[Infographic] The Inbox Maze – How Email find its way to the right recipient

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Marketing automation platforms generate engagement among the target segment of subscribed leads through the multiple stage of marketing and sales funnel. After an email trigger for the targeted lead from an automation workflow of marketing automation platform like Aritic PinPoint, it goes through email delivery partners and finally lands inside the target mailbox of the lead. Here are few of the stages through which the email goes through to reach the mailbox-

  • IP and reputation check
  • Email bounce check
  • Blacklist reputation check
  • Security and authentication check

After an email lands inside the mailbox of the target lead, the mailbox provider measures engagement and interactions of the email content. According to these measurements, the mailbox provider places the email into the different inbox of their subscriber which can be primary inbox, promotions inbox or spam folder. The mailbox provider sends the negative engagement feedbacks to the global email reputation providers, and Aritic PinPoint tracks the marketing relevant engagements like email open, click, unsubscribe, abuse reports. This completes the feedback loop of whole marketing automation inbox maze.

Ankit Prakash
Ankit Prakash is founder of Aritic. Ankit is a passionate and determined entrepreneur; building Internet product and services since 2006.
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