Marketing Automation for health care marketing comprises technology-powered communication strategies that enable providers to have personalized engagement with patients based on predetermined behaviors and reduce marketing automation challenges in health care.

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When you automate your marketing campaigns based on target audiences and patient types, you can expand your reach and grow your practice faster. In my experience, health care providers who use marketing automation often get better results than those who do not.

What is the state of Marketing Automation in health care?

Marketing automation technology is commonly used in many other industries such as retail, banking, and finance, but not so much in health care. That’s because a good percentage of health care providers are technologically savvy but much less technologically savvy than many other health care professionals.

As a result, they were not as familiar with marketing automation until 2019. But COVID 19 changes everything in 2020.

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In fact, according to a survey conducted, 90% of large healthcare organizations reported having an AI and automation strategy, an increase from just 53% in 2019. 

So if you are interested in using marketing automation, you should know that not every health care provider uses it. But those who do have better success with it. 

The Challenges of Marketing Automation in health care

For any industry, there are challenges. Marketing Automation for Health Care has three primary challenges, although these challenges have more than one dimension.

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These challenges are discussed below and can be overcome by implementing the right strategy and technology. 

1. Automate Patient Referrals

Patient referrals are the backbone of any health care system. For decades, they have been the key to getting new patients into practice and keeping them there. But with the advent of digital marketing, this is changing rapidly.

The health sector is in a unique position because it has both an offline and online marketing side that must be managed separately. Patient referrals are crucial for offline marketing, and digital marketing offers new options for that.

The challenge of the health sector is to automate patient referrals while maintaining our offline presence by using online marketing tools like email automation, lead nurturing campaigns, and SEO to tap into patient-driven referral traffic.

2. Automate Physician Referrals

The health sector faces the challenge of automating referrals. The traditional ways for a doctor or nurse to share information about their patient with another physician, who may be able to help them more, is through phone calls or email. Even though these methods are time-consuming and can result in missed opportunities, they are still being used now.

With Marketing Automation for Health Care that includes email and text messaging and social media, health providers have new tools for staying connected with other physicians and making referrals easier than ever before.

Through email campaigns, text messages, and social media posts targeted at fellow healthcare workers in different locations, travel nurses can easily build relationships with those in need of their services without having to be physically present.

One new marketing automation system called Aritic PinPoint helps doctors and care managers stay connected with other physicians by sending them a notification when they try to access a doctor’s profile on an online directory.

3. Automate Email And Text Messaging

Marketing automation for health care involves a crucial process where one sends out a series of well-timed messages to multiple patients at once. It is done with email, text, or other digital channels.

Messages are automatically sent out at the right time so that it doesn’t look like the health care institution is spamming its contacts.

Marketing Automation has become a vital tool for marketing departments in recent years as they have been able to take this time-saving measure and use it to generate leads, answer questions, and so on. In particular, the health sector has begun using this practice for the last few years now to automate marketing emails and text messages.

4. Data Management and Privacy 

Data and data security are crucial to success in health care. If your patients’ health data is compromised, you have already lost a battle against the industry. At least two industry-related events have occurred that highlight the need to address data and privacy concerns. 

Marcus Hutchins, the cybersecurity expert who discovered WannaCry — the global ransomware attack that could have put billions of dollars worth of computers out of commission. As he explained, “You can’t just give this away.” He also pointed out that given the heavy reliance of hospitals and medical practices on Windows XP, patients who use this platform are prone to malware attacks.

5. Use AI-Driven Sentiment Analysis

Health care providers are finally able to better understand the complexities of marketing automation in a way that will help them succeed. Automation is not something to be feared but embraced. It has the power to create unbelievable amounts of data at a fast rate and make it easy for brands to make data-driven decisions.

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The health sector can now harness AI-driven sentiment analysis capabilities and use them for their own marketing goals. They will understand their audience’s behaviours and sentiments and even predict behaviour patterns when dealing with this industry.

Why You Should Invest in Marketing Automation

Patients look for healthcare providers in many ways — the same way they communicate with brands on social media. Using marketing automation for health care, you can automate the marketing messages you send to your patients and can provide them with the relevant information they need when they need it. In addition, you can send them messages more efficiently. 

Moreover, since you know the kind of patients you have, you can customize your messages accordingly and also save time and money by not being bombarded with sales pitches.

Providing more personalized experiences Automation allows you to target specific patient groups based on their medical histories, behavior patterns, location, interests and other characteristics.

How to Maximize Your Revenue with Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation for health care providers is very effective for increasing revenue, their recognition and amp up patient satisfaction. You can utilize marketing automation to get new patients, increase existing patient retention, improve contact rates, improve conversions, maximize webinar registration rates, analyze the effect of social media campaigns, and more. 

You can enhance your revenues and profits by targeting prospects based on their risk profile and using marketing automation to activate those leads in a prompt, targeted manner.

In addition, use marketing automation to get more referrals. When people receive personalized messages, they are more likely to call, call again, or recommend your practice to others.

To Sum Up

Marketing automation is an emerging trend in the health care industry that can be used to create a more personalized and targeted marketing campaign. Unfortunately, many individuals and practices are unsure of how marketing automation for health care really works.

One of the key pieces in creating a high-performing strategy aligning with marketing automation for health care is a solid understanding of the data and how to leverage it to optimize business processes and clinical outcomes.

Marketing automation is not limited to just big names with huge budgets; it’s a very affordable option for health care industry who don’t have the time or expertise to manage their marketing in-house.

The challenge with Marketing Automation for health care is finding the right provider, as there are many solutions on the market, all claiming to do it better than the next.


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