Optimize Your Content Funnel Using A Marketing Automation

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Content optimization is the process in which you improve your tags, meta description, keywords, and meta tags of your content. It also includes fixing broken links and including backlinks (as well as driving backlinks to your content). All these help search engines like Google or Bing to index your content page and move up your content to the first page.

Marketers optimize their content time and again to ensure that they are getting found by their target audience on search engines against relevant keywords. These keywords include short and long term keywords as well as semantically related keywords/phrases. The optimization is not restricted to contents of any one marketing stage, because every marketing stage NEEDS quality and optimized content. Even your most loyal customer wants to engage through quality content.

In this infographic, you will find data and findings that point out how beneficial content optimization is for your marketing strategy. You can optimize your content directly on Aritic PinPoint. Our SEO tracking and competitor analysis feature is ideal for you to start digging into your SEO practices, find out relevant keywords, and fix all your content issues.

How a Marketing Automation Tool can help in Content Optimization?

In Aritic PinPoint, SEO tracking enables you to find out relevant keywords and improve your Google rank. Define your keyword and find out where you rank with that keyword on popular search engines. Determine your SERP ranking on the basis of your most targeted keyword, and modify your content to go up the rank ladder.

Our lead behavior tracking and lead psychological tracking helps in identifying the type of content that will trigger more engagement. Automatically you start spending more time on fixing all issues of those contents and assets so that they are indexed on Google and your target leads find them quicker.

Aritic PinPoint helps in tracking the browser path of all visitors and leads. Even if your visitors are anonymous, their browsing paths are tracked. Through progressive profiling, you can start getting information about these visitors and trigger conversions into leads. Through the detailed browsing flow captured on Aritic PinPoint, you will know which are the pages or contents that your ideal buyers are spending more time on. Immediately, you can turn to analytics to see how optimized the contents are, and make necessary changes.

Instead of spending all your time in optimizing all the content you have at once, you can cherry pick the most important ones and keep going as per your priority.

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Pritha Bose is the Senior Marketing Content Specialist at Aritic where she writes and edits for their marketing and sales blog. She is an avid reader and a social media enthusiast. On the flip side, Pritha thinks the whole world is an artificial simulation, and one fine day the skies will open up and she will see who controls it.
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