketing funnel (TOFU). Even if they don’t attend, having been registered for webinars gives you a valuable lead ocean that can be nurtured into the sales funnel via various lead nurturing methods such as email marketing.

Although using an on-demand webinar strategy to capture leads is easy. We need to realize the best practices for actually achieve it:

1 . Create Dedicated Channel for Your On-demand Webinar

Creating a killer dedicated channel for all your on-demand webinars is an effective way to promote your evergreen webinar content. It lets you create a pitch-perfect experience for your audience as they can quickly discover your recorded webinars and all the topics you’ve covered earlier.

Using an on-demand webinar channel will help you maximize views, participation and ultimately grow more leads. You will catch these interested leads by simply asking users to fill out an online form each time they wish to register to see your on-demand webinars.

Create Channel for On-demand Webinars

2. Provide loads of free high-quality resources

Build a resource section on your on-demand webinar channel with a list of additional materials that your audience can access. It will expedite participation and engagement from your prospects and leads. You can use this resource section to guide your audience to related content such as blogs, website links, eBooks, cheat sheets, or details about your upcoming events.

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Make the experience smooth and clear on the resource section by adding a chapter’s tab to your on-demand webinars, allowing your visitors to jump to a specific section whenever they like. 

3. Implement CRM Integrations For tracking Your leads

It can be time-consuming to measure on-demand webinars’ performance if you have to load data from one platform onto your own CRM. So, it is vital to merge most on-demand webinars with your CRM, enabling you to incorporate your webinars with your CRM and view all your webinars and CRM data in one place.

Effective On-Demand Webinar Strategies to Follow

Having your on-demand webinar strategy well within sight and on track requires you to know what works and what doesn’t. So, here are some crucial on-demand webinar strategies you must follow:

1. Brainstorm the right topic

Prior to getting started on making your on-demand webinar, you’ll have to find out a compelling topic you want to speak about, and of course, you need to keep it well within your niche and expertise.

Overall, you should produce webinars that should provide value to your audience. Ask these questions to yourself for deciding topics for your on-demand webinars:

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  • What do your prospects care about, i.e., their pain points?
  • What subjects pique your interest?
  • What’s the most important information you need your customers to know?

Besides this, focus on aligning the topics with the objectives of your sales team. That’s important because if your marketing team is creating content that isn’t helping their sales conversations, it won’t be a successful effort for driving high-quality leads to sales.

2. One Portal. Infinite On-Demand Webinar Content

Provide your prospects a clear path to find all your on-demand webinar resources in one place. Be sure to set up webinar channels on your website so that you can get more prospects or attendees.

You can also ensure that your archived webinars get stored in a designated and spottable section of your website for easier access.

Build a simple sign-up form for registrants who are visiting your page and wish to watch all of your webinars. It is incredibly effective for your visitors’ better experience and helps them browse relevant content quickly.

3. Leverage Webinar Metrics To Gain New Viewers

You can collect valuable data using online polls and surveys or even offer valuable, exclusive resources such as ebooks. Besides this, you can also collect data from your marketing automation platform you are using.

Leverage the gathered data and metrics and create an actionable life cycle because it will help you in benchmarking outcomes of your on-demand webinar segment.

All such data will help you understand how your on-demand webinar performed and how to best follow up with all your audiences or attendees.

4. Create a marketing plan for your webinar

You saw that coming! Yes, analyzing and planning are crucial before getting into action. So, start by clearly defining your goals and move on to creating buyer personas wherever possible as you are doing it for on-demand webinars. It will help you identify the relevant type of content ideas to come up with and help you put together your marketing plan without any loose ends.

The most important aspect of structuring your marketing plan for webinars is to align your sales and customer experience teams to find out the key pain points prospects and customers face as far as today’s time is concerned. It will make your task easier, allowing you to offer solutions to these problems.

5. Set up a landing page

Create a killer and visually appealing landing page to post information about all your on-demand webinars as well as about your completed live webinars because it will help you immensely in capturing leads.

Include all the necessary fields that you require for adding leads to your database. Be conscious that you don’t make too many of these fields mandatory, though, as that could drastically impact getting you more sign-ups due to privacy issues or lack of time to fill an extensive page.

For ensuring the visual appeal of your landing page, work with your design team because well-designed landing pages are proven to get better conversion rates.

6. Set up an email workflow to urge prospects to register

Email workflows are bound to be at the center of some of the most crucial automation workflows you’ll create. Email is the most effective channel for webinar promotion to generate awareness among your audience and keep them informed about new updates.

Build and schedule dynamic nurturing sequences via email workflow sequences tailored to answer people’s needs at different stages of the buyer journey. Remember, email permission and personalization are very crucial elements. 

When creating emails for webinars, make sure to have a compelling copy and visual assets that explicitly state your offer’s relevance. Above all, note to set up additional attribution and monitoring so you can see the cumulative effect of your efforts.

7. Establish a Content Outline

Since on-demand webinars are pre-recorded, you have the freedom to create them by brainstorming and establishing a content outline that you want your viewers to see. Even for your live webinars that are later available as on-demand, you have the advantage as to enhance them to provide unique experiences.

Creating a content outline starts by creating a script, slide deck, and any other additional documentation relevant to your webinar’s topic. Depending on the layout of the webinar, your script can be cursory or calculative. For conversational presentations, simple, casual scripts fit well.

8. Reformat your On-demand Webinar Promotion

On-demand webinars are almost congruent to promotion, which means that you make an effort to promote something and expect success which depends entirely on the audience if they want to engage and convert. Enticing them and offering them value is what works here!

If you are converting a live webinar into an on-demand webinar, send one email update to your list and then forget about it, then it will be difficult for you to expect the desired success. So, it’s super essential that you promote your on-demand webinar across all available channels consistently and strategically.

For this purpose, you can leverage social media and specifically Linkedin and Facebook, to promote your on-demand webinar content. 

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