Youtube had chosen ‘India’ as the first country to launch the early beta of their new ‘Youtube Shorts’ feature, which is part of the mainstream Youtube app appearing on the new row on the homepage.

Youtube Shorts is a lot like TikTok, implying that it has been introduced to rival Tiktok and Instagram Reels. The reason behind choosing India seems to be filling the rift that appeared when TikTok was completely banned in India on 29th June 2020.

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1 . What Are Youtube Shorts?

2. Why YouTube Shorts?

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4. How to Create a Short on YouTube

5. How to Come Up With Ideas For YouTube Shorts

6. Business Use Cases for YouTube Shorts

7. 3 Examples of Awesome YouTube Shorts

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8. Marketers & Advertising Opportunities

TikTok created a base of short-form content, and the likeability of short-form content on mobile devices has since been noticed, and Youtube has tapped into this segment now.

The main push behind short-form content’s popularity is the easy path to creation and consumption for users.

As far as Shorts is concerned, Since December, the number of Indian channels using YouTube Shorts creation tools has more than tripled.

What Are Youtube Shorts?

Shorts in Youtube enables creators and artists to produce new vertical short-form video experiences using just their mobile phones on Youtube mobile app. It is laden with features like video segmenting, app-based recording, speed controls, and music overlays.

Creators and artists can use this new feature as a way to express but in 60 seconds or less.

Why YouTube Shorts?

YouTube has a deep ocean of active users on its platform⎼ a massive 2.3 billion users are monthly active on YouTube worldwide. These users view your Shorts videos under the first suggested video on the mobile app, giving you better exposure as a creator and boosting your subscriber count.

Make catchy, relevant videos, and you could even get featured against established large youtube channels.

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Youtube Stories are also similar kinds of short-form content but with a bar of 15 seconds of video length and do not appear with regular videos. YouTube Shorts are searchable in contrast to Youtube Stories which are not searchable.

Videos created under Shorts remain forever(unless you remove them), whereas YouTube Stories disappear after 7 days. 

How do YouTube Shorts work?

Presently, YouTube Shorts is available in beta mode for Youtube’s Indian users. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is devoid of posting YouTube Shorts. Youtube lets all creators participate in its new offering by adding the hashtag #Shorts to vertical videos of 60 seconds or less.

Additionally, YouTube is testing a section on its homepage to highlight videos and let creators feature against well-known large youtube channels. That’s a treat, sort of at least.

How to Create a Short on YouTube?

Anyone can post Youtube Shorts right from their YouTube app on both Android and iOS. You can produce Shorts using the following steps:

1 . Go to the home screen, 

2. Tap the “+” icon on the lower navigation, 

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3. Select “Create a Short” from the menu that pop-ups 

If you are on the other side of the rope, I mean, if you are still awaiting access to the Shorts camera yet, you can still upload your Shorts videos. Use the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description of the videos, which are vertically-oriented and are 60 seconds or less.

How to Come Up With Ideas For YouTube Shorts?

Storytelling is one of the most charming ways to engage an audience, and this principle applies to short-form video creation ideas. But here for Youtube Shorts, you have just 60 seconds to complete your story.

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So, blend your Youtube Shorts with one main idea, whether that idea resonates with a humorous element, inspirational dimension, emotional impact, or a helpful tutorial. Above all, keep your audience in mind while creating.

Business Use Cases for YouTube Shorts?

1. Email Newsletter Video

According to Campaign Monitor, ‘Video’ in email can increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%.

Such numbers are encouraging, and therefore, including a video in your email newsletters is a pretty great tactic to enhance engagement, keep your message short while saving a click.

2. Video Ad

Video ads are a traditional way to reach an audience but still effective in 2023. Youtube Shorts have a timeframe capped at 60 seconds or less; therefore, it is a perfect medium for brands to use for Video Ads.

A captivating yet straightforward video ad can quickly bring tons of new customers to a business, retarget your existing ones and reactivate your inactive customers who lost connection with your product.

3. Explainer Video

An explainer video is another best-suited format for your Youtube Shorts strategy. Explainer videos can be short-form videos where you can explain more about your business and prominent features in a concise and captivating way.

Animated explainer videos or doodle videos quickly grab viewers’ attention and are surely worth trying for your brand or business. 

4. Behind the Brand Videos

Audiences expect originality and transparency from brands. Besides, they seek out more exclusive and helpful content from their favorite brands. With Youtube Shorts, you only have 60 seconds to strike a chord that will allow you to connect with your audience.

You can do it by showing the people what makes your brand what it is by catering to them behind the brand videos. So, brands should leverage Youtube Shorts and pull back the curtain and connect with their audiences on a more personal level.

3 Examples of Awesome YouTube Shorts

If you are looking for some awesome Youtube Shorts examples, here are three great ideas for you which are creative, informative, and humorous:

1 . Creative and Informative at the same time that gives clarity on how change In Punctuation changes the meaning.

2. This one is funny and therefore hooks the viewers.

3. This one is a superb example that says much about 10 quick ideas shared in 60 seconds.

Marketers & Advertising Opportunities

Shorts have a wide range of opportunities as far as marketing and advertising are concerned. Brands can benefit enormously from tapping into Youtube Shorts and similar short-form content platforms and harness the massive popularity of such platforms to connect with subscribers, explode audience count, and grow brand popularity. 

It will be interesting to tap into Youtube Shorts. Below are some pointers as to what Shorts may unfold.


1 . More Audience

Youtube Shorts give the opportunity to reach a larger audience base and give a push to better visibility for your brand or business. You can connect easily and quickly with the audience using short-form video features of Youtube. 

2. Searchability

Youtube Shorts are searchable, which means, if you have a well-optimized title, your Shorts videos will appear in the YouTube search results. Another good reason if you are craving more reach and visibility.


1 . Skimmability

Making a limited timeframe video implies that you will need to condense your communications, meaning increased chances of skimming over some of the information that you might otherwise prefer to include for audiences.

2. Catching the Audience Pulse

Audience behaviors are unpredictable. It will be challenging and will require immense creativity to deliver powerful experiences for your audience with the cap of 60 seconds for your Shorts videos.


Youtube Shorts is yet to roll out globally, but brands should use Shorts to their advantage when it is more into the picture. Ideally, brands should first cross-post their existing short-form content for understanding and measuring impact and user behavior and then experiment with a full-fledged marketing strategy for Youtube Shorts.


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