When you talk about marketing communications, personalized marketing messages is the first thing that comes up to your mind. And why not, given how highly targeted automation campaigns have become – marketers can think nothing apart from personalized and targeted communication messages.

However, this isn’t how it was always. If we go back into history, traditional marketing was more about mass communication. Businesses would communicate their message to the entire mass, expecting their ideal buyers to find and come to them. It was more like shouting out to everyone and then waiting for the target buyers to approach you.

From that to today, we have come a long way in the way we communicate with our target buyers. From 1430 to the present date, multiple changes have happened to how marketing is done. What was once a mass education has now become more of one-to-one communication.

Businesses have shifted base to online channels and are continuously working towards getting found by their target audience. They are no more shouting out to everyone but creating marketing communication messages that are meant only for their target group of audience.

There is always so much to say when we talk about evolution and history. To cut things short, we have put together the entire evolution timeline in an infographic below. Feel free to share, comment, and embed this on your platform.

7 Evolutions of Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication

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