Best Practices - Churn Rate

Advantages Of Using Emails To Reduce Customer Churn Rate


Churn is your arch rival. Retaining existing customers is much more important (and cost-effective too!) than acquiring new ones. What is the point of spending all your resources, energy and time on the acquisition of new customers while ignoring the existing ones?

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Best Practices - Marketing Automation

21 Basic Marketing Automation Questions To Ask Before Implementation


If you are a marketer, it is evident that you are already accustomed to the term ‘marketing automation‘. According to a survey by Social Media Today, almost 75% of B2B companies are using a marketing automation tool. The number is not surprising, given the broader implementation of AI and machine learning to trigger predictive marketing. While 75% of respondents in the same survey said marketing automation is inevitable at a level in their business, there is still a handful who are not sure what to do or where to begin.

marketing automation questions

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Marketing Automation - Resources

The Real Marketing Automation Beyond 2019


Marketing automation systems are continuing to make a breakthrough for B2B businesses. The market value of marketing automation systems has touched $3,300 (in US$ millions). According to reports, the annual growth is of 30%+ this year.

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Social Media Marketing - Video Marketing

7 mistakes you are making with your Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram is already home to 300 million active users (and still growing). From social media influencers to celebrities to top brands, everyone is busy engaging their target audiences on this Facebook-owned app.

An app-only platform shot to fame since its inception in 2011; all credits to visuals that kept audiences engaged. Social media marketing strategies evolved almost immediately, adjusting itself with the growing popularity of this visually engaging platforms.Video marketing has become the next big answer for gaining the highest percentage of engagement.

Instagram has gone beyond just sharing images. In 2013, Instagram started allowing its users to post videos. At that time, videos had to be recorded on the phone and could last up to 15 seconds only. It was that time when Instagram videos were directly compared with Vine, the Twitter-counterpart.
Instagram has come a long way since then, wiping out Vine on its way to glory. Soon, Instagram rolled out the ability to post 60 seconds’ videos in 2016. As days and years rolled by, Instagram started allowing its users to make videos out of clips from the camera roll.

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Lead Management - Customer Acquisition

[Lead Management Facts] 10 Shocking Facts You Did Not Know About Lead Management


Your leads want you to earn their attention. This simply means your lead management strategy will need a quick revamping to meet your leads’ evolving needs.

Thanks to inbound marketing, businesses are playing their best cards to garner their target leads’ attention before they decide to settle for some other brand. And sadly, this decision happens almost in a snap if you fail to capture their attention. Courtesy the wide range of options, your leads are already spoiled for choices. If you are not pacing up with the right lead management strategy, you are just going back few steps every day in the competition.

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Social Media Marketing - B2B Marketing

How Social Media Marketers Are Getting Ready for AI-Driven Networking and Branding

Social Media Marketers

 This article originally appeared on Martech Advisor 

Back in the day, social media platforms were a fun place where we would share photos or find an event or follow a friend. But connecting with brands or businesses required a proper phone call or to visit their respective website.

Fast-forward to the present date; the scenario has experienced a mega-shift, what with consumers now connecting with brands directly on social media platforms. Studies show that consumers are more inclined towards those brands who are taking the lead in resolving issues real-time and in a thorough manner. Infact, 42% of respondents in an Edison Research Study reported of expecting a reply from a brand within an hour. Yes, its true that social media marketers have started making use of Chatbots for branding.

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Lead Management - Website Visitor Tracking

Conversion Alert: Progressive Profiling Can Improve Your Conversion Rate by 20%

progressive profiling

Marketers across the globe are focused on two things – one is to drive conversions of visitors to leads, and secondly, to convert these leads into loyal customers. Getting traffic to your website is one part, converting these visitors into leads, and then into customers is a different challenge altogether. Inbound marketing IS about getting found by potential leads and organically converting into leads. That doesn’t mean there is nothing a marketer like you can do. Infact, capturing lead information can be made interactive and convincing with a technique more popularly known as Progressive Profiling.

Businesses are in constant pursuit of improving brand-user engagement and boosting conversion rates. To that end, a ton of great content is produced to stimulate interest in a brand and attract potential customers.

Once they land on your website, the logical first step is to gather enough information about your new visitors, not just to make them a part of your sales and marketing funnel but also to get to know them better for improved conversion chances. And that’s where things get tricky.

Marketers are afraid to overwhelm their new users with questions and queries.

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Guide - B2B Marketing

What You Want in Your B2B Automation Software

B2B Automation

The three pillars of modern digital marketing are as follows: search, social, and content. It’s now the commonly accepted wisdom that any successful marketing strategy is going to include a focus on search engine optimization, content, and social media marketing. Even B2B companies, who traditionally relied on outbound marketing and sales tactics to land big clients, are now facing the realities of how omnichannel is forcing B2B leaders to meet customer demands. B2B automation help marketers create more leads and close more deals.

But whether your B2B company is focusing on new digital marketing initiatives or relying heavily on tried and true outbound tactics, it’s all for naught if your process isn’t streamlined. That’s why investing in a solid marketing automation platform is a necessity. A good software platform is going to make sure that you’re looking at the right data from your content, social, and email marketing initiatives. Moreover, it will tell you exactly who is interacting with your brand and how.

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Email Deliverability - Email Marketing Strategy - Infographics

[Infographic] The Inbox Maze – How Email find its way to the right recipient

Marketing automation platforms generate engagement among the target segment of subscribed leads through the multiple stage of marketing and sales funnel. After an email trigger for the targeted lead from an automation workflow of marketing automation platform like Aritic PinPoint, it goes through email delivery partners and finally lands inside the target mailbox of the lead. Here are few of the stages through which the email goes through to reach the mailbox-

  • IP and reputation check
  • Email bounce check
  • Blacklist reputation check
  • Security and authentication check

After an email lands inside the mailbox of the target lead, the mailbox provider measures engagement and interactions of the email content. According to these measurements, the mailbox provider places the email into the different inbox of their subscriber which can be primary inbox, promotions inbox or spam folder. The mailbox provider sends the negative engagement feedbacks to the global email reputation providers, and Aritic PinPoint tracks the marketing relevant engagements like email open, click, unsubscribe, abuse reports. This completes the feedback loop of whole marketing automation inbox maze.

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Marketing Automation - Infographics

Multi-Channel Marketing Practices – An Infographic

Once upon a time, marketers would minutely focus on just one channel to engage their target buyers.

But that’s an old story now!!

Brands want to be present everywhere their target buyers are – social media, emails, landing pages. mobiles – just about everywhere. The reason is simple – consumers have become aware and are well-informed. They are not going to take anything served on their plates. Their needs, demands, and expectations are very clear to them, and they look for social proof of a brand they will invest in. Additionally, it is important that you connect with your target buyers based on what they are looking for. Your consumers want you to be equally informed about them and be present on all the channels they are in. In a way, it is mandatory that your consumers find you easily on all platforms.

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